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  1. As a primarily CV player I'm fine with it. It gives clear direction where WG wants CVs to go. I think the module upgrades will benefit CVs as well. FFS just please leave CVs alone after this.
  2. 03Haiku

    Carrier observations of a new CV player.

    When you get to the point you have 12 point captains on the US and British CVs, and 13 point captains on the IJN CVs you'll find your life alot easier in-game. Also you want to be using the signals that boost HE rocket/bomb damage and torp damage.
  3. 03Haiku

    CV general capabilities

    You would have to make the ships compensate for wind or sea currents as well when they fired their guns or torps. That would only be fair and then starts to make wows more of a simulation and not the arcade game it is.
  4. 03Haiku

    Welcome to tier 10 CV

    Surface ships certainly do make fewer mistakes play-wise at tier X, for sure. Looking at the na.wows-numbers.com website, at tier X BBs are averaging like 90K dmg, CVs 80K dmg and CL/CAs 70K dmg. That's probably the place to start in thinking about where your play is fitting in. From there you can decide going into a match how you want to play that particular one out. I will say this, if there is only 1 DD per team - okay yeah I'll give it a go and hunt/harass their DD as long as it's practical. But if there are 3 or 4 DDs per side, all bets are off and I'm farming what I can, where and when I can.
  5. 03Haiku

    Welcome to tier 10 CV

    I know who you're talking about and he is an interesting conversation himself. You ARE ultimately helping your team doing DOT. Treat it like any other match at any other tier with respect to random. Look at the enemy ship composition and ask yourself how you can be most effective but don't ever feel obligated to set aside your own gameplay just because you think others expect you too. Remember that endgame matters, so spending yourself early to get that Gearing means you might not be able towards the end to sink crippled ships your teammates can't get. You can devastate ANY tier X ship with tier X CVs, under the right circumstances. But it's the same CV rules at tier X as it is for any other tier.
  6. 03Haiku

    Wiki support ticket system?

    Can a running list of wiki corrections be made so contributors know and don't send needless PMs?
  7. 03Haiku

    Wiki support ticket system?

    Is there a support ticket system for issues on the wiki pages that can't be resolved through editing by users (if there is and I missed it, apologies)? On the aircraft page of the wiki, under the aerial rocket section, there are no entries for rocket damage and looking through the code I don't see how to add that information. There are other content issues on the wiki that can't be resolved by individual user editing and require either cc editor or Lesta involvement.
  8. 03Haiku

    Privateer Program: General Information + FAQ

    So how's the program going?