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  1. The opposite question of which line to go down, for the decent players who can generally play ships in their desired style and do good in them, which DD lines did you pass going down because the playstyle wasn't that interesting, despite them being decent ships? For me, I've stalled on the IJN torpedo line at Fubuki. It's too basic, relying on concealment and out of sight large damage torp runs. Too much downtime waiting for reload. For torpedo ships, I'd rather do quicker loading, less damaging lines. Also stalled the Khab line at Tashkent, Khab's too similar to a Chapyev, Marceau / Kleber is a more exciting gunboat line. Only got Tashkent because I had it during the rework at tier VIII. Grozovoi is enough gunboat already IMO and more fun. I have stalled on Pan Asian line because I already had the American line and feel they'd be too similar, though if I hadn't started the American line, I would have skipped that in favor of Pan Asian because they are more unique and better at dodging. Stalled on the French line because I got the Marceau and it's everything I hoped a French DD would be! Is Kleber different enough to try to get? I love the Marceau but don't want a clone. Finally I haven't progressed on Sweden line past Visby, they seem interesting but have been more preoccupied with both German lines. I also almost have the Gearing too, which seems a bit overlap with the EU line.
  2. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Why does the germans have bad dispersion in game?

    The whole point is to have the weaknesses compliment the strengths to make ships play unique. If they were accurate but had some other problem, then they would have a mixed strategy of sit at med range just outside of secondary range and the whole secondary thing wouldn't be capitalized.
  3. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Colorado is garbage. Do the USN BBs get better?

    Both lines rock! Colorado is a so so boat. It's good when your top tier and can slice away citadels, but mediocre otherwise. I had more fun the second time I ground it to get Kansas. People like to trash the fat BB line but they are really good if you know how to play them. They are the best combo of armor / HP / lack of torp & fire damage of any BB line, which means they are the toughest ships in their tier. They slug off shells better than their German counterparts do and they can sit back further and actually land shots. They are equal to the fast line in power, just really different playstyle. The guns have slow reload and mediocre pen (until Vermont), but they are accurate at long distances and reliably rack up damage. In the fat BB line, I'm always shooting, in the fast one, I'm occasionally shooting, occasionally stopping to hide and position better. North Carolina > Kansas Iowa < Minnesota Vermont = Montana
  4. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    Geez WG. You really should have done Super Carriers and Super Subs in the special mode instead of BBs just to make the typical whiners howl! The game really needed subs to add new depth to it. Glad WG is doing the right thing and not dissuaded by the whines of the few.
  5. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    State of the cruisers line

    British CA line isn't as bad as people say, it's just different, kinda like the fat US BB line. The redeeming factors are the solid AP, decent maneuverability and good concealment, and the mega heal. They are weird in that you can't push or sit back. You just have to fuddle around in the middle ducking in and out of fire. But, they can really tank, the armor plus HP is fairly durable when angled and not eating BB shells, and they really rack up damage throughout the game if you stay alive and continue to take opportunistic swipes. They are a weird combo of heavy HP and firepower on a light cruiser concealment and maneuverability platform.
  6. All Flamu did was rally all the forumers who ***** and moan constantly. He sucked and I'm glad he's gone.
  7. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Your best snowflake game?

    Let me one up you in a Kansas!
  8. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    You bunch of liars! The Kansas actually is good.

    Gah, KANSAS IS SO TERRIBLE I JUST GOT MY HIGHEST EVER DAMAGE GAME IN IT!!! Just sayin, you all are wrong and don't know how to play the ship.
  9. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    Santa Crates...Suck or not?

    I got lots of camo and the Yudachi. The camo and flags were probably worth 20$ with having 100 games of x150% XP potential. So $13 for the Yudachi was a good deal. Had no idea what it was but looks really cool. Bottom line if you use camos and premium, you get your moneys worth there and you get a ship to boot with it for $33.
  10. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    You bunch of liars! The Kansas actually is good.

    Yeah, there is an impetus to make premium ships at least as good as good tech tree ships or slightly better. So it's not surprising the others have pretty good characteristics. But also they have an impetus to make a new line unique. If the new line was not significantly different in playstyle than the premiums, players would pick one or the other line instead of both. I think it's pretty cool to have 3 unique BB lines for the US, I think they did a great job showing how all 3 potential development paths would have made cool but different ships. I was comedically being serious. No I do think it's a decent tier VIII ship, not the best, but decent enough. I had not played it before the buff. If the guns were less accurate than they are now, yes that would make the ship significantly worse and move it from decent to bad.
  11. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    You bunch of liars! The Kansas actually is good.

    Yeah, if someone doesn't mention the positive aspects of the ship, that explains that they aren't noticing the niche. I'm not seeing where tier VII penetration levels are hurting the citadel chance too much here!
  12. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    You bunch of liars! The Kansas actually is good.

    Gah! :) Yes, not very stellar so far but I cannot be held to the performance of my team when I'm bottom tier! I'll get more stats tonight. I always wished they had the average of your post game rank as a stat... That is the most telling, how you did relative to everyone else on your team in the game. Guns are only part, the thing that makes the guns usable is it's a hard to hit tanky ship, so you can fire more often and venture further from the pack than the more squishy monarch can.
  13. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    You bunch of liars! The Kansas actually is good.

    So? Citadels are for medium / close range engagements. People whined about penetration in the Monarch as well. Reliably getting several thousand damage on each 6 shell salvo is how you rack up damage at range, and for that, the Kansas is much better than CO because the guns are noticeably more accurate and the ship can continually fire due to the playstyle differences between the ships.
  14. I knew it! Just like the Monarch, the Kansas is a solid ship that's ALSO a fun one. The hate and people like Flamu (who doesn't actually know anything) are never to be trusted!! WG basically describes how to play it in their little guide, just like the Monarch. The ships have niches: for the curvy US BB line, it's the longer range solo kiter. Wait, that's what the IJN line does? No, the IJN line doesn't wiggle their butt very good and if they come under fire, they'll melt faster, and carriers / DDs will eat a solo IJN BB easier than a curvy US one. The complaints don't seem to be warranted. the ship actually is pretty accurate, firing at longer range means being less accurate, that's not unique to Kansas. The firepower is good, it's like the North Carolina, a little less DPM ish, but a noticeably larger alpha punch for close range broadsides. It's a very tanky ship, when it's being played like it's supposed to; shells bounce off of the wiggling ship pretty well and being further back means your not the focus of HE fire often. The problem I see the most is people play the ship dumb, either yolo charging like they're some sort of slow RU BB or trying to snipe from max range only. Max range is never a good strategy for the whole game.
  15. Carl_the_Cuttlefish

    The Kansas' Uninspired Design

    Well, fifth place in tier X match is not bad. But, IMO you have to have 10 point captains and a fully upgraded / moduled ship to have apples to apples comparisons. An unupgraded NC with a 1 point captain wouldn't perform well either.