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  1. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    British ships

    HA!! Brit ships are the MOST underrated nation on this game. The BB line is superior to the German line and maybe the Soviet one. The DDs are great if you know what you're doing. There really is not a bad ship (haven't played the CVs) in any of the lines. The closest one to bad was the Queen Elizabeth. People make the same mistakes with them though: 1. They don't shoot AP. These ships all have good AP in addition to their HE. CAs and BBs should still be shooting AP over 1/2 the time, it hits hard! 2. They don't know when to stop shooting. To play all brit ships right, you have to use concealment to get close and hit hard or disengage.
  2. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Kleber Marceau ranked captain build and comparison

    Right. While people drop DDs into "gunboats or torpedo boats" categories, really ships are better understood by their national flavor. It's all about situational strategy rather than you play this ship type this way!
  3. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Kleber Marceau ranked captain build and comparison

    I've played the Kleber in CT and I have the Marceau now. Both are fantastic really fun ships! They are kind of similar in substance, but play pretty differently. The Kleber is more of a "heavy" gunboat DD in that the guns are more penetrating and useful at range, and the concealment doesn't allow you to get as close. The Marceau is more of a traditional destroyer that can play closer in with the concealment and little longer ranged torpedoes and the AA boost allows you to be away from supporting ships more. The Kleber is more effective at charging in full bore as the torpedoes are faster and the reload boost can really rack up damage fast. Both lean torwards using guns more and should spec accordingly, but to not use torpedoes in either boat is to handicap them some, more so than Russian heavy DDs where you just hold LMB down. Holding left mouse button is not a good strategy in either French boat, while they can evade shots, they are more useful positioning for a calculated strike than trying to rack up continuous damage. Exploiting the map using your speed and charging in when opportunities strike is the winning ticket in either boat, they just go about different ways of doing it. The Marceau is probably more beginner friendly and not underpowered at all.
  4. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    US Battleship split!

    Typical, people whine as first reaction... I think they look pretty cool, it'll be a different twist to high tier BBs, which are all currently bigger and fast speed. They obviously have to be reasonably tough if they are going to be that slow. The smaller size would make them harder to hit too. 40 second reload is a lot, but with 12 guns what you have to do is just never fire your whole salvo at once and space your firing.
  5. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Flamu: Subs - a disaster brewing

    The only strategy that's been rendered obsolete is YOLO rushing to the cap in a DD. The fundamentals are still the same, you want to move in a coordinated direction, if you stay back too far and hide, the enemy caps and wins. If you overextend, they pick you off. The only thing that's changed is that instead of DDs being the primary source of intelligence and the first push, subs are. Valid point. They probably do need to do something so that subs have to surface at some point so that they do have to expose themselves to non depth charge damage at some point.
  6. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Flamu: Subs - a disaster brewing

    Here's the deal: These big ships are the ones who pick off the YOLOs... I thought big ships these big ships would be underpowered, but the extra spotting really helps them out. The first kills often decide the game much more than the last couple. Everything really does balance out. Look I've been playing since Alpha, WG knows what it's doing, the games only got better, and people have whined the ENTIRE time on the forum. Thankfully WG doesn't listen to them all. Guess what, in my CA, if it's me and a BB only, I'm screwed at the end of the match. I'm going to be like Flamu, call myself a supposed expert, make a big whiny video, and demand BBs get put into their own game mode!!!!! If he's as good as he thinks he is, he'd realize the changes that happen, adapt and pick off the YOLOs and be a top scorer. But he's not. First, you all were saying DDs are underpowered, then it was BBs and CAs! Guess what, you all are wrong. Subs are not finishing in the top 3 very often in games, THEY are the ones that need help. Facts are facts, normal ships are still fine and are the top scorers, everyone move on to the next topic to whine about
  7. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Flamu: Subs - a disaster brewing

    This guy's dumb. He's so far off base.... Let me see how many things I can whine about!!! How do you even have a channel when you publish crap like this?? His 'problems' aren't really problems', they are shifts in the game that add variety. Subs are underpowered if anything, and CLs and DDs are stronger than they were before, not weaker.
  8. People on the forums are always b*****y. It was that way in tanks, warplanes, and in warships too. WG did a pretty flawless execution of bringing subs into the game; the mechanics are easy to understand, yet the tactics and strategies are now deeper and much more varied. I don't know why they waited so long!!! I don't know why people are dumb on these sub matches and all rush to the center, but I can get top player almost every game being a DD, CA, or BB and rake in 12000 XP per game. I'm running out of tier VIs that need research!
  9. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    What's the best Tier 6 dd for sub battles?

