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  1. Some ships have problems that punish skilled players more than unskilled ones. Lets say the ships is very slow, an unskilled player would pick a direction, sail there and die a little while later. Non issue. A skilled player in the same ship sees all kinds of opportunities, to flank, to go back to reset cap, to change position, but cant because the ships makes it impossible. If you want a challenge you want a high skill floor, high skill ceiling boat.
  2. I am pretty sure the whole point of ranked is so wargaming can sell more premium ships and gold for xp and captains. The day premium ships arnt allowed in ranked is the day wargaming stops wasting developer time on it. And just to be clear if you cant do well in ths season of ranked in a benson, akizuki, north carolina, bismark, etc geting a premum is not going to help you.
  3. +xp flags DO benefit your captain xp, xp given by xp flags and camo are there under ship bonus. they are just not modified again by captain xp bonuses. in the examle above you can see 8410xp is added to captain xp as ship bonus, if you look above that 8410 is the exact amount of xp added to the base xp by flags and camo. so a ship xp flag adds to both ship and captain xp. its just not further increased by a captain flag
  4. Collective responsibility? Seriously? Are you truly, "non ironically", in a non troll way proposing Wargaming embraces the idea of collective guilt and collective punishment? Do you truly believe people should be punished for crimes/offences committed by: their neighbors , people in the same book club, folks who went to the same high school, someone else on their bowling team? Should we punish children for the sins of their fathers and everyone who has the same tattoo as a suspect? Because ALL of the above are a lot closer to each other that 30 strangers on the internet in the same "clan" and by clan I mean they they clicked some buttons in a game and now have same letters in front of their fake captain nickname.
  5. Well it was posted on September 14, 2016
  6. Nothing, these are not "deals". The "give me all your money NOW" bundles are silly. Was someone really sitting there with 500$ to spend and not a single premium ship waiting for this?
  7. I am not sure why anyone would even want to play this ship never mind paying money for it. At tier 7 I would prefer the enemy to have that ship (and its free sister) over any other, it is the easiest to kill and least scary.
  8. Well if the camoes garish colors are making you target random ships with no regard for the battle situation it seems they work better than anyone could have expected.
  9. Well if we want to slow down game play to make it more realistic lets go all the way, one or two battles per ship per year. And lets make that one battle last a few hours in real time and end inconclusively, we don't want too much excitement do we now. Also, lets make it so you have to actually sail from port to the battle over a couple of days. Also to keep people occupied with this uber realistic game mode we can have a mini game of scrubbing the deck and sharpening the anchor.
  10. Premium ships

    The absolute last thing a company is going to do is tell its customers they cant give it money. A new player on day one buying a high tier premium is what wargaming wants. You want this changed? Go make 100 million dollars, spend 5 years developing a game and building a server infrostructure then run that game as a charity where you stop people from paying you. We will come and play it.
  11. Would you base you opinion of how wot tanks play on tier 1 battles? Just like in tanks, ships game play changes around tier 5 and again around tier 8.
  12. Hood

    Interesting, are you saying Hood should aim well above water lines as if its fighting german turtleback and go for pure pen damage?
  13. Taking bets

    I would say anyone who has the ability and the presence of mind will generally try to sink enemy ships as fast as possible removing their guns from the game, others tunnel vision on targets even if a 1 hp enemy is 4 km away from them. Mission changes nothing, some have the will and skill to sink low hp ships others don't.
  14. Hood

    Does anyone play this ship a lot and has much to say about it? I have not seen many of these in random play, they were few at introduction and really rare now. On paper it seems like an odd duck, none of the super HE of the British tech line and at the tier its guns are nothing like Warspites at tier 6. Is there someone who plays this ships a lot, does well in it, or just likes it a lot?