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  1. 19pt capt

    I like that idea. Would make sense to keep players with having 20 pt captains at tier 4
  2. 19pt capt

    How about they make it a bonus skill? You would have acquire elite captain skill points to get it. This way players don't lose their elite status. I really think we could use it
  3. 19pt capt

    I just wanted to take the opportunity to suggest a 20th point. On some ships I sometimes find myself with the 19th point and nothing I can do with it on the first row/level. That extra point would give us more options. Just an idea.
  4. 19pt capt

    The more 19 pt captains you have the quicker and easier it is to get more 19 pt captains. It really helps if you plan out which ships you want to grind next to 19 pts.
  5. Air conditioning. Must be really hot on some of those ships
  6. FLUFFYBUNNYTURD STINKYWEED (of course) SHOOTME - if you like excitement this should make gameplay a little more interesting ITEAMKILL - Keep your teammates on their toes CUTEPUPPY - nobody wants to shoot a cute puppy
  7. OMG what a difference!

    WOWS min game requirement: 2 Gig Ram It would take you 5 minutes for Windows to turn on with 1 Gig. It would be a very sluggish machine but running a game like WOWS would not be possible
  8. Why not each team get a repair ships like they have in some operations? so that the BBs can sit in the circle and snipe lol
  9. OMG what a difference!

    Most computers in 2011 ran 64 bit. At 1-2 Gig ram you have barely enough to keep the operating system running let alone a game like WOWS. The minimum requirements to run the game is 2 Gig Ram and that would be at ultra low settings at like 7 FFS
  10. OMG what a difference!

    Your computer from 2011 had an i3 processor with Windows 2007 OS. It could never have run with only 1 Gig Ram. Windows 7 required a minimum of 4 Gigs if I recall properly.
  11. Why you like your username?

    I really don't know. I never thought about it.
  12. All I know is that the Lyon is one of if not my favorite ships. I don't know about it's dispersion. What I do know is that when I fire those 16 guns, at least a half dozen land on their mark. This ship in the right hands can outperform many tier 8 BBs. In my opinion ( I play lots of RN BBs) the Lyon can set as many fires as any tier 7-9 RN BB. The shear number of shells gives you a very good chance at setting tier 9 BBs aflame on a regular bases. I also manage to destroy DDs with these guns so I cannot agree with your assessment.
  13. Why? I'll tell you why! For the same reason players lemming train to one cap or all camp at one camp until they are surrounded and picked off one at a time. Perhaps for the same reason players sit at the very back of the map sometimes out of range most of the battle so they could swing in later and finish off damaged enemy ships... or perhaps for the reason the entire team doesn't cap the entire battle... Why? I don't know.
  14. Something is being done. Less people are playing their tier 8 ships! WG doesn't care and you are about to be overwhelmed with hate posts. Be prepared.
  15. Radar equiped Russian Submarines!

    Imagine how the forum would have exploded if we had those.