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  1. What's the trade-off for a CV? Can do massive damage, spot for itself, takes no damage cause it can hide behind a rock all game. There are no meaningful trade-offs that a CV makes.
  2. Not to the CV. And don't act like AA actually does anything to thwart a CV drop
  3. I'm saying that CVs are a class that create more problems than solve. In the beginning, I get chunked 20k and there is nothing that I can do about it and there is no risk to the CV at all. Every other class in the game needs to put its ship at risk to get damage but CVs. And I did kill the Yamato.
  4. 6433_1673295038_20230109_145239_PJSB021-Izumo-1938_54_Faroe.wowsreplay They make winnable games unwinnable. CVs ruin the game and make it not fun to play. There is no risk to the CV at all and all he needs to do is keep sending planes to kill me. Fun and engaging Wargaming.
  5. Stuby5600

    What are my options in this situation?

    I just find that when I do drop the charges on the marker I usually under lead so I typically aim a bit in front but u right. And ya I realized that I probably should've been shooting HE.
  6. Stuby5600

    What are my options in this situation?

    Ya, I probably should've switched to HE but whatever. The reason I didn't turn back to A was cause I was trying to go dark but once I realized that either a DD or sub was chasing I knew I couldn't or I would just die. Appreciate your perspective on the battle.
  7. 1626_1672188982_20221227_193924_PBSB210-St-Vincent_25_sea_hope.wowsreplay Give it a watch if you want. I just need to know what possible options there are in this situation where I don"t just die.
  8. Stuby5600

    Sevastopol opinions

    With the Sevastopol on the horizon and all the changes that have been made; I think that this will be a pretty good ship. They removed the speed boost but instead, they buffed the heal, gave it Seigfried dispersion, and removed the fast damage con. Probably not going to be as op as Stalingrad but I'll be looking for other opinions.
  9. Stuby5600

    Need some RB clarification

    Makes sense now. Thanks a lot
  10. Stuby5600

    Need some RB clarification

    So all I need to do is reset the Harugumo line, free exp to tier 10, don't buy anything, then reset again once the reset occurs; I'll get 40,800 points?
  11. Stuby5600

    Need some RB clarification

    Do I still have time to do this or did I miss it?
  12. If I was to reset a line today and free exp my way to tier 10, how many points would I get? I still need to play the ships right? What's the most optimal way to do this. And I know I just missed the last season I just wasn't sure how to do things.
  13. Stuby5600

    CV's should not be in ranked

    Sure, but like I said the straight out the gate spotting that they provide, in ranked, is too strong. Ranked relies on good positioning and CV's counter what would be a good position without them spotting all the time. Flanking is also off the table in stealthy ships like the new Incomparable. It takes playstyles and makes them obsolete which shouldn't be the case Maybe a solution is to make the maps smaller, keep the 7v7 or make it 5v5 and still allow cv's but the risk is higher as the actual CV can be spotted sooner and dealt with. Just putting ideas out there. And on another note can we remove epicenter. It sucks.
  14. With the decreased amount of players, the spotting is even more op. I can't move 10 feet out of spawn without being spotted. I feel like planes should be on a cool down at the start of battle just like every other class in the game so that positioning isn't immediately compromised and is actually meaning full. I have nothing against CV's but the spotting that they provide is too strong in a small game mode like ranked.
  15. Stuby5600

    Incomparable when?

    I don't know if they really put upcoming ships in the patch notes because when Napoli got released they didn't put it in the patch notes and released it later that patch on a random friday. But who knows wargaming's practices though.