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  1. Cousin_Eddie_

    Looking for active clan

    True enough. I was surprised at getting these messages. I am back and trying to get my feet wet now.
  2. Cousin_Eddie_

    Want to play with a group

    Thanks gang. Im still looking a few of you over. Please forgive the delay. I dont like hopping around clans so im trying to save us both from wasting time and trying to find the right fit.
  3. Cousin_Eddie_

    Want to play with a group

    Have been away for a good while. Trying to come back but my old clan kinda shrunk down to few members. Id like to give it another go. I dont want to log in to 1 or 2 people in the evenings. Id like to be able to play with tons of people on the nights and weekends. Im decent but not a pro. Adding a little because im not certain on a home just yet. 1. Im looking for an active clan with very active Voice Comms 2. Looking for a clan whos leadership is still actively engaged in THIS game. I like multi gaming communities and all but prefer that Ships be the focus. 3. A place where the best players dont blob up and play with each other all day and exclude this of us who don't consider themselves to be elite. 4. Not really looking to help build and up and coming clan. Id like to but im a social player and the community is what keeps me playing for longer stretches. Thanks!
  4. Trying to talk myself into playing again..  Sad when I have more fun on this weekly campaign mission than potato PvP teams

    1. Major_Steel


      Campaigns are fun.

  5. Cousin_Eddie_

    Looking for active clan

    Enjoying this game right now but really looking for other players to team with. Focus thus far has been BB but playing just about anything. Pugs are killing me but im holding my own. Active evenings central time and all day on weekends. Want to learn and get better but not going to be in a EMO lunatic clan where I get yelled at every time someone makes a mistake. Thanks