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  1. Azanthriel

    Premium Ship Review #136 - Puerto Rico

    Another excellent review @LittleWhiteMouse! Thank you.
  2. I have never had a ship drop but one. One in the tier VI premium ship container.
  3. I had no turkey. So if it wasn't for these game events i would not have known it was Thanksgiving week.
  4. It has been posted but I will not use it until I find the clues myself. It is suppose to be fun.
  5. I have not even looked yet. i am playing.
  6. Azanthriel

    Viribus Unitis

    This is a good Tier IV! Oh wait they have her at Tier V.
  7. I like playing but their are many games I have I would rather play if I play solo. But I play with my clan and old friends from other clans. It is the people playing and the employees of WG that interact with us that keep me here.
  8. Azanthriel

    Nerf CV AA

    I prefer the RTS mode for CV but I know that is gone, They should have just tried getting rid of manual drops and multiple squadrons first in increments. And it probably would have worked out better. I miss having control of fighters. But at least a torpedo should do the damage of a torpedo of its nation instead of a small percent.
  9. I received my anniversary voucher. Thank you WG. An anniversary gift where I give you money for my years of loyalty.
  10. Azanthriel

    Missouri GIVEAWAY 1000 follower milestone.

    Very nice. Good luck for those who enter.
  11. Azanthriel

    Clan Battle Participation

    We use to field three teams but with this format two teams happens but it is rare. One team this season is the norm. Plus too many simultaneous activities. they need to keep them separate.
  12. Azanthriel


    I am happy that you can collect through daily containers. I do not have the ships except one to do the special missions.
  13. As my usual luck mine was last bundle (22) as well.
  14. Azanthriel

    What keeps you playing the game?

    I log into WoWs because of friends. Sometimes to see if a special event is fun. I get a call and am asked to log in 2-4 days a week and I will div with them and play until they log off. Then I am back to other games or movies.
  15. I revived all the Military rewards in Tanks but none in Warships. You get a lot in tanks! Hmmm.