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  1. It would be nice to play a few rounds to see which of these BBs (French or RN) is better. I think it's no contest but "I gots to know"
  2. It's a Iron Duke verses Bretagne challenge. Create a training room and send me a message. I'll bring the butter I'll even fight you with Orion!
  3. Simple.... Get a training room and invite me to play Iron Duke against your Bertagne and I'll show you. I don't trust the stats. I play Iron Duke often. It accelerates and handles much better. I can slow it down and turn it without effort. Try doing the same with Bertagne...it's agonizingly painful. I'll play you one on one and I'll make French Toast of your BB and I'm almost certain my Iron Duke will walk away with at least 50% of her HP
  4. I play Texas, Iron Duke regularly and played the rest too. The big difference is in the acceleration. It takes a minute and three seconds to reach top speed. The combo of this with slow turrets and reload makes this thing a dog. After I saw some of your posts I decided to play Iron Dulke three and Texas each three times. I then took Bretagne out again and there's no comparison. The other two can hold their own in up tiered battles. This slug got [edited] each time. I don't think it's one thing but a combo of many slow features. If you are doing full speed in one direction and firing in that direction the entire battle perhaps it's not too bad
  5. Seagal's departing!

    Your new username is now Steven Segal. Try that. It might work
  6. I just got the Bretagne and I hope this doesn't represent the rest of the French line. All I can say is that if I'm a DD player this ship is a chicken dinner. It's agonizingly slow acceleration, painfully slow turning time and slow top speed (22.1 knots) and good luck if you ever manage to get past 17-18 knots before having to turn and slow down to a crawl. The Pros: The guns seem Ok, AP hits hard but it's a brawler so you need to get up close (wide dispersion) and the chance of ever getting close to anything with this slug is not optimistic to say the least. In comparison the Iron Duke outperforms the Bretagne by miles. Head to head it's no contest. WOWS should seriously consider increasing the speed or adding a speed boost consumable. As tier 5 BBs go I rate it at the bottom of the pack.
  7. Kamikaze Pilots

    Heating and air conditioning are overrated. You don't need to pass anyone if you have a good imagination
  8. Conqueror Questions

    1) Overhyped? Depends. If you play it the way it was designed to be played it lives up to it's reputation. I have one and played against other Conquerors who either venture too close to the enemy or camp one place only to be torped or fire spammed by other ships. 2) Play her mid range and take advantage of her insane concealment and repair module. I've been able to repair 90% so don't over use the repair, this is key. By staying mid range you can stop firing, go stealth and move away to repair. hen done, move in again, repeat. Use your speed and camp periodically only when needed. Get the CE skill (important). Damage Control System Mod 2 is also very helpful Upgrade along with concealment upgrade (11.8 km with both concealments and camo) 3) HE is key to this ship. With the 457s you only get a 8 gun configuration as apposed to a 12 gun setup with the stock guns. More guns = higher chance of fires.
  9. $1,000,000 Cash

    Are you stipulating that we would have to use the $1M in WOWS? If so, it's a really silly question because you can buy every prem ship, prem package, gold, and still be left with over 95% of the money. A better question would have been what would we do with $10k.
  10. Kamikaze Pilots

    Odds are that if you find a 1960s VW Beetle that hasn't been driven for 50 years in a cave somewhere it will probably start. :-)
  11. (OGF) Old Guys Fleet Has Openings

    So a mic is a requirement?
  12. AFK

    So you abandon your team every time you think the enemy has a much better team? MM does suck but you are no worse. What about the other decent players on your team who now have no support because you decided to walk away. The game is about team play but you are no team player. Perhaps you should close your account.
  13. Kagero Still Has it

    I kept my Kagero but I have to say that playing this DD is "hit and miss" depending on what ships and tiers MM dishes out each battle. If there aren't any CVs and 1-2 DDs on the other team the chances of getting spotted are much lower. Once Kagero gets spotted her lifespan is very short. She is the tier 8 version of the Kamikazi. Her stealth and ability to sneak up to BBs and CAs is all she's got so that's why I always opt for smoke instead of reload. It gives you a fighting chance to turn and run (unless fighter planes start following you). All in all high tier IJN can be fun but they have been nerfed to the point where I only take them out once in a while.
  14. New player having a hard time.

    39 battles and you are calling your teammates "noobs"?
  15. Kamikaze Pilots

    We live in a disposable world these days. No more "musicians" who actually studied classical music and can play multiple instruments. Instead, synthesized, one off production pop singers who's songs are big today and forgotten two months later. Instead of dozens of studios taking risks on $30-$40M well scripted movies, we now have a handful of mega studios pushing out a small bunch of formula $300-$500M CGI flicks that will never be considered "classics". It's easier to invest in a "part 2" or "part 3" etc. then looking for something completely original. Everything these days is designed to last two year or less. The same applies to entertainment. This explains why TV shows like "Seinfeld" are still going strong 20+ years later.