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  1. 01Haiku

    Are Slingshots still a thing?

    It's a little tricky and not exactly a perfect science but in general, you wanta bomb drop to hit the water about 8-10km out from your intended target so you have enough time to re-arm (4-4.5 seconds can't remember exactly) and only spend minimal time in your target's AA aura before dropping again.
  2. 01Haiku

    Are Slingshots still a thing?

    Yes when WG increased the arming time for level/dive bombers to 8 seconds, they exempted Indomitable, probably because it only has two small squadrons - attack and level bombers. So because of the nature of the ship you are sling-shotting ALOT.
  3. 01Haiku

    Are Slingshots still a thing?

    Yes with the Indomitable
  4. 01Haiku

    [ALL] ModStation

    How is modstation going to work now that there is one unified game client? I tried running the NA version with my EU settings and the mods were not being recognized in-game.
  5. 01Haiku

    ST, changes to the commander skills system.

    Yeah okay...but if it's the case you can just move one captain around all the premium ship types of one nation without a re-training penalty...wow that really gives vet players an edge.
  6. 01Haiku

    ST, changes to the commander skills system.

    So if I understand this correctly, if I had premium DD, BB, CA and CV for one nation, then I could have four 21 point builds (one for each ship type) on a single captain and just move that captain around those four premium ships without having to worry about re-specialization? There would be a drop down box to select the ship type/build or it would be automatically assigned correctly?
  7. 01Haiku

    I got Enterprise!!

    How much $$$ did you drop for the tokens?
  8. Has the requirement to reach Account Level 15 before joining clan battles been deprecated? I'm asking because I have a new account on the EU server and I've been able to join clan battles without reaching even Account Level 14.
  9. 01Haiku

    Question about the new german carriers

    No they will revert to normal tech tree ships in the next patch I believe.
  10. 01Haiku

    La Fête du Canada! Happy Canada Day!

    If you just want to buy the regular Haida in the shop for 5900 gold....is the maple leaf camo available as an additional ingame purchase?
  11. 01Haiku

    Completed Legendary Mission But No Module

    If you've earned it you'll see it in your inventory and when the UUs are redesigned you'll get it. I've submitted a support ticket to WG in the past and this is what they have told me.
  12. 01Haiku

    Devastating strike, 30k torp hit?

    This is a devastating strike:
  13. 01Haiku

    Devastating strike, 30k torp hit?

    I've had dev strikes with torps before but it's pretty rare. So you got lucky.
  14. 01Haiku

    How to Kill DDs with rockets

    If making a run perpendicular you need to aim a little ahead of the bow so the dd sails into them. If making a bow to stern ( or opposite) you want to place the rockets so they sail into them as well. There is no devestating strike any more. You have to work the dd over repeatedly. Having said that, understand that while you harass the dd you limit its ability to do other things so there is value in that.
  15. 01Haiku

    Best CV for clan battles?

    I'm 9-4 with the Midway, 1-4 with Hakuryu and 0-1 with Audacious in the first two days if clan battles.