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  1. This is poison. I realy hope mods showing stats in game do not take off like they did in wot. They turned ingame chat so toxic most people shut it off. Also, beeing a good player in a game about ships does not have to lead to becoming a poor human beeing.
  2. My most played ship is the Tirpitz, at 229 battles. Since I only have 876 in total its quite a large chunk of games.
  3. Maybe he thought CA stands for carrier and when the whole team told him to go kill it, he did. Not everyone who plays this game is up on the classification lingo USA navy uses.
  4. You can tell your mom I suppose, she is probubly the only one who will care about how you feel and what you think in this case. War gaming have an automated system and dont care beyond that. You know, we should all probubly go call our moms, they deserve it. I am going to right now.
  5. thanks, and now that i know what to search for this is a neat device...
  6. What is this and what does it do?
  7. I did the same with your first post, it sounded like you were ready to spend lots of money on xp conversion, "millions and millions of xp" and then your mom said you are dumb and took away her credit card.
  8. Did you just realize there are languages other than english in this world?
  9. I am going to make a guess based on previous changes that whatever happens, battleships will end up better off and destroyers will get nerfed.
  10. For sure. Any time I am in the Kutuzov and a bb repairs the first fire I smile and make it a point to put 2 more on him asap. And more often than not both of them are in the mid section as nose and tail of the ships are hard to hit - at least for me they are.
  11. I am not terribly good at this game but I have noticed that whenever I use up damage control on the first fire while still visible/not safe I tend to regret it within seconds. I have since learned to not do that, and have yet to regret letting one fire burn. Yes, it does the damage, but the damage control is there to stop an emergency/disaster - like 3 fires, or a flood. Your advice to use it on the first fire is suspect even to my low level of skill. I'd expect extraordinary proof to change to your point of view. I don't care about Pope_Shizzl's win rate in general, but what he linked were his games in battleships. Hundreds of them. With very good results. it IS RELEVANT. Advice from someone who has demonstrated good performance in the specific ships in question is of value. I have not been using fire prevention while playing my secondary build tirpitz as I didn't have the points for it, but I will try it on my british ships now that my british captain has reached 19 points. The size of Hoods superstructure convinced me that it might be of great value.
  12. Why not? Are these not your stats? https://na.warships.today/player/1013425556/_RC1138 I am sure you got better since you turned them off (which i fully support) but i doubt you became worlds best player right after doing it.
  13. What would you recommend as a 19 points build for Jack Dunkirk to be used on Warspite and Hood and maybe Nelson. As in, one captain for all of these ships. what build would you choose?
  14. One HE shell that dispurses the wrong way due to rng can set your team mate on fire and turn you pink from the repeated fire ticks.
  15. Did the crew of USS Cole get combat action awards after the bombing? Does an attack like that count? Honest question. Seems like they should considering the deaths.