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  1. It's a buggy issue that has been plaguing this game for a long time. Needs a fix! Whenever I press Dockyard or Armory, it tries to load but always never does - and I cannot exit out of it. I have to end the game at the Windows and restart the client. I do not have any mods - the game was re-installed several times on a fresh Windows 11 twice with a same result.
  2. Seems server is down this morning. Anyone else can join the battle?
  3. Looxgood


    Mine does that too...fix the game guys
  4. This issue has always been around but this is getting bad after the update: 1). Both Armory and Dockyard does NOT load - it keeps on circling indefinitely. 2). I have to exit the game by pressing Windows button and exit the game - relaunching/rebooting computer does NOT work. I use i7-8700K platform with NVidia GTX 1070 (all drivers latest updated) + Windows 11. Any thoughts? Thanks,
  5. We have CV issues - its pretty much agreed that CV has ruined this game. Is the introduction of Submarine making this game even worse? What you all think? PS: I am asking this question to see if it is worth my time for me to return to this game.
  6. I've been playing since beta and also have account from my former clan mate who had pretty much all the ships here (he quit due to his health reason). In my own account, I have following prem ships: Smolensk, Georgia, Yoshino JB, Pommern, Musashi, Alaska, Ohio, and Slava). Here is my list of best ships per my own personal experience (I consider myself just an average joe player): 1. Best Coal Ship to the date: 1). Smolensk 2)Jean Bart - Smolensk all the way...JB is awesome too if your dont mind tier 9...Neustrashimy is also very very good. Yoshino if you are good at aiming long distance...its a good ship but I am not that of a good player on it. 2. Best Free Exp Ship to the date: 1) Original Missouri 2) Musashi - You can easily get over 1 mill credit per game in Miss...Musashi is very OP ship as well. On average I can get 500k~700k in a good game in Musashi with flags. 3. Best Steel Ship: FDR and Stalingrad...or Bourgogne if you are into kiting. 4. Best RB Ship: Ohio (Slava used to be good before removal of Dead Eye revamp...now as of Sept 2021 it is a one trick pony...I have both and I think Ohio can outperform Slava at any given situation).
  7. Hey, Playing with CV in the game is just too ridiculous at this point. do something!
  8. Looxgood

    Shall we organize Player Strike?

    This is getting out of hand...CV was supposedly bring some variety to this game - rather it brought complete failure of this game to the point where a long time player like myself are now leaving the game. BTW, don't even get me started on the wheeled vehicle in WoT.
  9. Just a thought - what if we organize a Player Strike to address issues with current State of Play (which Jingles and Flamu addressed) in World of Warships and World of Tanks. Would you guys be interested? Player Strike is simple not playing this game for a period of time (3 or 4 days) en mass. But we can only do that if at least majority (50%~60% of players in NA agrees to it). If WG is not paying attention to your forum post, they will definitely pay attention to sudden drop in player level. I know we cannot satisfy everyone's taste, but it will put WG's [edited]on fire to do something about it. What you all think?
  10. Looxgood

    CV Vent here

    If WG don't care about fixing CV or Wheeled Vehicles, I will simply not spent money anymore (coming from an annual prem account purchaser since 2013). Got other games to play.
  11. Looxgood

    CV Vent here

    It's getting to a point I don't find this game worth investing my money or time anymore. Anyone else feels the same way?
  12. THIS IS HOW THEY SHOULD FIX SUBS (my opinion only): 1. To submerge - it will take 15 sec minimum. Once you break surface, and press submerge button, it will take min 15 sec to submerge 2. Once you submerge - you cannot see anything other than your periscope at periscope depth. Sonar will give you information on your Minimap only! And Sonar has range and duration. But it will reveal your location as well. You can detect ships nearby via sound (like RPF) within 10km range. ONLY Tier 8 or above will have sonar or pings. 3. Get rid of homing torps - technically, and historically guided torps were not available until 1962. If you are implementing guided torps, there should be countermeasures as well (sonar interference). Doesn't make sense to have guided torps for ships in era of 1930s. 4. You can launch your torps ONLY on periscope or surface depth. You have to flood your tube first. Flooding tube will slow your speed down by 50%. 5. Maximum speed submerged should be no more than 20~25knots. Deeper you go, slower you will get. Hydro-acoustic can detect moving subs and its rough locations. So DDs and Cruisers can drop depth charges. Seems nerf to hell but this is how subs operate - they are unseen silent killers. Takes patience to play this kind of vessels with very unique playing type. What do you think?
  13. Yes, did you sense my sarcasm or fatigue of this situation. I've worked hard to get tier 10 DDs...and its been almost a year trying to figure out how to play this darn DD against CVs...still can't and I really am NOT enjoying this game anymore. Used to buy $100 pack for Annual Prem times for WoT, and hosts of other prem tanks and ships since 2013...ever since early this year, I've stopped buying Prem Time. Not because I don't like the game, I simply do NOT enjoy the game anymore because of these "Game Breaking Mechanics" such as CVs.
  14. I've been playing WG games since 2013 - and started off as a beta tester for WoWS. I've seen good and bad but now this is getting really pointless to argue or defend the decision of CV rework. (CV was reworked because torpedo aircraft can literally kill a cruiser if it wants to? Well, I don't see much changes at the moment). This is my opinion only, but I've received a few warnings about my posts before - however, its coming from a player who stuck with you for last 7 years. I am sure many of players would share my view.