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  1. And this is why usa monopoly cable companies can get away with the garbage they pull. Newsflash - 87% of russian internet users have above 4 mb/s internet compared to 80% in usa. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_Internet_connection_speeds And dont ever look up how little they pay for it, it will make you cry over your next cable/telephone bill. The rest of the world has long ago upgraded their communications infostructure while US lockal monopolies have continued to use telephone cables layed in Alexander Bells time.
  2. Yes, we do realize this. Do you realize you are in a thread about a super budget pc, with a Core 2 Duo E6600 processor from 11 years ago. This is a thread about possible upgrades to really old computers on lga 775 motherboards with very little money to spare. OP is discussing his experience of trying to squeeze out a few more years out of an old system. On that note: This is not true - new intel integrated graphics will run this game - so if going new and budget an i3 or a new pentium that comes with 530 or 630 graphics will run this. example: 630 integrated compared to some budget graphics cards 530 integrated 530 on 6100 i3
  3. sata 2 came before sata 3. just like the year 2007 came before the year 2017. you can find an old drive labeled sata 2, just like you can find an old drive labeled 2007. No it wasnt made in the last 15 minutes. The opposite is true, it was made a while back. What matters for an ssd/hdd is the read/write speed, random and sequential. If its above what sata 2 can give you will be limited. That said, the sata 2 limit is quite high.
  4. Thats a fantastic chip and more than enough ram. Overclocked 2500k is close to the top of the heap even today. Intel has been doing only marginal improvements over the last few years. Sandy bridge is a great performer.
  5. you just linked to 2 used 60GB ssds. one at 45 $ one at 100$ why on earth would anyone buy this? here is a 50$ one that new and twice the size. https://www.amazon.com/Kingston-Digital-120GB-SA400S37-120G/dp/B01N6JQS8C/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1500045608&sr=1-4&keywords=ssd+120gb
  6. Completely unrelated to anything in this thread, for a while now I have been tempted to get an old lga 775 board and plug in the zeon version of a q6600. You can get them for like 15$ on e-bay already pre-modded to go into 775s instead of a server board.
  7. ssds arnt really sata 2 or sata 3, the controller on your motherboard is. though you can get a pci card with a sata 3 connector on it. actually you can get a pci card with an m.2 drive slot too if you -really- want a fast ssd. that said - you get most of the benefits by pluging in an ssd. any ssd. not having to wait for physical disk plates to spin to the right spot to get data really helps with read speeds.
  8. Yes, but an ssd on a 3g will still be faster than a fast hard drive on a 6g. data In fact 3g ssd vs 6g ssd gains are minimal for regular use.
  9. What specifically do you disagree with, or are you just trolling?
  10. Wows and wot engine is old, heavily uses two cores. For this game you want the fastest cpu with at least two cores. A slower cpu with 4 cores will not do as well as a fast one with 2. So a cheap new i3 or new pentium will do better than an old quad core. No matter the game, cpu has to be fast enough to feed info to the graphix card, if its not it bottlenecks the system. SSD improves os loading time and system responsivness when opening programs. In games loading maps might be faster, if you have not enough ram a faster drive helps abit but not as much as geting more ram. (as far as ram goes 8gb is ok for gaming these days 16 is more than enough) for a graphix card on a budget a used 750ti will do well (50$). if new is what you want a 1050 is great at 100$ All together you can buy a used i5 2500 from ebay 110-150$ (hundreds of them for sale) and a gtx 1050 for 100$ new. 250$ total will run ships fine and all curent new games at medium settings.
  11. Here is my problem with friendly fire mechanic - curently is you have a rng guided he shell go of course, hit a team mate and set him on fire you go right into pink territory. In this game we dont put out single fires, and each tick of the fire counts as a separate attack so you go from perfectly fine to deep pink and taking damage yourself from it with ONE shell that went wild because of crasy rng based dispersion. Now is that ok?
  12. Earl Grey is a very common/popular variety of tea blend: Bergamot is the citrus fruit that gives Earl Grey its distinct flavor and aroma: You need to study up on these things if you want to be ready for Royal Navy battleships.
  13. Are you sugesting he robs someone in real life at knifepoint? Cause thats what iron price means. Grinding xp in an internet game is nerd price.
  14. Those are year old posts you are quoting. This whole thread is from last summer.
  15. I do, do you? Example: The first half of finish winter war was a disaster for the soviet forces, serious failures of command and leadership - one would expect executions right? How many Soviet officers were executed in that war? Its a specific number, you can look it up. Once you do, you might end up with a slightly different picture of who was and was not executed by the NKVD. What was and was not punished.