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  1. Please note this is just my personal thoughts... Enjoy~~
  2. Dear fellow World of Warships Captains May your 2020 be full of unexpected citadel hits to your opponents...and may enemy CVs burn in hell. I am here, with my great anticipation of grinding a gracious gift from War Gaming in a digital ship called Puerto Rico - and I am still faithfully chugging away at Directive 1 on this very Merry Christmas Day - completely believing that a miracle can happen, just like lightning can strike a person twice on a same spot, and Elvis was actually Michael Jackson in disguise who went back to his home planet of Tatooine before Disney wrecked entire saga as “Hannah Montana in Space” which featured LGBT Jedi knights with rainbow colored lightsabers. While my chore of faithful self mutilation in front of my PC is continuing towards mighty and elusive Puerto Rico, if you allow me, I shall share my little bit of experience of having two of wonderful free battleships that War Gaming graciously bestowed upon us: USS Ohio (Aka USS Cornfield) and HMS Thunderer (Aka HMS Toilet). This review - though I am not good in words or in writing as our beautiful Ms. Little White Mouse or as Mr. Notser, I shallst try my bestest to describe you what my actual experience have been with these two ships - btw, I am 48% winning rate player with less than 5000 games - even though I was a beta tester, you can call me an AVERAGE JOE of this game. 1. Thunderer 3 days after I spent my hard earned coals for a beautiful ship called Jean Bart, War Gaming introduced Thunderer alongside the cancer known as Smolensk. I even tried to consult if it was possible to refund my coals to get my hands on this new meta-dominating dream crushing soul burning Smolensk but to no avail. Thus, I was forced to re-grind, slowly and surely, of 200k+ coals to get my hands on Smolensk. However, During this arduous grind, I faced a moral dilemma - I am the guy who always cheers for Cincinnati Bengals and New York Mets. I refuse to stand with the mainstream but cheer for the underdogs. Unwanted and ignored souls - thou shallst cometh to me for comfort. I started to see Smolensk as the representation of Russian Bourgeoisie biase and meta-wrecking evil. How can a rapid HE spamming cancer have smoke!!! And 8km Torp! Alas Blasphemy! I shall have none of it! Thus, I picked up Thunderer - thanks to 25% discount coupon. Basically this is Zao in a steroid - you play Zao, then you have a battleship that speaks English instead of Japanese. Accurate gun, quite good rudder shift. As long as you stay 18km outside of your enemy and keep on spamming BOTH AP and HE, then you are guaranteed high damage. In my first game, I racked up 240k in damage. I was impressed. I was saying to myself “here is the battleship that will take me upward of 50% win rates, and I can be as good as Flamu or Notser”. My dreams were dead in the very next game where I has ripped to shreds with less than 30k damage by a couple of Russian cruisers - I think it was Moskva and some tier 8 or 9 one. Yes it has no armor, but you all know that already. It’s a good Battleship for a mediocre players like me - as long as you stay back, and if you are behind the line by the other friendly players that are pushing, than you can easily do 100k+ in damage (to me, that is a very good game). Gun is accurate - but I don’t have good aim skill, but still do quite ok damages - keep spamming HE to other slow battleships. I then realize, I just joined the lowly rank of Smolensk players in battleship - and started to grind coal again to get Smolensk. Alas, hideous hypocrite I am. Thus, Thunderer will teach you that you are not a saint but rather quite an opportunistic scamming artist to survive in tumultuous water of World of Warships. Hello HE...I love you. 2. Ohio Since I am not even close to getting myself a Stalingrad or Bourgogne, I saw an opportunity to get me a battleship that supposed can stand up to the uniqueness and exclusivity of a ship that not many others have (supposedly...in my dream). Why not...its free after all. I resented my tree in 2 Japanese DD line and Des Moines, then Worcester...then Montana. I am not a type of person who has enough doubloon or free exp to jump a line without griding...so I went from tier 1 to tier 10 in all lines. I let me speak as an example. By the time I was grinding Des Moine (I think I was at Pensacola) - I realized that the ship called Ohio is essentially the same boat as Georgia. Yes, Georgia has same guns (sure it has 1 turret less but Georgia has a speed boost option). I tried to console myself that Ohio probably has better sigma and better armor. It can take on 2 Russian battleship and come on top. It is after all, OHIO...a land where lost souls of explorers found rest - you cannot be disappointed with letters of Ohio in it... After a mindless grind I re-finished Harugamo, Shmakaze, Des Moines, Worcester, and I got to Iowa in Montana line, which finally gave me enough to unlock Ohio. My battles was captained by Adm. Halsey with full secondary build feature - fear me! I said to my opponents and sailed across to face my opponent. After 5 game straight loss with less than 50k damage, I switched to Notser’s spec of tank build - but with extended gun range option instead of secondary upgrade module. Now, I have a 2 Tier 10 US battleships that does things exactly the same - Montana and Ohio...US 457mm really doesn’t do much at the range beyond 16km, and secondary is quite ok. It is just tanky as Montana, and does just about same damage as Montana per salvo. Sure Monty may not have alpha of Ohio but it has more guns, and at below 20km it does quite good damage. Here is my point - I am questioning my effort why did I even get this ship as I find Georgia far far more useful than Ohio (It grinds credits). At tier 10, Montana is just as good, if not better than Ohio - especially when your Montana has the legendary module. If you do NOT have Georgia or Montana, and if you have lots of free time in your hands, and you find yourself enjoy watching log burning in your fireplace, feel free to grind for Ohio. But my friends, I find Colbert far more interesting than Ohio given the fact that there are ships that will do just about the same thing Ohio can do. I am currently waiting for the turkey to be cooked in the oven, so I have this time to write this not-so-professional review. Wishing you all very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Cheers!
  3. That's why I am saying this event should be expanded over 1 year period...
  4. Guys, you chill. Why you hef to be mad? It's only a game. Having said that, I must say that I am really enjoying the whole F* up by WG on introducing PR - Everyone is not happy about it, they are quick to blame WG for this mess up. I kind of was riding that wave - cynically enjoying the screw up that our vodka drinking friends made at the WG HQ - and why not give it a try to PR grind, and all of sudden I found myself enjoying this nearly, no, completely impossible task (yes i am demented per se). Yes, I love chewing onions, and I like counting trees in the forest...and yes, I do have social life (with anime characters) and a beautiful girlfriend (in anime form). But I think this dockyard thing has a potential - only if this whole thing is 1 year long event - just like in World of Tanks Obj 260 grind. I do not consider myself a hardcore player but I do not mind spending about $60 to get me a prem tier 10 after 8~10 months of grind. Then it may be enjoyable - even with the fact that grind itself will be very challenging. So WG, here is my opinion: You have something that has a good potential here. It has potential to "engage" players. It gives us an objective to work on. I highly encourage and plead you to consider changing the timeframe requirement for PR...or any other future dockyard ship. As for PR grind, I am still doing it...nowhere even close to finishing Directive No. 1...but still somehow...enjoying the arduous and torturous grind...(self mutilation in a mental form).
  5. Looxgood

