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  1. Great! Could you have her look at this and tell me where the problem is. I can't seem to find it. /*paasivir@jyu.fi*/ int a[3302],b=3301,*c=a,b,e,f; main() { for(e=b;--e;*c++=1); *c=2; for(d=2001;d--;) { for(c=a,e=b;e;f/=e--) { /*printf("before: %4d %8d\n",e,f);*/ f+=*c*1e6; /*printf("after: %4d %8d\n",e,f);*/ *c++=f%e; } printf("%06d\n",f); I will wait here for her answer.
  2. Try playing an Atlanta on a laptop with a 12" screen. Those stupid little islands don't even show up on the mini-map.
  3. OK.... in the simplest little words I can muster. The point.... the ONLY point, is that I received a notification that said I was BOTH a Team killer AND inactive in the game AT THE SAME TIME... WHICH IS NOT POSSIBLE. And as to you implying that I am a liar, well that says a great deal about what kind of person you are.
  4. Nope it's yours that seems to be lacking. In my original post I clearly stated "He lost about 11K health but was fine at the end of the match." If I had left the match early there is no way I would have known this. Then I went on to say "I got notified that I had achieved Team Killer status AND was being punished for "In Game Inactivity" See? That's how reading comprehension works. You read the words that are written (not what you want to see) and you understand their meaning.
  5. That is disturbing on so many levels... Plus apparently you have never had Pizza at NYPD Pizza or in the Dominican Republic.
  6. and that phone number again is 1-800-legozer
  7. Premium Ship Review #100

    Pfffffffttttt... graphics are for sissies. I'm a text guy.
  8. Premium Ship Review #100

    You never mentioned how long the reload is...
  9. Banish yourself to PVE only for 2-3 weeks. I am on vacation trying to play on a laptop with a 12 inch screen on a basic Cox internet package (my main PC has a 32" monitor with fiber internet). To be fair to other players I have limited myself to PVE only. Now the following is only my observation and in no way should be construed as denigrating PVE only players. It's like eating gas station pizza while taking your sister to the prom.
  10. Which means, with the new 4 week cycle, the CLs will be out at the end of June. More time to harvest credits and Elite Captain XP in preparation.
  11. Reading comprehension is apparently in short supply around these parts so I will use little words. How was I punished for BOTH a TK which didn't happen AND Inactivity? See the problem now? TADA! Someone who can read! Faith in humanity restored.
  12. In an Co-op game in an Atlanta when a Cleveland decided to sail between me and the recipient of my my fire hose of death. He lost about 11K health but was fine at the end of the match. I got notified that I had achieved Team Killer status AND was being punished for "In Game Inactivity" Seriously people .... your algorithm needs a little fine tuning.
  13. Or add "I voted No" to questions 2 & 3. But as he didn't figure this out the results, as they stand, are pointless.
  14. The point he was making is that if you don;t agree with your first question you cannot complete the poll.