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  1. In the meantime I've almost saved 300k coal after already getting Musashi, Smolensk, and Jean Bart for coal so..... I really don't care much about Puerto Rico. I'm just playing the Dockyards to hoard whatever else I can and grab that tier 7 Italian cruiser. Look! anyone with half a brain realizes WG had no intention to give away more than a handful of this T10 ship. Their goal was to get as many people as possible to spend $93 worth of doubloons plain and simple. If most of these players don't finish in time well...tough luck! All I can say to all of you is : " It is what it is" . Just play your usual amount to do a typical grind. Grab as much coal, steel, FXP, etc. that you could in that time frame and be happy. Remember to hoard coal because new ships will be released for coal in the New Year and you will probably like that ship better than the PR anyhow. Roger Out.

    Dockyard event is insulting.

    Perhaps they should have allowed players to finish of the last 33% with 50k coal? or 10k Steel?
  3. Who removed your reply after post #27 where you start insulting me and calling me whiner and crybaby? I'm ill equipped to handle a public forum? yet your the one that's starts with the insults (which I thought was a violation of the forum rules). Now here you are attacking me for responding to your original attacks. I'm still scratching my head as to why you haven't been suspended. YOU DO REALIZE that it was the OP's post that complained about the port slots and captain skills? Many players agreed and YET you didn't call him or others who agreed with him cry babies and whiners? I guess you aren't used to people fighting back?
  4. You have just been reported again. My post was agreeing with the OP. Most of the posts agree with the OP however, as usual you single me out for the insults. I never insulted you or even said anything derogatory towards you. All I said was that I'm glad it worked out for you but for the rest of us it didn't. This for some reason triggered you to start insulting me. This type of harassment shouldn't be tolerated on the forums. They were meant for open discussions. For all who just started following, MannyD responded to my reply post#27 which was just an explanation of why his suggestion didn't apply or work for me and other players. His response was to throw insults at me. Calling me cry baby, whiner etc. . It seems that he or someone removed that post so it's important to take it all into context. I responded to his insults by telling him to get a life and stop harassing people on the forum. Again, instead of stopping he continues with the insults.
  5. December's daily missions have nothing to do with the fact that they used up all my port slots for all of that time. As for the captain skills, I didn't start playing Twilight until well after the captain skill respec period. I'm glad it worked out for you but for a large number of players it was a real pain in the behind.

    I Wonder Why No One Wants To DD Anymore??

    That's because they stopped playing. It's not rocket science, between WG flooding the higher tiers with radar and HE spam cruisers and lower tiers with 2-3 CVs per side, the good players can't be bothered. I switched from DD main to BB main simply because concealment no longer exists.

    I Wonder Why No One Wants To DD Anymore??

    So what?

    I Wonder Why No One Wants To DD Anymore??

    Hmmm, where do I start? Could it be because of the 2-3 CVs per team in lower tiers? Perhaps CV rocket planes that target DDs all battle and whither their HP down to nothing? Or could it be because the CV planes are unlimited and just keep coming wave after wave and spot everything in sight while the CV just sits at the back of the map immune? It might be because of all the ships carrying magical radar that can see through islands and can run for 40 seconds before the next radar ships turns it's radar on for an additional 40 sec? I'm thinking it's because the upper tiers are loaded with HE spam cruisers that can rain HE and melt any spotted Dd in a mere 5 seconds? Nahhhh... sorry, I can't think of a reason.

    All my riches are gone, I am finally broke

    Nonsense!. I've been playing since open Beta. I've never had a premium account and the only premium ship I've ever purchased was the Kamikaze because they nerfed the Minekaze. I have 23 premium ships not including ARP and Dragon ships. I won them all except the Kami. Many of the premium ships are tiers 5-10. They easily provide more than enough credits to keep me well above the 100M credits most of the time so I'm not sure what you are doing wrong? With 10,600 + battles you should have lots of premium ships won by now and no excuses for being broke. Playing smart is the name of the game. Just alternate between playing regular T10 ships and playing some medium to high tier premium ships and you should be fine. many are available for coal and FXP.

    Legendary upgrade

    I really didn't mind Ron at all

    Cleveland Help

    I had the same problems with Cleveland. What really helped me was selling the POS. I feel so much better now.


    MESOSORI I read this post
  13. I agree with the OP about everything except the following and would like to add a few suggestions. "The degree of co-operation was outstanding, and what few ambushes I suffered were due to those who never promised a truce in the first place or who didn't manage to switch their secondaries off in time." The degree of cooperation with other teams was good at the beginning but in the last week I found truce was broken at least 75% of the time. Often it was teams that waited for others to kill Rasputin and ambushed them as they headed back to the portal. I also have the same beef about the port slots. I had 4 empty slots before playing. I now have 0 and I can't buy ships until I get them back. I also wish there was a way to reset captain skills without having to spend gold or elite xp. I didn't realize that the BBs were best suited for secondary build captain skills until it was too late. Although I found it really fun to play I have to admit that I started getting very bored of the same map. The repetition of the map and bots spawning at the same place battle after battle became monotonous. Perhaps in the future WG can roll out a Twilight Event with 2-3 different maps.
  14. I just finished the "Pride of the Polish Navy" mission then checked my inventory and no camo. Are we suppose to get it right away? Has anyone finished it and got the camo? I haven't picked up the Błyskawica from the armory yet but that shouldn't make a difference as I have another one of her camo in inventory. I hope all that work wasn't for nothing

    So How Do You Defend VS CV's?

    In low tiers there's nothing most ships can do except take the punishment from two CVs on each side. They need to max it at one