    Chat Ban

    When was California ever a part of the union...we have pretty much handed over this state to mexico
  6. Looxgood

    Chat Ban

    I just may do that. I will continue to drop f bombs till i get p ban. then i will buy $5 worth of ship and get unban.
  7. Looxgood

    Chat Ban

    Ok, I dropped F* bombs on chats and got banned...first it was 3 days...then 1 week...now its 10 days. But other players drop f bombs without any issue - something WG chatbots are sensitive to? I will continue to drop f bombs as long as there is this [edited]chat options - got a problem? I'm in California and in accordance with the law here, any public or private domain that users are allowed on shall bear no limit in terms of using the expression - thanks to idiotic lawyers and moronic lawmakers. Enjoying my ban for 3 more days... :/
  8. I was just thinking, wouldn't it be great if we could name our own ship? Our personal ship name does not have to be visible to others - but if we can name our own ship's name - for example my Des Moines to USS LooxGood - that would be great. I wouldnt mind paying 1000 doubloons or so... what do you guys think?
  9. It took me almost a year to grind from Japanese tier 1 DD to 10...I just got a Shimakaze 5 days ago. Due to my real life busy-ness, I couldn't afford to play long enough to grind any faster...but it has been fun. Thanks to this radar cruisers everywhere, it is almost impossible to play a proper round a game - I tried a numerous approach but in each game Des Moines, Moskva, Worcester, and you name the radar cruisers are making my life simply miserable. [edited]
  10. Same here, tried a multiple game and its not being recognized...simply the result vanished....but my flag and camo is being used up.