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  1. JCC45

    CV Counter

    In all of WWII there were only 2 CVs sunk by surface ship gunfire and 1 was a CVE.
  2. JCC45

    CV Counter

    Paging @Ahskance Please come to the Customer Service Desk. There is a call for you on the white courtesy phone.
  3. JCC45


  4. I believe he is from California. It is illegal to wear a tie there.
  5. So you shot down those 5 planes with your sidearm?
  6. If you had turned your AA off he would probably never would have found you. And ever if he did you chances of escaping would have been much better. Having your AA on is like a neon sign saying "SHOOT ME. HERE I AM. SHOOT ME NOW".
  7. JCC45

    Well played WG....

    "It's the old Brandenballs herself".
  8. JCC45

    I wasn't sure at first...

    And they keep sending him out.
  9. JCC45

    PSA: Free Community Tokens + Premium Time

    Thanks. Not only were the rewards worthwhile, but the personal challenge thingy looks interesting.
  10. JCC45

    Just got Tier 4 GER BB Moltke...

    Adjusted for accuracy.
  11. JCC45

    New Torp Bug Fix Announcement

    So you think that 10-20 quitting is "almost all of them"? Less than 10% of the overall program is "most of them"? And you think the rest don't know what they are doing? And you know this how? Answer is... you don't. You are just making things up to keep the outrage machine grinding. Boring. I am wasting my time with you.
  12. JCC45

    New Torp Bug Fix Announcement

    So the 200 remaining CCs don't care about the game and don't have a good understanding of the game mechanics?. Good to know.
  13. JCC45

    New Torp Bug Fix Announcement

    Let's ignore the massive changes that the game has gone through even in the last 12 months then shall we. Migration to 64 bit, migration to new graphical standards, new mechanics.... yeah the game is in exactly the same state it was 5 years ago. Try reading the article.