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  1. I am not sure why anyone would even want to play this ship never mind paying money for it. At tier 7 I would prefer the enemy to have that ship (and its free sister) over any other, it is the easiest to kill and least scary.
  2. Well if the camoes garish colors are making you target random ships with no regard for the battle situation it seems they work better than anyone could have expected.
  3. Well if we want to slow down game play to make it more realistic lets go all the way, one or two battles per ship per year. And lets make that one battle last a few hours in real time and end inconclusively, we don't want too much excitement do we now. Also, lets make it so you have to actually sail from port to the battle over a couple of days. Also to keep people occupied with this uber realistic game mode we can have a mini game of scrubbing the deck and sharpening the anchor.
  4. The absolute last thing a company is going to do is tell its customers they cant give it money. A new player on day one buying a high tier premium is what wargaming wants. You want this changed? Go make 100 million dollars, spend 5 years developing a game and building a server infrostructure then run that game as a charity where you stop people from paying you. We will come and play it.
  5. Would you base you opinion of how wot tanks play on tier 1 battles? Just like in tanks, ships game play changes around tier 5 and again around tier 8.
  6. Interesting, are you saying Hood should aim well above water lines as if its fighting german turtleback and go for pure pen damage?
  7. I would say anyone who has the ability and the presence of mind will generally try to sink enemy ships as fast as possible removing their guns from the game, others tunnel vision on targets even if a 1 hp enemy is 4 km away from them. Mission changes nothing, some have the will and skill to sink low hp ships others don't.
  8. Does anyone play this ship a lot and has much to say about it? I have not seen many of these in random play, they were few at introduction and really rare now. On paper it seems like an odd duck, none of the super HE of the British tech line and at the tier its guns are nothing like Warspites at tier 6. Is there someone who plays this ships a lot, does well in it, or just likes it a lot?
  9. Do not listen to the people telling you to go for regular ships, grind etc. You are not wrong, best experience is to be had with premium ships, not because they are op but because grinding is pointless. Do not worry about playing low tier battles (1-4) people will insist you need to play them to learn the game, you don't. Watch some you tube videos instead on how to play and get a handle on the ship controls in coop. There is nothing to be learned in low tier battles, they can be fun but not educational. Grinding up lines does not teach anyone anything by itself - if it did people would not constantly complain about "potato team mates" in tier 10 battles. Right now for a fresh start I would recommend Sharnhorst (german tier 7 battleship), its fast (so you don't get bored), survivable (so your early mistakes are lessened), and shoots faster than most battleships (so you can learn to shoot easier). It is available in store and for gold. It will make ok silver, if it all you play you will never run out. I would also recommend Gulio Cesare for same reasons at tier 5 but you just missed it in the store, it is not a rare ship so it should be back soon.
  10. "performing so average", "You bundle of sticks. " " horrible as in, there are ships that requires less effort to play for the same results" " judging by yours, anything you say is invalid." And the irresistible cherry on top " Don't bring personal attacks into this." Are you trolling? You call me a bundle of sticks and start talking about my average performance in the ships and say don't bring personal attacks? I will restate - my experience of those ships is the absolute opposite of what you wrote about them, it is so different in every aspect that it made me think you might have never even played them. You calling my performance in them "average", the ships "horrible", and my personal experience in them so terrible that "anything you say is invalid" seems extreme. But fine, lets at least look if its true. Here is my experience of playing tirpitz As of today 306 games, 58% win rate (always solo). Now lets actually go look at your experience playing tirpitz, I assumed before that you must have spent little time playing the ship but lets go look... Great. ZERO games. Its quite possible you have never played either of these ships. You have played 95 games in the bismarck, Which we can say is a close enough in performance, so lets see how much better you are at it than my totally average bundle of sticks performance. 58%, but wait... that's the same I get in the tirpitz, are you also a "bundle of sticks" and "anything you say is invalid"? For the sake of completeness lets look at my Sharnhorst: and here is your gneisenau (since you appear to have never played one game on sharnhorst): I am confused you have 53% win rate compared to my 59%. its customary to be better at playing a ship than someone you deride for playing like a "bundle of sticks" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now that we are done with player stats (just so that maybe we can get over the " If you want to bring personal experience into this, judging by yours, anything you say is invalid." What on earth are you talking about. Sharnhorst has 20km range with its guns, how is this not enough "range to safely delete cruisers" "unlike the T6 Spee" which has 16 km one tier lower and so sees tier 7s and 8s as well??? Mediocre AA on sharnhorst? Compared to what??? Atlanta? Sharnhorst has one of the best AA at that tier, and most sharnhorst captains will have the +20% dps captain skill if not for aa then for secondaries. "Tirpitz ... secondaries are a meme" 1/4 of my kills after 300 battles in the tirpitz are with secondaries, they have 11+ km range, its really hard to find better at any tier never mind tier 8. This ship prints close quarters expert flags, I have 300 more of those flags now than when I started playing that ship and I always use that flag on it. Passive play style? with amazing secondaries, torpedoes, speed, stealth, and protected citadels on both ships? Why on earth would you play them passively??? I restate the ships you talk about are NOTHING like these ships I have played lots of battles on. Is it because you never played them at all?
  11. Ahmm I think you are wrong on every point... Do you have any experience playing these ships at all? What is this stuff based on, this is all the absolute opposite of my experience with the ships. Never mind experience, its all messed up even in raw stats and numbers.
  12. Thing is, it is the best ship we have in the game for earning silver. No reason to feel like you made a mistake - you got the best there was. If anything I think for most people getting the yearly subscription is a mistake, few people put in enough games every day for it to make sense. You are better off with flags and occasional short term premium time for when you know you will spend a weekend in the game.
  13. Just repeat the missions you like to get more stars.
  14. Isn't it a bit weird that action by a game company from Belarus is needed to save american historical monuments?