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  1. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    North Carolina — American Tier VIII battleship.

    The North Carolina is one of the high points of the US BB line. It's essentially the Battleship version of what the US Cruisers are, ABX turret layout, decently concealed, strong frontal armor, and good, but floaty AP. The concealment is key for getting to the engagements you need. The guns need to be at mid range or closer for them to really be effective.
  2. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Iowa — American Tier IX battleship.

    True, and they replicated this in WOWS, except the accuracy part cause the Iowa's guns are NOT reliable, but it makes for a crappy combo in game. The speed is essentially useless, it's good for moving across the map late game which is rarely impactful, and that's it. It's not really maneuverable either. The goal of being a mid range cap pusher is what the ship was "designed" for, and that works great in the NC, but the Iowa can't do it. It's spotted right away, its too fat to wiggle to where it needs to be. It can't play a close push because it's not damaging or armored enough. It can't long range snipe either because the guns aren't good. It's currently the worst tier IX battleship I believe.
  3. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Wichita - We're Not in Kansas Anymore

    If you were to depend on heals on this ship, you're playing it wrong, because it's all about finding the right opportunity to strike rather than continually slinging shells. That playstyle would be up the Boise's alley.
  4. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Wichita - We're Not in Kansas Anymore

    Wichita is everything about the old NO that I remember being fun, except the guns behave a little better and the agility is better. I guess that's the premium advantage. And it's better looking, one of the sexiest cruisers IMO. It's a somewhat unique ship in that it almost plays like a light cruiser with the stealth and turning and radar, but the guns hit like heavy cruiser guns. It's an easy ship to sit a ways back in and sling shells from, but for it to really shine, you have to find those moments when to slide in and strike. It obliterates DDs with the accurate guns and the concealment allows you to approach caps without being lit up. If you are approaching instead of chasing another cruiser, odds are you'll come out the clear victor as the armor bounces shells and the AP hits hard. Even though they're not as penetrating as the Balitmores, the flatter arc gets you better penetration angles. The main thing to watch out for is BBs as the DPM for this ship is rather low, especially vs BBs and the armor won't do much against shells that big. The biggest downside to the ship is the frequency of it being caught in a 10 BB tier X game.
  5. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    West virgin anybody own her? worth a punt?

    You need to get the WV because the ship is really cute. The ship really excels at taking on other BBs and slicing them up with citadels while being a rather tanky ship bouncing incoming shells. I'd say it's about par for a premium, except that 10 BB games are really common, so it's often in it's element. I don't really bother shooting cruisers unless there's not much else as the shells sail right on through more often than not. In summary, it's a unique ship that highlights the best of the mid tier US BBs and is one of the best BBs in the game at taking out other BBs.
  6. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Iowa — American Tier IX battleship.

    The North Carolina was an excellent ship; the Iowa is more frustrating. It's faster, but it's bigger and slower to turn making it more clumsy, overall a less usable package since the NC wasn't slow anyways. The concealment possibility with the NC is gone. Guns are no upgrade given the tier difference. Armor is worse tier for tier, but the AA and torp belt is better. Basically, with the NC, you could sneak and wiggle into a closer position where your guns did better and you could bounce more shells. The Iowa has to play back further and lob shells, preferably with all 3 guns. With the NC, you could be aggressive and charge in better. The Iowa is a more reliable damage dealer, but it couldn't get those great close up battles that the NC could. Your more at the mercy of your team with the Iowa while the NC can push caps and dictate the game better. The Iowa isn't bad, but it feels like a generic longer range BB while the NC feels like a heavy version of the US cruisers, and is a much more fun ship IMO.
  7. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    So I don't get Queen Elizabeth...

    QE was somewhat a letdown. She was decently armored but not as good as other tier VI BBs. It couldn't long range fight because it only shot 8 shells that weren't overly accurate, it couldn't short range fight because the turret traverse sucked and it was fat. In mid range combat is was only mediocre, as the fire ability wasn't too good with the long reload and small shell count and the AP didn't really punch through like it should have. Tiers III-VII are great in the british BB line, with the exception of the QE.
  8. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Dope, just bought a month of premium instead of a day

    Oh I definitely play with premium time, I just only play like 1 or 2 days a week so I buy it the day I need it.
  9. Anybody else do this? WG defaults you to the highest premium amount you can choose. I was hemming and hawing about buying a day, clicked out of the premium day selector, then thought, what the heck, lets buy one, and clicked too fast and bought a month instead. Guess I'll have to WOWS more in Jan :)... Cancel the brothers wedding! I have WOWS to play lol.
  10. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Queen Elizabeth: The Garbage Scow the DoY Wasn't

    Ugh, I do not like the QE. The previous 3 BBs in the line were a blast, especially the Iron Duke, but the QE... 8 guns vs 12 for other ships, not much armor, and it turns like a fatty. 12 guns land more hits, accuracy doesn't matter much.The only supposed good part about the ship is the HP and the guns, but the guns aren't that good and the HP doesn't do too much when you can't move or block hits. Liked all the other tier VI BBs I've played better. I'm looking forward to the Monarch and Lion, which is why I went down the line.
  11. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    holy crap seattle sucks

    Apparently it only seemed better. Maybe the superstructure was tougher?
  12. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    holy crap seattle sucks

    Played a couple games on the CT server. Seattles not good, but it's not too terrible. Only reason is it's a fairly tanky ship. She can take a fair bit more beating than the Cleveland could. Her armor seems better too. But she still sucks for her tier. With a buff or 2, I'll buy her and continue down this line.