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  1. Sitting in the back isn't how you earn 35 Close Quarter Experts and 116 Dreadnoughts in a US Standard BB. And not being able to hit anything isn't how you earn 361 Dev Strikes and 124 First Bloods also in a US Standard BB. But to your "point"...no, not at all. You should learn how to play at least one ship well before moving to another. You should also be a lot better than you are before you profess to tell others how to play.
  2. 1) I am not your "Dude". 2) A quick look at your stats clearly shows you are way too aggressive to be playing CA/CLs at any tier let alone tiers IX and X. 3) Your "experience" doesn't seems to matter. All you have been doing is committing the same mistakes over and over and over again without learning anything. You are confusing movement with progression. You have moved up but haven't progressed at all.
  3. You know if you keep posting nonsense like that I will begin to think the posters in the other thread have a valid point about your thought processes.
  4. Make sure to include the part where the servers go down for an hour or so, but the Fire team score keeps increasing. No thanks.
  5. For tier V NY is top in number of battles but bottom in every other category except survival. Bottom for the last 2 weeks in all respects as well. But you are right, the New Mex isn't much better.
  6. Because people like you pull this type of nonsense out of their butts, and then other people use it as proof of something. And I wasn't the one who made the original claim of fact, that was you sunshine. Attempting to retreat behind "it was sarcastic" and then trying to make it look like someone else was making the silly claim of "90%" is just sad. Fini.
  7. Wanna know how I can tell you know absolutely nothing about statistics?
  8. I would like to see the proof of that statement please. Or are you just maybe talking out of your butt? I mean, you wouldn't just make up a statistic like "90% of accusations" without having so actual data to back it up, right? Because if you did you would look like an idiot, and I am sure you aren't an idiot, right? So, let's have a look at the underlying data that lead to that statement about "90%..."
  9. Corgi [edited]

    Not really in the spirit of the event.
  10. Test server question

    In truth I don't think it is a scam. Just sloppiness.