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  1. I was just thinking, wouldn't it be great if we could name our own ship? Our personal ship name does not have to be visible to others - but if we can name our own ship's name - for example my Des Moines to USS LooxGood - that would be great. I wouldnt mind paying 1000 doubloons or so... what do you guys think?
  2. It took me almost a year to grind from Japanese tier 1 DD to 10...I just got a Shimakaze 5 days ago. Due to my real life busy-ness, I couldn't afford to play long enough to grind any faster...but it has been fun. Thanks to this radar cruisers everywhere, it is almost impossible to play a proper round a game - I tried a numerous approach but in each game Des Moines, Moskva, Worcester, and you name the radar cruisers are making my life simply miserable. [edited]
  3. Same here, tried a multiple game and its not being recognized...simply the result vanished....but my flag and camo is being used up.