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  1. JCC45


    A lot of people offered good advise to you in this thread and this is how you respond. Perhaps they just should have said "BYE"!
  2. I'm not the one who is torping his own team on such a regular basis that I would have concerns about getting permabanned. Or would you like me to quote you the text where you said exactly that?
  3. IF you are torping your allies an average of once every two weeks I doubt anyone would have a problem with you being permabanned other than you.
  4. That solution was to rid the game of TKers. My solution to rid the game of A-Holes is gonna cost you.
  5. Sure there is. But first you have to recognize that someone who does this is detrimental to the tem, and the team would probably be better off without him anyway. So... - 100% of damage is reflected on the shooter, accidental or not. No damage is accorded the victim. - First offense: 3 pink games Random or Coop - Second Offense within 30 days: Banished to Coop for 10 games - Third offense within 30 days: 3 Month ban - Fourth offense within 60 days: Permaban. Within 6 months you would be rid of most of the intentional TKers and the accidental ones would learn not to shoot their allies.
  6. JCC45

    Confess, have you ever

    After 3-4 Sinop Rank battles I switched to my Helena. Imagine my consternation when I kept mashing the "T" key but no heal was forthcoming.
  7. Pro Tip: If you are going to start off by calling people "uniformed" and "ignorant" you should probably get your spelling right. At least in the same sentence you are calling them"ignorant" and "uninformed"..
  8. I posted a similar thread a few days ago about a particular time of of day not to play and the JWC Mods deleted the entire thread in moments. Let's see how long this one lasts.
  9. JCC45

    Alabama Bundle Buyer Beware

    You mean like teach them to read? That's I thought I guess.
  10. JCC45

    Why do we still play?

    I have to agree. This gun they have pointed at my head is really starting to annoy me. I can't comb my hair properly, none of my hats fit properly and the guy from WG holding it won't SHUT UP! I keep buying stuff but he won't go away. Very annoying.
  11. Press the "any" key.
  12. JCC45

    New game mode/map.

    The new map will have both Domination mode and this new mode.
  13. I have to agree with the thread starter... It looks a little OP to me.
  14. JCC45

    Done complaining......just done

    I was talking to my wife, Morgan Fairchild, last night and she thinks you are absolutely delightful.
  15. JCC45

    Balanced MM "tree" SPOTTED!!

    FYI... I got tagged for posting a Raggedy Anne Doll and a picture of a horse race so...