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  1. JCC45

    Opinions on the CVs?

    Something a little more relevant to today's reality.
  2. JCC45

    PT Rewards Change Coming

    Thank Heaven I can finally delete that client. Constantly updating itself with 2 hour downloads. Won't be missed.
  3. JCC45

    the rewrite

    Absolutely Nuthin' (Say it again..HUH!)
  4. Replays are automatically stored in C:/Games/World of Warships/Replays. They are stored in the order you played them with the newest being the last saved. They are not videos but captured versions of the game you played. You can post them here by dragging the replay into a new post.
  5. JCC45

    They really screwed up CV's

    Have you ever played a CV? RTS or Reworked? No? Didn't think so.
  6. Well... Europe certainly did between 1939 and December of 1941 when people of courage and conviction were fighting and dying to stop the Nazis while other countries sat on their hands because European wars did not concern them. So there is that.
  7. It always amuses me that the most consistent voices trumpeting how OP CVs are are the ones who have never actually played a CV. Reminds me of my favorite definition of a consultant... a guy who can tell you 274 ways to satisfy a woman but has never had a girlfriend.
  8. My fingers were starting to cramp from typing all of the things that ruined the game so I just quit early.
  9. Wait... I'm confused. I was told Open Water Stealth Firing ruined the game. Then I was told removing Open Water Stealth Firing ruined the game. Then I was told removing manual attack from low tier RTS CVs ruined the game. Then I was told Asashio ruined the game. Then I was told Colbert ruined the game Then I was told Conqueror ruined the game Then I was told Smolensk ruined the game. Then I was told Thunderer ruined the game. Then I was told the CV Rework ruined the game. Then I was told Kremlin ruined the game. Then I was told the Captain Skills Rework ruined the game. Are you telling me it was radar all along that the ruined the game?
  10. Didn't they have them in Battle Stations Pacific? I seem to remember having a lot of fun chasing shell splashes to get close enough to launch torps and then getting the hell out of Dodge. Maybe as PVE only?
  11. Which totally ignores the point. To save you the trouble of asking... then why don't they have that "normalization mechanic to lend a hand to less skilled players on both sides of the fence" for surface ships as well instead of banning people who use it.
  12. The funny thing (to me) is that the animation gives the surface ship a clear indication of where the rockets are going to hit before they are even fired. In Update 0.10.5, the rocket-launching mechanics are being updated. Attack aircraft will now fire small-caliber machine guns prior to an attack. They don't inflict damage to ships, but show the exact spot where the rockets are going to hit. This information, together with a prolonged attack time, will allow the Captains of agile ships—destroyers, primarily—to maneuver, and thus reduce possible rocket damage. When someone came up with a "mod" to do that for surface ship shells a whole lot of people got banned for using it. Strange, no?
  13. I think that may be their point. They don't want that particular void filled. They don't want to contribute anything positive or even make the effort. They just want to complain. Or, to use a Pop Culture reference, "Listen, and understand. The CV Haters are out there, they cant be bargained with, they cant be reasoned with, they don't feel pity or remorse or fear, and they absolutely will not stop... EVER, until CVs are removed"
  14. Well let me tell you someth... Oh.. hi there Hapa! How's it going?