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  1. Hapas response in a nut shell “but they are different, just use your imagination that one has little people inside and the other is controlled by an anime person. Thanks for $44”
  2. The wording is “uniquely designed ship” on the Takao. That means one ship of its kind. Impossible since the design was already in place as the Atago. There is no difference in the picture with camo. That is a 100% false statement. As you can see in the pictures, without a title you cannot tell me which ship is which. Why do I have to even explain that if your title is developer. That practice is illegal in many areas of the world, and still unethical in all. What I learned is that the players on the forum already knew to approach the premium shop with low standards and mistrust. Hope this warns the others out there that didn’t get that memo.
  3. And if WG said they were the same ship I would not have played it. See the problem?
  4. My values? I value my friends time and money and I value companies that have accountability. $44 is the price of a game, and to receive nothing for it is unacceptable. But i see your fine chiming in on a situation you know is unfair to a player. There’s more like you that already hold Wargaming to the lowest standard already. You vote with your dollars, save them for games that have integrity.
  5. That's the issue I am getting at - Same ship. See images from the top and circle one difference. Down to ship windows, hand rails, and antennae you will see it is identical as well every stat of the ship, AA mounts, Torps, Armor layout. Yet like you pointed out, they are described as different classes. Change one layer of armor thickness by 1 mm or even move a window a few mms and you could say they aren't identical. The difference is the name - so if you own the Takao, the Atago is identical just without camo.
  6. When a restaurant overcharges you $44 you say nothing and because its pretty inconsequential. Where's that guy that wish he had problems like that? Again they are the same ship. 0 difference in gameplay - one has an interesting Camo. The LE Batman DVD is a perfect analogy and you would be hard pressed to convince me that the right thing was done in this situation. What is the definition of a ship to you? Mine is in game stats and model. So if they clone all premiums and add a "C" after, you'll rebuy the ones you already own?
  7. We feel exactly how you would feel if you thought you were giving someone the best T8 premium as a surprise and verifying your account does not have it in advanced, only to find out its the same ship. Imagine already owning the Limited Edition Batman DVD and receiving a Superman DVD. As you open the Superman DVD, you see inside that it is not Superman, but just the standard version of the Batman DVD. You inform the company and the company says "You opened it, lol no take backsies." Then you post on a forum and people reply "I LIKE BATSMANS" when the point is the product was sold with an incorrect label and the money was taken. Unfortunately unlike the real world, I cant give my 2nd DVD to someone.
  8. Glad you brought that up - the entire reason of this post is because Wargaming supplied misleading information about the two ships. Different class of cruisers, unique design, etc, but identical ships. If you own the ARP Takao, the Atago is the same ship without camo. Now beyond what the game supplies in the premium shop how much research should I have to do? The support team that is paid to look into tickets and know the game DID NOT EVEN KNOW the ships were identical (see screenshot with "similar not identical parameters").
  9. You won't have problems like that if you don't respect your friends money. It's not free - I had a friend trust that Wargaming and paid their real money to cheer a pal up and to support a game. Something we have done many times in the past, but won't be doing with this company again.
  10. It was a gift from a week ago - so its 0 ships for the price of 1. See the problem?
  11. You missed the point - If you already own the ARP Takao and the Atago B, receiving the Atago is worthless. At least Atago B and Atago is more transparent and obvious. If it was obvious, you would decline the gift and save $44, right? Not the same ship in real life - BUT IDENTICAL in game without ARP Camo.
  12. He did, and it did not say I had an Atago - Because while the ARP Takao is an Atago, there is nothing in the game that would indicate that in the premium shops. You see my point exactly.
  13. You missed one point Raven114 - the Atago has no value if you own the ARP Takao - if this fact was transparent, I would have denied the gift I was sent. It didn't come from a crate, it came from my a friend's wallet and no details provided by the company stated they were the same in the descriptions. ARP Takao is an Atago with camo.
  14. I used to justify spending money on gifts for friends for a free game as a way to share the fun and support the creators. However, after years of playing I contacted the Player Support team once for an issue and it was such a disaster that I can't see Wargaming as a company the same way. Great game, and deep down I hope all of the developers and artists behind the game are different than the people representing them on their support team. Have a similar story or a time where Wargaming could have fixed a simple issue for you, but chose not to? Share below. Just started playing again recently and a friend of mine gifted me the Atago to pull me back into the game. Haven't played since CV changes and had to restart the learning curve for much of the game. After a few games in the Atago and less than a week of having it, I noticed something strange: it felt a lot like the ARP Takao I have. I check the descriptions and they are different, ARP Takao is a unique ship designed for Warships so being unique, it couldn't possibly be identical to the Atago and the game describes them as two different classes of cruisers (Myoko and Takao). However, I check the parameters and the body models closely: Identical! Two identical ships is useless in the game as you can only play one at a time, surely the support team would understand and offer the value in dubloons or swap it for another ship right? Wrong. They put 0 effort into the responses. Denied the ships were the same. Ignored the fact the descriptions were different and instead of doing what was right for the player, kept reverting to a policy about a ship being used once cannot be returned. Airtight policies only apply if the system is airtight, and this one is not. Same product with two different names. Just completely baffled that I had to put all the work into explaining parts of the game they should already know or take the time to look up themselves and what should have been an easy fix is denied. Love to support the developers, but wow this support team was dense. I have to be reminded of it every time when I log in and see an Atago next to the ARP Takao. Share your story. Hopefully mine is the only one, but if there is more - Wargaming needs to be aware and change. I wouldn't want to work for their creative team just to see players get swindled.