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  1. Please look at the stats for RN BBs verses other nations. If everything here that I read was true they would be at the top of the list but they're not. I have RN BBs as well as others. Each has it's own play style and I found ways of using my BB's strengths to it's advantage.
  2. Last time I checked the RN BB stats were somewhere in the mid range compared to other nations. As a BB player, I find other ships like Belfast to be far more annoying. When you are 6-7 km away from a bunch of smoke with ships inside it equipped with radar that spam hundreds of shells at you non-stop and there's no way you can get out of it's range before losing all your HP........ now that's a much bigger issue. At least you can see RN BBs. If they nerf RN BB's should they nerf the ability for cruisers to run smoke and radar at the same time? Also keep in mind that higher tier RN BBs do not have Hydro, 11.2+ km secondaries, torps, or heavy armour like some of their counterpoints.
  3. He wants this to be his last Supper Container
  4. I agree. Are you related to Mrs. Wiggins?
  5. I love this Hillbilly version !!
  6. Listen Pussycat, if you are trying to shame me you better get your stats out. You are not vastly superior at anything especially DDs. You have a 1% higher WR but at only 1/4 of the battles. Then consider that 99.8% of my battles are solo and only 25% of yours are solo. And BTW my battles are over three years so nice try with the insults. Also, posting screenshots of the armour might look impressive but anyone with half a brain can see that the weak armour is far below the waterline.
  7. You spelled one word wrong twice and as a result you suffer the consequences of becoming the target of our amusement!
  8. Perhaps you should try your luck with the Breakfast containers since the supper containers aren't working out for you
  9. Sure, pull up a chair
  10. OK pussycat, whatever you say. I've had more battles in RN ships tiers 3-9 than you have in total battles and never once (other than this time) have I had a detonation. Read:
  11. We are talking about RN BBs. They are completely different from the other ships because of the location of their magazines. Do a bit of online research.
  12. The hull at waterline is armoured. I've been hit by torps many times without detonation. Only deep water torps would be able to do such damage by the DD was American.
  13. I experienced a detonation in my Iron Duke. Something I read wasn't even possible since her magazine is below the waterline.