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  1. Well, It may have taken 1 or 2 days more than expected, but it is done. Username changed. Password changed. Didn't lose a single ship or camo, or whatever else, except for some premium time but it's all good. Thanks to @Femennenly for helping us out in the forums, and to WG NA for giving us that opportunity. Good luck everyone and see you out there !
  2. Hello, I requested the transfer from NA to EU, however I have not received a single email in regards to that transfer: yes, I verified spam and all other folders. I launched the GameCenter and tried to add an account for WoWS on Europe using my current NA email and password, assuming it could be the same as explained in the procedures, and it is not recognized, getting the 6001 error message (whatever that means). I tried to launch the NA WoWS client and it works fine, it is not locked at all, however I will not play just in case it messes up something somehow. Loosing 3 or 4 days of prem time is not a great concern to me: what concerns me most is what I should do now ? Please advise ! Thank you !
  3. Same here, requested transfer from NA to EU. Did not receive any emails yet. Slightly annoyed at this point. Can I still use NA account or not ... hummmm ....
  4. Hello, I did click on the transfer button to transfer to EU and I had the message on screen saying I was participating in the offer. So far so good. HOWEVER I did not receive a mail and my NA account is NOT locked, as seems to be the norm according to quite a few posts above Is there a way to somehow confirm that I am indeed part of the program. Not is a rush to get an answer, just wondering. Thank you.
  5. LOL I'm starting to wonder if I should have clicked that transfer button LOL I'll be back ... in a couple of days ! Let's go kill tonks in the meantime !
  6. there was a Steam update yesterday, might it be the cause ?
  7. Isola_di_Fano

    Why so much French bias?

    History books are a wonderful thing.
  8. Isola_di_Fano

    Italian Cruisers, perhaps a small buff?

    I do not know if they are good as I am trying to unlock them right now. All I know so far is that they look awesome, and even if they are awful, at least you die in style !
  9. If you want secondary built, this info could be handy: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Secondary_Armament and https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Bismarck
  10. Ignore chat ! And if someone PM me a love note, I usually reply "I love you". and they leave ! In the end this is a game: if someone gets mad over it. pfff ... their problem !
  11. Isola_di_Fano

    Combat Missions of Update 0.8.8

    Just finished the 4th Directive and received the free tier 6 UK DD Gallant; thanks WG !
  12. Recently came back to WoWS after a couple of years and to my surprise I found out I had the Giulio Cesare waiting for me in port. Did I actually buy the things years ago or not, I can not recollect however one way or another she is a beauty and quite fun to play. Being of italian descent and having studied latin eons ago, I must say that finding Caius in port was awesome ! Birthday wish: her big sister ROMA ! That would make may day ... and then some !!!
  13. Isola_di_Fano

    Goodbye WoWS

    OP, You have been here a long time, that was a nice run. Whatever new game/games you end up playing, Good Luck to You !
  14. Isola_di_Fano

    Submarines are Coming

    I don't think the Zaunkonig II was actually deployed to the front units, or were they ? Anyway on paper it seems awesome. The Mark24 aerial would solve the submarine issue. it can even catch up to a type XXI. Possible solution to the homing torpedoes is to issue a FOXER to every ship, but that could limit their speed. In the meantime, where do I send my CC number to get that premium type XXI !