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  1. JCC45

    There may be a problem - AAA (AA)

    Kaga struggles in tier X matches. She has oodles of planes but they are basically tier VII planes so you are getting triple up tiered. Best you can do is spot for the team and nibble around the edges until your team improves the odds a bit. If they don't then you can only resign yourself to a low damage game.
  2. JCC45


    Nah. I wouldn't want to sink to his childish level. Just left the match and moved on. I did send the replay to WG but got the usual "Don't bother us with this crap. Our software is working fine at dealing with this so don't clutter up our inbox with you trivial complaints" response. I may have paraphrased that a bit, but that was the gist of it.
  3. JCC45


    Not entirely. I had a Cruiser player that didn't like the way I was playing my Musashi so he unloaded a full load of torps into me , followed by "You deserved that" as I sunk. When I checked him out he was over 7,000 games, with unicum stats and a member of a very well known clan. Idiots gonna id.
  4. JCC45

    Zeroed by CV

    Well, if you are being "sent back to port before the match really starts " in a BB or CA by CVs you have bigger problems.
  5. JCC45

    Zeroed by CV

    From a CV player's perspective your last sentence tells me exactly what your problem in DDs is.
  6. Why so smug? It makes perfect sense when you are going after objectives that require secondary hits to complete.
  7. JCC45

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    Ever watched your average Musashi , Kremlin or Yamato player? It's not like they speed around the map.
  8. JCC45

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    Well then. I was wondering what to do with the almost 9,000,000 FXP I have accumulated.
  9. JCC45

    I'd Like a Refund for Enterprise, Please!

    No Global would imply something... not infer it. You are inferring it.
  10. JCC45

    I'd Like a Refund for Enterprise, Please!

    No. Un-uh. Nope. Nyet. Nein. Start with your tier IVs until you are consistent. Then tier VI until you are consistent. Then, when you get to tier VIII... Kaga if you have it. Then, maybe, Enterprise. Simply because she is powerful does not mean she is easy.
  11. JCC45

    Disappearing Targets

    So many claims. So few replays.
  12. JCC45

    Disappearing Targets

    Seriously? BBs can go dark 1 second after shooting IF the ship spotting them goes out of range or behind an island and there are no other ships in line of sight or in range.. DDs can can shoot down planes without being spotted because their detection is lower than the planes and some of the newer ones have massive AA power against lower tier CVs with weak planes (I'm looking at you Kaga... Tier 7 planes in Tier 10 battles).. 9800+ battles is now the new high water mark for not understanding basic game mechanics.
  13. So instead of grinding out an endless succession of ships maybe you could spend a few dollars and a bit of time fixing actual problems with the game. For example: - Island Magnet bug that somehow causes your shells to completely change their trajectory WHILE IN MID FLIGHT if a ship goes behind an island and you lose lock. - Make an auto pilot that actually takes the ship where you ask it to, instead of changing it's mind and sending you right into the teeth of the Red team? - Not being able to see smoke at all ranges including binocular view - Island marker bug that shows up after you have fired. - Collision avoidance bug that takes you straight into the island (and to save some "Smartest Guy in the Room Guys" some time.. I know you can turn it off. Not really the point is it?). - AA firing through islands bug. - Shell going through islands bug - Torps going through islands bug. - Desync bug Just a thought. -
  14. JCC45

    Difficulty: Not a PVE batle

    I did exactly that yesterday. I am still in recovery.