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  1. As someone who has started to play CV's again (only tier 6), I was looking for some tips on dealing with ships that have very strong AA. Being tier 6 (both IJN and USN), if I get into a tier 8 match, it is brutal. I am learning to know what ships have AA, but honestly, I feel useless trying to do anything with a tier 8 ship with good AA. Sending my planes in is sending them into a buzz saw. there is nothing i can do. I was hoping for tips/feedback/recommendations from more experienced CV players out there. What i should do, not do, captain skills etc. Thanks TCG
  2. thecoffeeguy

    how to drop torps better

    Thanks folks. I will try that. I appreciate it. TCG
  3. I am just about to get my T6 IJN carrier, but was hoping for some tips on torp drops. Seems like most of my drops, i land one, maybe two, even when i think i have it lined up nicely. any suggestions or videos to watch? I think starting at t6, you can do manual drops (more control?)? Thanks TCG
  4. That was it! Wow...so much thank you for this!!!!
  5. Just started to get started with the modpack. Seem to be having trouble getting the 'Side Panels for BadoBest v1' to show up on my screen. Highlighted it to be installed, but they are not showing up on my screen at all. i miss something? Thx