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    Yeeeaah!! My first 21 pointer!!!

    Umm, yeah. The only thing gained is being able to move your captain to other premium ship types. That's it! Most of my premium ships already had 19 pt captains. The downside is that my 21 pt captains are now worse off than when they were 19pt captains and I've spent 1.2M to update each, 3.6M in total. We lost some needed skills. Many ship gun ranges were nerfed to kingdom come due to this. In a month from now retraining captains will no longer be free. You will have to shell out doubloons. Deadeye managed to take a broken game and make it more broken. instead of promoting more engagement, most BBs are just sitting at the back of the map sniping. You think this is an improvement? If so, you need a reality check.

    Clarification on Dead Eye

    Concealment value in port = your concealment value after you install concealment equipment, camo and skill?????? What it shows in port is after all the above are applied and not the standard concealment beforehand. So which is it? Since there's no indicator on the screen there's no way to know if it's working or not.

    Yeeeaah!! My first 21 pointer!!!

    Congrats! Your captain is now no better than it was at 19 points before the rework and in some cases worse off. Time to celebrate!
  4. I got the idea after watching this video of Flamu trying it out. Watch how the shells travel across the map and barely spread apart. It's hilarious.

    Which mid-tier coal ship to buy first (2021)?

    If I were you I'd wait till they release the next batch of coal ships.
  6. For the hell of it I decided to put Deadeye on my Yamato with Admiral Yamamoto that already has Unique/Legendary Upgrade. I think it reduces dispersion to 215. Very OP for this BB beast.

    POLL: Is game play better or worse in 10.0 ?

    I think it's sinking faster now. The game is a big mess. I'd pay to play WOWS from 2 years ago.

    Paid to play (Poll)

    Hard to do since the battle was from a couple of days ago. It was in my Musashi. Regardless, my EXP has been sitting in the mid 300k for days. barely moved. Pre 10.0 it took about a week to reach 1M EXP

    Struggling to find a reason to play anymore.

    Like I've said. It's no longer a game, it's just a time waster. I no longer care if I win or lose. In fact I expect to lose so it's more a matter of having some extra time while waiting for something better to do. Shoot some guns, expect your team BBs to sit at the back of the map while your DDs all hide and refuse to spot or cap. WG is going after the younger crowd hoping they could convince their parents to pay for extra premium ships and doubloons. They assume that with Covid, most parents will do so because there's nowhere to go. It's no longer a game of skill and strategy. it hasn't been one for almost two years. It's now WOT 2.0. Those who left WOTs years ago know what I'm talking about.

    Paid to play (Poll)

    I did 207k damage with full Commander flags, 250% camo and got far less than you. I would typically get over 30k for that.
  11. Just curious how people feel about the actual game play after the skills rework. Seems that most of the BBs are now hugging the back edge of the map.

    Paid to play (Poll)

    That's impossible. I'm getting 5k - 9k average for battles where I'm getting over 150k-200k damage, using prem Tier 10, using prem acct, using 3 commander skill flags, using camo with 250% camo skill bonus. Something ain't smelling right.

    Wait ... Wut?

    For the price of what it costs to upgrade a few captains to 21 pts you can buy a top-end gaming computer system and go buy dozens of the latest games and still have lots left over

    Wait ... Wut?

    I think many of you lost the point. It doesn't matter whether you spend or not. They continuously change the rules and move the goal posts in order to push more players to spend money. I had 14 19pt captains. Those captains all lost some of the most important skills because those skills became more expensive (more points). The three captains that I did manage to upgrade to 21 pts are now less useful than before the rework. In order to dismiss unused captains ( which I keep for new ships), I'll need to spend a significant amount of doubloons because with credits the points won't make a dent. Everything about the game is slowly becoming pay to play or play free but the players with cash get to grind ships and captains quicker, giving them the advantage ( similar to pay to play) . This won't be the end. More reworks are coming I'm sure. Perhaps Equipment rework where you lose all the most important equipment you had on a ship. To get back your old equipment (with new names of course) you'll need to dish out doubloons. Maybe Ship Module rework....and so on and so on......

    Paid to play (Poll)

    What % of commander XP was converted to ECXP before the rework and after the rework? My commanders are accumulating ECXP at a fraction of the rate from before. I was able to earn 1M ECXP playing casually for perhaps 2 weeks. At the current rate I would have to play close to 6-7 months to do the same.