    They all seem to be good. US are agile to dodge their torps French are fast so they can hunt them down and run away German have good hydro Both IJN ships have good concealment so they don't get spotted as easy Pan asian IDK, But Brit seem to be the best as they are agile, have good depth charges, and have hydro.
  10. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    What can WG do to make the sub experience better?

    I don't know. CVs can't attack subs but subs can attack DDs. It seems like the hunt for subs makes sub hunter ships the most versatile, but most exposed if not played right. DDs or CLs shouldn't have solely relied on stealth anyways, so being spotted more doesn't mean they are worthless, you just can't rush or hold down LMB all the time, you have to have agile tactics.
  11. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    What can WG do to make the sub experience better?

    This is funny because I thought DDs would be MORE powerful not less with the addition of subs. If anything, CAs should be the ones taking the hit here, not DDs.
  12. I love them so far! I also like CVs, games with them are better than without them. They add depth to the game, mix it up more, and provide a different way to play WOWS when you are a sub. The reasons I like Armored Warfare better than World of Tanks is there's more varied vehicle classes; though the game is more complex, the variety greatly diminishes the repetitive feeling of the game.
  13. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Played all Tier X destroyers in CT

    The question is how they spot, whether they they flank, island hide, or kite. It plays into a part of the grander strategy. It's not always instant death to rush caps, but it's not a viable strategy every game, there's an art to deciding when you jump into the pool so to speak. The difference between the Groz and the knife fighters is it usually ends up being a fight to the death when you get close while distance fights are off and on again, resulting in very different playstyles.
  14. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Played all Tier X destroyers in CT

    So I decided to get the test server and try out all the tier X destroyers to see which ones I liked and which ones I could pass on. After playing them all a couple of time, I ended up liking them all. They are all good if you can figure out how they jive. I was surprised how unique each one was, no two ships play similar, they are each more unique than the tanks on WOT IMO. Likewise you can spec each ship so there's different play styles on each one, but even here, whether they are spec'd gun boats or torpedo boats, none of them are good at exactly the same thing. In a phrase, here's how I'd describe them all: Shimakazi: stay hidden and spam torps Harugumo: Atlanta 2.0, incredible DPM but you have to pick wisely when to engage or you get destroyed if multiple people fire at you. Torps are good for in between HE spam escapades. Khabarovsk: hold down left mouse button and use your positioning and movement to avoid damage. Your'e basically a cruiser so some damage is ok. Kleber: speedboat. You don't constantly fire like the Khab, but charge in and out of situations. It's better to charge full steam and wipe someone out with the hard hitting guns and tons of torps than sit at range and lob shells the whole game. Gearing: Jack of all trades, played aggressively. Grozovoi: Jack of all trades, but defensively. Spec for consumables it's both ultimate support ship and comfortable being by itself on the map. DPM is low and it will lose most 1v1s, but with smoke and heal it stays alive a long time and can pick up caps and rack up a lot of damage over the course of a game. Similar yet opposite playstyle from the Gearing. Yueyang: skirt around and look for opportunities to torp a fat boat. Engage DDs when they present themselves, but don't engage unless they're vulnerable. With incredible maneuverability and low profile to dodge shells and torps, so you don't have to stay hidden too much, you can sling some shells. Daring: trickster. Hang out in the medium risk range and try to keep people guessing what you'll do next. You're slow so you can't scoot around the map easily to change situations, but the smokes allow you to disengage and try again when the first attempt didn't pan out. Z-52: Cap boss. Use engine boost immediately and rush to cap. This is the most fragile ship AND it has lower DPM so if it's spotted and people start shooting at it you're screwed, which leads some people to whine that it's underpowered. It's not; if you can architect your situation to where you're either undetected or unable to be hit, it can out DD all the other DDs and be that constantly annoying DD hovering just out of reach. Along with the Shimakazi, it's the least cruiserlike DD.
  15. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    PResent meta

    IMO it seems like this is less of a problem than I remember about a year or 2 ago. There's definitely stupid wanna be snipers, they will always be part, but it seems like multi-citadel BB shots from 12 km away seem less frequent than they used to be, so players feel more comfortable moving up a little.