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  1. The problem with tier 5 is not GC, it is the disproportionate amount of games vs tier 7s. Even if you flat out remove GC from the game it will not make people play other tier 5 battleships more, or win in them more. Nerfing the last few playable tier 5 ships is the opposite of what should be happening to help that suffering tier.
  2. Salute Like a Girl

    And that is why USA is still a British colony.
  3. Well for these french cammo missions I decided to take the Dunkirk out for the first time, and I think my guns are defective, they don't seem to hit anything most of the time, and when they do neither HE nor AP seems to have much of an effect. Ow, and someone forgot to put any armor on the side of this ship.
  4. Come join us if you would like to have clan bonuses an no one bothering you.
  5. Elite Captain's EXP.

    Ahmm the only elite captain's exp i am aware of is what you get on a 19 point captain, you can then spend it on other captains. Meaning once you get your first 19 point you never have to play with a less than perfect captain again.
  6. Graphics Quality: Maximum

    The numbers DO disagree - you cant compare the amd chips of that generation directly to intel. intel did way way more per clock cycle and had real cores as opposed to amd that had shared resorces between cores, 8350 is not realy an 8 core chip. go look at any performance comparison you like, to get you started: http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i5-4590-vs-AMD-FX-8350/2604vs1489 Piledriver architecture that 8350 is based on is terrible. So for sure 4590 beats 8350 in this game as the fake 8 cores of the fx chip are not needed and suffer badly in the 2 cores performance that this games uses. That said, both chips are more than enough for this game. A second gen i5 (150$ for a used pc on ebay) and a 1050 card is more than enough for this game.
  7. Graphics Quality: Maximum

    Problem is lots of people though the same and now the prices for low end cards and used cards are also insane. Avoid buying graphics cards right now if you can or pay double the usual price.
  8. Graphics Quality: Maximum

    Not for this game you dont, i5 4590 is quite a bit faster on this game than 8350 (and in most games in fact)
  9. Graphics Quality: Maximum

    This game pretty much only cares about the clock on the first two processor cores, it does not use other cores well and does ok on middling graphics cards.
  10. Are these french battleships supposed to be "premium"? I got Bretone and it shows a golden name and does not get filtered away by the premium ship filter.
  11. Max clan size increased to 40, recruitment is open again for a little bit. This is a clan for bonuses only, only one rule - no drama.
  12. Is this a mod?

    Heh, thanks, I did not even realize there was a selector switch for different static sights.
  13. Is this a mod?

    Is this a mod or are there diagonal lines option somewhere in the setting?
  14. Gaming mics, help?

    Absolutely a great budget choise they also have a “snowflake” portable model (10$ more but much smaller) and yetti for a large full features one. This company makes good consumer level products. personaly i prefer my at2020 but i have used a friends yetti and there is nothing wrong with it at all.
  15. Gaming mics, help?

    Go to the asus websight and look up your model of laptop, it will say if it has a microphone, also possibly provide you with the laptop specific sound drivers that you might be missing. That said, usb microphones will me much nicer for other people you will talk to, less noise, volume control, etc. Personaly I would recomend the non headset variety, having a mic next to your mouth will pick up all kinds of unpleasant sounds from breathing to slurping. Pick a model that stands on the table. If money is no issue here are my recomendations for some of the best mics: blue snowflake 60$ for a portable choice, blue snoball 50$ for a more budget choice, blue yety 130$ for a fuly featured usb free standing table mike. all of these are solid solid mics by the same company, yetty is good enough for podcast quality. And last but not least, the best mic in my opinion audiotechnica at2020 usb version (100-150$) This is more or less studio level mic, you have to go to thousands of dollars to get better. This will not break and will serve you for a very long time, this is a choice for alot of podcasters and amature musitians. It does come with a flimsy trypod but i would consider a cheap 20$ mic arm and a mic cradle. PS i do belive that long term a table usb mic will save you money, headsets get handled all the time and break, usualy wires go bad. A table usb mic sits separetly and is goinig to last you a life time ( or untill usb format disapears from all driver and adapter support)