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  1. Azanthriel

    Looking for a casual social clan

    Come join us on our Discord Server and play a few games! For more information check out or website. Discord link on our web site: http://www.armoredknights.us/
  2. Thank you. Good to know its a bug and not something else.
  3. I can't use the mod now. I either get a file error on download, 404, or it loads and when I enter game it leaves me in the line up screen. and I am sent back to port with a penalty for being inactive. Uninstalled mod and all worked well again. I miss horizontal UI mod. :( I asked in game about that and was told your mod back was banned. (First I ever heard of that and do not believe it.) Am I the only one having these problems?
  4. I played well all day yesterday. Now it drops me in game but leaves me on team/mission page. I can watch team play on mini mission map but I can not play.
  5. Azanthriel

    Happy Turkey Day!

    Happy Thanksgiving,
  6. Azanthriel

    Combat Missions

    Remember that in doing "Pursuing Combat Objectives" missions this weeks mission is T3 so does not count.
  7. Azanthriel

    Halsey campaign is so hard.

    I forgot. I still have Yammy missions in a slot as well.
  8. Azanthriel

    CV Rework Feedback

    I will have to actually play too see how this works out. I love mu Premium CV now. Hope that does not change. Hope I get to test this.
  9. Azanthriel

    Armored Knights Recruiting 18+ (Fresh Update)

    Prepare to surface. Here we go...
  10. Azanthriel

    Update 0.7.8 - General Feedback

    I can log into game and forums but not the website. hmmm.
  11. Azanthriel

    So no code this tíme

    I cxant click a patch it will not let me log into web page but I can log into game. Strange.