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  1. Lost a BB Duel to an HE spammer...

    Thank you all for the feedback! I've been playing my Kongou a little bit more just to improve my battleship play. It may be more of a fast battleship/battlecruiser, but I am coming from playing a lot of cruisers, so I think it's a nice transition ship. For those who still want to download the replay, I uploaded it on Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xz4v432rr2ijdte/20180119_113052_PJSB007-Kongo-1942_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay
  2. Time to get like... 20 copies of Maron.
  3. Lost a BB Duel to an HE spammer...

    @Cobraclutch It's at 11KM. @Edgecase I've attached the replay in question. 20180119_113052_PJSB007-Kongo-1942_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay
  4. My Kongou against their Iron Duke. I had been firing AP all the time at his broadside, micro'd and timed my repairs and heals (one fire: heal, two fires: repair) enough that I ran out of heals. No citadels were ever made because LUL DISPERSION SAYS SUPERSTRUCTURE HITS. Am I just bad or is this a case of bad RNG? I'm pretty sure it's the former, but I'd like your thoughts anyway.
  5. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    I'll definitely check this out, thanks!
  6. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    Any possibility of getting more Azur Lane stuff? I know you're already taking images from Kancolle and Warship Girls, but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask.
  7. Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Group C is coming up. UNICORN CAN TAKE ALL OF MY VOTES, before I go to jail #Kappa.
  8. Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Chain pulled last night and I got 3 Unicorns, 2 Clevedads, 1 Edinburgh, and my 10th Sandy :V At least I got ZKK. I'll probably farm 3-2 a bit more for the gold 155mm triple, but other than that, I may finish up the main map for more cores because I REALLY need my Belfast.
  9. Advice for event and ranked ships

    With less than 200 battles, I consider myself still a newbie even though I own a Tier V. Most people think the sweet spots for MM is 4/7/9/10, so I guess I'm stuck at the lower end at 4. I'd like to ask more experienced players on advice on what ships to get for events (T4/5) and ranked (hopefully just T4-7). I know it's too early for me to hit up ranked, but it's mostly reference. I'm more interested in having ships of every nation to use in the current Lunar New Year event, meaning Tier V. I already have Kongou for an IJN Tier V, so I'm trying to see what I can try to get on other trees, preferably both a nice grind plus efficiently getting to good Tier VII ships. Also, I'll be getting the majority of the IJN tree, so while I'd love to hear people's experiences with that tree, I'm not necessarily in need of assistance there. There are two types of ships that I like. The first one includes maneuverable ships that are very responsive because I am bad at reading torpedo launches. The second involves heavy main battery usage. Currently farming the Kirov, Koenigsburg, and Omaha. Still thinking about the Nicholas (because it leads to the Mahan) and the Koenig (leads to Gneissnau).