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  1. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    FPS drops a lot when zoomed, New PC Intel Arc 770 GPU

    OMG!!!!!! This fixed it!!! Thank you so much! Went from high to ultra :D. WG, can you take a look at this issue, don't know what it is with SSR that's bugging Intel GPUs.
  2. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Why is Marceau doing so well in KOT?

    Ooh, didn't think about the same captains! I'm thinking I might do both and play Marceau as 8km hounder while keep Kleber as far out then rush and kill mode.
  3. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Why is Marceau doing so well in KOT?

    I'm wondering if I should get the Kleber as well or just stop the line. I have marceau and like, but don't know if the kleber would feel too similar. I know both are good, I just want unique playstyle between the two and would want to spec them accordingly.
  4. I recently purchased a new PC with an Intel Arc 770 Graphics card (and a i5-13600k CPU). When I'm unzoomed (no Shift) my FPS runs well over 100 on very high setting. However, when I zoom (hit Shift), the FPS craters down to like 40. It's worst when zooming on an island and a ship is firing, to where it almost get's annoying. Zooming on open water doesn't drop is as much. Playing WOT, I can run on ultra setting and the frame rate stays in the 60s, zoomed, full action with firing effects, doesn't matter. Not sure why there's such a big difference between the two games. Thought I'd come on here and let you all know this was happening. I know Intel is releasing driver updates and they have improved WOWS performance when they arrive and I download. FWIW, strategy games are awesome on this CPU, turn times are basically instantaneous.
  5. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Liking the Carnot

    It's like a battleship that lost it's fat armor and can run! It's kinda tricky because everyone likes to shoot at you since you're always detected and kinda squishy, but if you can get into position, you can win most 1v1s against cruisers and DDs and roll fast to other parts of the map.
  6. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Goliath or Minotaur ?

    Minotaur is a more love / hate ship. A lot of people will be meh in the Goliath, but if you know how to play British, ie engage wisely and hold your fire for the right time, it's pretty darn strong - HE is good, but the AP can crush if you land the right shots, beginner mistake to stay shooting HE. Minotaur is a blast when it goes good, but has problems if you don't have spotting support cause you can't over engage and get popped. If I had to pick one, I'd say Goliath, but they actually are quite different, so get both :).
  7. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Worcester And Minotaur, essentially the same ship?

    Worchester is more durable. It's not a tank, but it doesn't pop as easily. Minotaur has insane damage potential if you can catch a cruiser or DD at the right time, Worchester less so. Minotaur is more torp, engage, then scoot, Worchester is more continuous fire. You have to use the torpedoes to Minotaur to it's full potential. Worchester moves with the fleet and has to spot and support to be used to it's full potential. They look similar, but they actually play very differently, 2 pretty unique playstyles of light cruiser.
  8. The opposite question of which line to go down, for the decent players who can generally play ships in their desired style and do good in them, which DD lines did you pass going down because the playstyle wasn't that interesting, despite them being decent ships? For me, I've stalled on the IJN torpedo line at Fubuki. It's too basic, relying on concealment and out of sight large damage torp runs. Too much downtime waiting for reload. For torpedo ships, I'd rather do quicker loading, less damaging lines. Also stalled the Khab line at Tashkent, Khab's too similar to a Chapyev, Marceau / Kleber is a more exciting gunboat line. Only got Tashkent because I had it during the rework at tier VIII. Grozovoi is enough gunboat already IMO and more fun. I have stalled on Pan Asian line because I already had the American line and feel they'd be too similar, though if I hadn't started the American line, I would have skipped that in favor of Pan Asian because they are more unique and better at dodging. Stalled on the French line because I got the Marceau and it's everything I hoped a French DD would be! Is Kleber different enough to try to get? I love the Marceau but don't want a clone. Finally I haven't progressed on Sweden line past Visby, they seem interesting but have been more preoccupied with both German lines. I also almost have the Gearing too, which seems a bit overlap with the EU line.
  9. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Why does the germans have bad dispersion in game?

    The whole point is to have the weaknesses compliment the strengths to make ships play unique. If they were accurate but had some other problem, then they would have a mixed strategy of sit at med range just outside of secondary range and the whole secondary thing wouldn't be capitalized.
  10. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Colorado is garbage. Do the USN BBs get better?

    Both lines rock! Colorado is a so so boat. It's good when your top tier and can slice away citadels, but mediocre otherwise. I had more fun the second time I ground it to get Kansas. People like to trash the fat BB line but they are really good if you know how to play them. They are the best combo of armor / HP / lack of torp & fire damage of any BB line, which means they are the toughest ships in their tier. They slug off shells better than their German counterparts do and they can sit back further and actually land shots. They are equal to the fast line in power, just really different playstyle. The guns have slow reload and mediocre pen (until Vermont), but they are accurate at long distances and reliably rack up damage. In the fat BB line, I'm always shooting, in the fast one, I'm occasionally shooting, occasionally stopping to hide and position better. North Carolina > Kansas Iowa < Minnesota Vermont = Montana
  11. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    Geez WG. You really should have done Super Carriers and Super Subs in the special mode instead of BBs just to make the typical whiners howl! The game really needed subs to add new depth to it. Glad WG is doing the right thing and not dissuaded by the whines of the few.
  12. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    State of the cruisers line

    British CA line isn't as bad as people say, it's just different, kinda like the fat US BB line. The redeeming factors are the solid AP, decent maneuverability and good concealment, and the mega heal. They are weird in that you can't push or sit back. You just have to fuddle around in the middle ducking in and out of fire. But, they can really tank, the armor plus HP is fairly durable when angled and not eating BB shells, and they really rack up damage throughout the game if you stay alive and continue to take opportunistic swipes. They are a weird combo of heavy HP and firepower on a light cruiser concealment and maneuverability platform.
  13. All Flamu did was rally all the forumers who ***** and moan constantly. He sucked and I'm glad he's gone.
  14. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Your best snowflake game?

    Let me one up you in a Kansas!
  15. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    You bunch of liars! The Kansas actually is good.

    Gah, KANSAS IS SO TERRIBLE I JUST GOT MY HIGHEST EVER DAMAGE GAME IN IT!!! Just sayin, you all are wrong and don't know how to play the ship.