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    Riga... What am I doing wrong?

    So far 25% WR 3 wins out of 11 battles. I'm not sure how much of it has to do with WG MM but I have a 59% WR with Tallinn so that should tell you everything about what a POS this ship. It's been nerfed to kingdom come. I've had one citadel in 16 battles whereas in Tallinn I was getting 2-3 per battle. It's going to hurt but I have to free xp out of this crap can.

    Riga... What am I doing wrong?

    Here's my WR today plus 3/3 loses yesterday.

    Riga... What am I doing wrong?

    I switched to the longer range upgrade (20.9 km) and it did greatly improve things however, the damage output is ridiculously low. I'm getting far less damage per battle than any other tier 8 and 9 cruisers I've played. if it continues like this I might have to free XP this grind. Luckly I have 2.27M FXP although I prefer using it to buy premiums and upgrade hulls on new ships ...

    Riga... What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for the responses! From what I'm hearing the best solution for this grind is to switch to the extended range upgrade which takes me to 20.9 km, a safer range to kite until ships thin out later in the battle. I have to say that I'm quite shocked at the poor performance. I find the Tallinn is much better even when up tiered.
  5. Just got the Riga and I'm not feeling the love. I've read and watched many great reviews and yet I don't see it when playing her. I liked the Tallinn and did OK in it with 59% WR. I'm trying to play Riga the same as I played Tallinn and I'm just getting obliterated. I've only played 2-3 battles with no wins. Did they nerf the Riga again after April 30 or does this ship have a completely different play style? Perhaps I should be kiting at it's maximum range? I followed Flamu's upgrade suggestion and took took the faster reload over extended range. Does anyone play Riga with extended range? BTW I do turn my bow towards the enemy ships but I guess everyone knows that trick and uses HE. Thanks in advance for any advice.

    Hey thanks again for the double CV garbage!

    So in that case I guess we'll have space and gundam ships in the near future. All the stuff that makes the kiddies happy.

    Hey thanks again for the double CV garbage!

    That's my point. They are targeting the kids who can't afford to pay for anything instead of their parents who currently make up the base

    Hey thanks again for the double CV garbage!

    If WG would have listened to it's base players, not continuously screw things up and charge reasonable prices for premium ships and time, perhaps I would have opened my wallet. It's the same philosophy they have with WOT, nothing learned. I used to pay for my kids playing WOWS but ended that a few years ago. I have about 26 premium ships so I see no reason at this point to spend any money. As they continue to ruin the game, turning it into a mindless spam arcade many like myself are just waiting for the next historical WW2 game to be released.

    Hey thanks again for the double CV garbage!

    The game is now aimed at toddlers even though the base age is around 40. Instead of pleasing the die hard players who have been playing and supporting the game for years they are fishing for unemployed young students. Two Cvs per side is plain stupid. I've said it many times. Promoting new CVs is just dumbing down the game more than it is already.

    Well, this is pretty shady dealing.

    That's why you don't buy Doubloons in advance. Keep the money in your pocket until you want to purchase something because once they have your money they really don't care if you complain.

    Thanks WG for the Birthday Present

    Usually get socks

    Do WG listen to Supertesters and CCs

    It's all about Anime cartoons, Transformer toys, and make believe ships these days. Get with the program
  13. 1. For every ten tier 5 battles I play 9 have two CVs. End of story 2. Yes obsolete. If you lose the majority of it's effectiveness it' obsolete by definition . 3. Before the rework planes were limited therefore once a CV had depleted all it's planes there were none left flying around. After rework there maybe a few less planes in the air but they will continue without stop. 4. That makes no sense. Why do you think every unicum video has been recommending concealment on BBs since day one? It allows BBs to stop firing, move away to repair. With so many planes in the air you can't do that as easily. 5. Yes, most people don't like the rework. You obviously haven't read the hundreds of posts and polls. Perhaps they like it on your planet but not on this one sir.
  14. 1) My post referred to 2 CVs per side in low tiers 2) Are planes limited? If so, can anyone provide info on when WG started limited planes after CV rework 3) CVs don't have a high probability of being the last ships alive in the vast majority of battles? OK, I'd like to get feedback that this is not so. I've rarely been in a battle where this wasn't true. 4) Can planes detect ships within the first minute of battle? Again, anyone please prove this untrue. We all know it's true You seem infatuated with the word "Hyperbole" when you can't win the argument with facts. I'm just calling it as I see it in just about every tier 4-5 battle. I'm sorry for hurting your CV captain's feelings.
  15. It's been two CVs per side in low tiers for well over a year. You obviously aren't playing those tiers. Why don't you list me reasons why at the end of each battle the last two ships on the losing team are the two CVs. They sit at the back of the map all battle and mostly untouchable. With unlimited planes flying close to mach 2, they can keep launching non stop and cover the sky on both sides of the map.