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  1. Lunarhawk

    There is certainly risk in good CV play

    I was in a game a couple days ago with 2 carriers on each team. By the end of the game, our team had shot down a total of roughly 140 odd planes. More planes than the carriers combined could ever have carried historically. Carriers were always annoying, but the change a couple months ago just made it far worse. Yes you have more people playing them but their current mechanics are so busted it just made things even worse from an enjoyment perspective for everyone else. The carrier problem just echoes the exact same problem world as tanks has had for a decade with artillery where people don't like having classes that can just dump on anywhere on the map with almost no risk for 70% of the match. WoT was never able to fix it because they weren't able to accept the "fix" was just to remove the entire class from the game. World of Warships is in a similar situation. Arty will never not be crap, carriers will never not be crap, but they'd lose too much face admitting that and just taking them out. oh well
  2. Lunarhawk

    Alaska price confirmed. 1 mil free XP

    @donaldEpott You do realize converting that exp for free exp is a solid $160 if you go for the entire million at a time when theres not a bonus (such as when you get 35 fxp instead of 25)
  3. Lunarhawk

    Initial thoughts and feedback on SUBMARINES!

    I've played 2 rounds so far, both in the barracuda, and it's alright. First game I got 100k damage cause I was figuring it out, second game I topped the board with 288 just being hyper aggressive once I knew what I was doing. They're definitely fun enough to screw around with in PvE but also you can do some very cheesy stuff with them. If they get put in PvP there 100% will need to be a general pass to their mechanics such as a potential minimum arming distance for the torps (similar to what bombers have) or having a cooldown between when you fully surface and when you're allowed to dive again. Even if its only something like 10-20 seconds I think something like this will be necessary. I'm just worried that since this first test implementation of them is in PvE WG won't realize and implement these kind of things before pushing them for pvp
  4. Based on previous halloween runs, will you be able to buy the special perma camos from the shop / in game with dubloons or are they rng from boxes only?
  5. Yeah I'm not sure some cruiser players realize that the reason some ships are targeted immediately the second they're spotted is because HE / Fire spam from the boats built for it in the mid and high tiers is WAY MORE infuriating and dangerous to BBs than other battleships normally. And even then sometimes they become harder to kill than other BBs if you get really unlucky with just getting overpens on cruiser broadsides vs getting arm time against enemy BBs. Hell I was in my Mass just a day or two ago and shot an Edinburgh low in the broadside aiming under the turrets from like 4km and 5 hits only got me 6k damage cause of that kind of thing - whereas against a BB that would've been like a guaranteed 20k+ damage easy. More on topic yeah I don't really get the torpedo bulge armor change. I appreciate making it so AA guns cant just eat shells for 0 damage cause that was one of my most annoying things to have happen, but also why couldn't they just fix that without touching the bulge stuff? Who knows.
  6. Just got my Minotaur after grinding through the Neptune and currently have a 15 point commander with the first 14 spent. Not sure what I should be spending the last 4 or 5 on tho, there's lots of options but just not sure what's best and thought I'd see if anyone here had suggestions. Current Skills: Preventative Maintenance Expert Marksman (Maybe not necessary anymore now that I finally reached the end of the line, would have to wait for a retraining discount tho to change) Superintendent Advanced Fire Training Concealment Expert Any ideas on where to drop the last few points would be great. Fire Prevention, Torpedo Reload, Consumable Reload, etc just not sure where to go with it.
  7. Lunarhawk

    15 Minor Things that would improve WoWs

    The one change really I want is minimum damage for red ribbon pens. It's not uncommon to get 0 damage from some of them because the game counts destroying secondary/aa guns as a full pen to my understanding, but doesn't actually do hp damage to the ship for whatever reason. It's real annoying to have the occasional salvo where you get 3 pens and 1 overpen for 1000 damage cause only the overpen actually did damage. Doesn't make sense to me they should at least do as much as an overpen in that situation (conversely could change it so it doesn't even mark them as pens, just have them show as shatters or something to make it less annoying)
  8. Lunarhawk

    Alsace getting Nerf'd

    So is it still worth it to get IFHE on the alsace for its secondaries? Not sure if the nerf affected that. About to hit 14 points on that commander and choosing between it and Concealment atm
  9. Lunarhawk

    Jean Bart first Impressions

    Likely either the next Free XP ship or Coal. Maybe maybe steel. But not purchase - they've never sold WG has never sold Tier 9s or 10s for money in any of their games that I can think of.
  10. Lunarhawk

    Why are the Sharks Winning?

    I joined Eagles then proceeded to lose both games I had time to play today so yes sharks are just better
  11. Lunarhawk

    Supercontainers are actually broken

    All my super containers have been trash to its luck dude Meanwhile I have a friend who has gotten multiple ships out of them