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  1. JCC45

    Jack of all Trades Benefit

    That is correct. In port go to the "Modules" tab, select "Ammunition & Consumables" and under "Consumables" are the... well... consumables.
  2. JCC45


    Point - DDs are stealthy. Stop rushing in and getting killed. Point - Learn how to predict what your target is going to do. Stop relying on a game mechanic. And use your stealth to set up ambushes (see point 1) Point - Radar is finite. Learn how to bait it out. And stop rushing in (see point 1... again) Point- 30 to 60 seconds is only forever if you have rushed in and got spotted (see point 1... again) Point - Then don't use the upgrade if it doesn't suit your play style of rushing in a getting killed early.
  3. JCC45

    An Open Letter to World of Warships

    Your PC specs might be a useful place to start... We already know about WG's
  4. JCC45

    How much will "free" cost?

    So at a little over 13,000 battles at say an average of 15 minutes per you have had appx. 3.269 hours of entertainment. 2 weeks in Costa Rica (or anywhere else) is 336 hours of entertainment. You are ahead of the game by a factor of 10X!
  5. JCC45

    How much will "free" cost?

    As to the Re-Spec my current plan is just to un-spec all of my Captains and then start with my favourite ship in a class (eg. Helena for CLs), spec that and see how it works. Watch the forums and CCs for ideas and input, modify and when I am happy then move on to the next ship/class and so on and so on and so on one ship at a time. Absolutely no need to rush any of this. These changes will be here for a long time. Actually looking forward to it.
  6. Depends. How long do you plan to live?
  7. JCC45

    Thank you, War Gaming

    I don't have an opinion about the PEF as the ship didn't interest me enough to bother with (having read the reviews). Having said that I do have a problem with some of the people driving the PEF. I am tired of getting rammed, pushed out of smoke (in a DD) or from behind islands (and a CL)and pushed into the line of fire by clueless PEF drivers that are in an almighty hurry to drive up to the front line and get deleted.
  8. JCC45

    Thank you, War Gaming

    Gee... if only there was some website where you could go and get an in depth analysis of this ship that points out all of the flaws you are concerned about. Something like a Premium Ship Review that would point out how "Meh" the ship is. Maybe done by a highly respected CC that has done hundreds of reviews of ships and has played countless thousands of hours in the game. Then you would have know all of this before you dedicated yourself to owning it. Oh well... a boy can dream, can't he?
  9. JCC45

    Who have you seen in game

    Sorry I missed you. I usually try to give a shout out to forumites.
  10. JCC45

    This is not fun anymore

    There is an obvious question to be asked here but... not me.
  11. JCC45

    Raptor Rescue

    I think you answered your own question there.
  12. JCC45

    What's wrong with the WGC launcher?

    No problems with the CURRENT version. I like it.
  13. Yup. Exactly what I expected.
  14. " Apart from some tinkering around the edges, what you see is what we're going to get." Look familiar? It should.