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  1. Cannabis will be legal in Canada in October so they joy of losing will soon be a reality here
  2. Arms Race

    5 Dds per side almost every battle. This is scaring players from playing BBs. WG is going to have to balance this new mode because it's looking more like a DD arcade game than anything else. Perhaps limit DDs to three a side. That should encourage more to play BBs etc.
  3. Captain Builds for Minsk?

    I highly recommend CE in addition to AFT
  4. I honestly can't understand why you are having such a problem understanding something very simple. Perhaps you don't bother reading the responses which made it very clear that Nothing has changed!! therefore a free reset isn't warranted. The only thing they did was mark the skills that would not apply to your ship. For example, if you are in a DD, skills having to do with planes don't apply so it's marked out. That's it! They did this for those who are too lazy to figure it out for themselves. Now, that said... let's say you added an extra fighter plane skill to a ship that has no planes and just realized this after they put an X across the icon. They don't owe you a free reset for being ignorant.
  5. Submarine Poll

    Learn to read before throwing out insults. I mentioned them having to come up for air
  6. Submarine Poll

    Currently, a BB cannot detect a DD alone as long as the DD stays out of detection range. It can hunt it non stop unless the BB is fast and moving away. Now comes the submarine. It will be able to get much closer to a BB undetected. How is this going to be balanced? They will have to add sonar to all DDs and cruisers and some BBs. The problem is that BBs didn't carry depth charges. Perhaps the amount of time a sub can stay submerged will be limited, forcing it to the surface only to be blown to bits in one volley?
  7. Server Overload

    Ok thanks for the update. I'm going to watch "Better Call Saul" and check back in an hour.
  8. Server Overload

    New message is telling me that I will be assimilated and resistance is futile
  9. Server overloaded? 13k players?

    I plugged my computer into another socket. I think I broke the server. Oh no!
  10. Server Overload

    No any type of battles. Same message with t6 and 7
  11. Server Overload

    I think all my playing has broken the server
  12. Server Overload

    I keep getting this message tonight. Anyone else?
  13. I used to build scale warship models and still interested in in the hobby. I'm almost 100% sure that the Rodney and Nelson used to be referred to as battle cruisers. I remember thinking this was strange because of the size of these ships. I'd like to see Rodney rolled out as a non- prem version of the Nelson.
  14. Hi, Here are some ships I'd like to see in WOWS in the future. There a few more but don't have time to research them. Feel free to add your own. HMS Exeter - heavy cruiser HMS Renown - heavy cruiser HMS Rodney - Battleship/Heavy cruiser (above) HMS Repulse - Battleship IJN Yahagi - Light Cruiser
  15. You forgot 4. - Two new prem RN battleships: Dreadnought and Vanguard I wish they had more info on tier 8 Vanguard. I can't see how those guns can compete as a tier 8.