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  1. Sadly my team still sucked (3 DDs dead in 4 minutes, cruisers who think their job is to guard the corners) but at least I didn't have to hide in the back until the big boys were worn down.
  2. JCC45

    Nomogram Crosshair is gone?

    Would like a quick word.
  3. JCC45

    Game freeze after victory

    Been happening for the last 2 or 3 patches.
  4. JCC45

    Losing money on games

    Gonna need a few more details. - What tiers? - What ships? - What camos? - What flags? - Premium time? All of this can make a big difference.
  5. JCC45

    Sick of these Streaks!

    Some are Co-op, but most are Scenario or Random. Your sense of superiority sufficiently restored now?
  6. All that green hurts my eyes. There... no one can ever again say that nobody comes onto the forums to complain about winning streaks!
  7. JCC45


    Here you go... Don't thank me. I'm here to help.
  8. Never mind... not worth the pixels.
  9. Karma should work the same as TK penalties. Once you receive a certain amount of "Plays Badly" or "Unsporting Behavior" tags you are limited to Co-op for 10 games. Might clear out some of the "Hurr Durr Shoot Stuff" crowd.
  10. The overall quality of the player base has degenerated dramatically over the last 6 months. WG is probably celebrating (because they can't see past the next fiscal quarter) but that is what will kill this game. Not CVs, not Subs, not even Smolensk, but the pandering to idiots that can't be bothered to learn even the basics but rush up to tier X thinking "IF I git A bIGGer ShiP Then I WiLL bE GUD.. Hurr Durr Durr". Every CC I have watched says the same thing and some are openly speculating about dropping WoWs entirely because of the quality of the players is so gawd awful bad. I have gone from 10-15 games a day every day down to maybe 3-4 (not including Co-op grinds) every couple of days. And I can see even that decreasing going forward. And my spending on WoWs has dropped to zero.
  11. JCC45

    Not a Shabby Supercontainer

    Got the same one yesterday. Was pleasantly surprised.