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  1. Last time I looked the Kremlin was a BB. Did they reclassify it as a cruiser recently?

    Do Cruisers need a range nerf?

    I agree with most of what you wrote. Another thing to add is that most long range cruisers have large firing arcs and horrible accuracy at that range. This is specially true with Smolensk.

    Großer Kurfürst Is Good For Target Practice

    It's not my favorite BB but it has it's moments. For me it's a hit or miss type of ship. I've had some really good battles with it. I see so many Kurfurst showing full broadside continuously in battles. This is a ship with a higher skill ceiling. You need to know how to angle all times and never sit still. Some ships take much longer to master. This is one of them.

    European DD event

    I'll probably use the tokens to for more flags. No interest in tier 6 Euro DD. I would have gone for the T8 or T9 if they were actually obtainable. If I change my mind down the road I can easily free XP to tier 6 or 7. That will depend on whether they bother to fix magical see through islands radar.

    Quick Review of the EU DD line 5-9

    Is this the opposite of what to do in most DDs. Why would wide spread long distance be better than short spread?. The torpedo dispersion would be insanely bad you would think.
  6. Nothing to do with being bottom tier. I do fine bottom tier. And yes, there is a WG patent that mentions it.
  7. WG never expected the majority of players getting anything beyond the tier 6 Euro DD but yet they promote it as if we can obtain all of them up to tier 9. More intentional deception.
  8. If we need to acquire each of the previous ship, I calculated that we would need 2,000 for the Oland and 3,000 total for the Östergötland. Neither is remotely possible. This is another [edited] event like the PR. I'll just use my tokens on flags. Those DDs are a waste of time.
  9. It feels like years since the last campaign was added. Anyone know if more campaigns are coming anytime soon?
  10. This anomaly only started roughly two years ago. Up to then things were quite normal. I had the odd losing streak but not often. In most part there wasn't any huge discrepancy between the two teams. My WR at the time was 56%. It hit like a ton of bricks. All of a sudden one day it started and it never went away. So to answer your question, it's really hard to move the needle once you have more than 7-8k battles. Every time I have a good streak there's a 99% chance the opposite streak will follow the next day. I work with software and cloud development. You could believe what you wish. It doesn't change a thing
  11. So I guess you believe your odds at a casino are 50/50?
  12. Not difficult to get 70% WR in Co-op lol
  13. Here's an example: On Sunday I was in a 2 player division with SlartiBartFastE2. We won 7 or 8 battles n a row. Next day every team I'm on is mostly red and some yellows. I lose 8 in a row. Below are screenshots of me carrying as much as I could with Kraken. I'm in T5 Duke of York and destroyed four tier 7 ships but still lost. The discrepancy between the players on my team and the enemy were night and day.
  14. I have a 55% WR. I use MM Monitor and I've been reviewing the data over the past two years. I also have several software developer colleagues who took part in gathering this data. The MM is certainly rigged. You could think what you want but you have little knowledge about online gambling and gaming . Both use carrot and stick algorithms. It's just a fact.
  15. Who do you think is better? A solo player with 55% WR or someone who plays mostly divisions with a 60% WR?