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  1. ThatsAPaladin

    Is it impossible to grind for the USS Puerto Rico?

    There's a tier ten requirement on most of the phase 7 directives, so might mo will not get you anywhere. There's about a 50-50 split on eligible tier tens even then, and suspiciously the "not usable" ones include the two oldest destroyer lines, the two oldest cruiser lines, and one of the two oldest battleship lines. These are also the most popular tier tens in the game by a large margin (it's an absurd margin for destroyers, where the gearing and shima have more games than all the others combined with a few million games to spare).
  2. ThatsAPaladin

    Double secret probation IFHE ships?

    most mid tier (tier 5-7) ships with dd gun calibers (127mm ish) do very well since the armor schemes see you get bb pens at those tiers. As far as secret ifhe ships, khaba is mine. Other ships are way better at lighting fires these days and fire rng hates me, but bow and stern pens on cruisers are nice to have.
  3. ThatsAPaladin

    Has your fire RNG been this horrible before?

    120 hits in henri, 1 fire, immediately DCPed. Your puny akizuki shell hits mean nothing to the void in my soul.
  4. ThatsAPaladin

    AA Ships

    Even when I end up with an AA defense expert it never really feels like it mattered to shoot them down in droves; more always came and I would eventually eat damage fro the CVs who couldn't aim.
  5. For the Puerto Rico grind (edit: assuming they don't re-do what's on the PTS): You need to satisfy three of these categories: Daring, YueYang; and/or Carriers; and/or Zao, Henri, Colbert; and/or Bourgogne, Republique, Kurfurst; and/or Grozovoi, Khabarosk, Kleber; and/or Friesland or Blys. A total of 16 ships including two non tens, or 14 among just the tier tens. Kreml, Yamato, Moskva, Stalingrad, Smolensk, Salem, Worchester, Des Moines, Hindy, Z-52, Haru, Shima, Gearing, & Somers do not fufill any of the requirements for the last directive. Yamato, Gearing, Shima, and Des Moines are among the game's most popular ships, which sucks. A total of 14 ships are ineligible.
  6. The maps actually look small enough that carriers will have real trouble. Especially with the improved cap time. But this is complete insanity, while a simple restriction of "Same class" would make everything fine.
  7. ThatsAPaladin

    I'm bored, AMA

    Why is HATE allied with OO7 on wowsnumbers? What is your most/least favorite among a kreml, smolensk, kleber, and a carrier?
  8. ThatsAPaladin

    Can we make flooding an actual threat again?

    Needs a buff. Not to the old levels, but it needs to be more than a really hard to get fire. Hell, right now, the speed debuff is the most dangerous part to most ships.
  9. ThatsAPaladin

    Where are all the Purps in t10 MM?

    Burnout, mostly. A lot of people didn't enjoy tier eight CBs, and it was super cancerous at high levels. On top of the monthy hyper-grind, ranked, and whatever other events wg throws together. Meanwhile, this season of CBs is also looking concerning considering the current meta. We all saw kots's complete saturation with russians; the smolensk and kreml are both basically tier elevens (despite what wg seems to think), and neither of them are enjoyable experiences unless you're in them.
  10. ThatsAPaladin

    What % of SAP Damage Can Be Healed?

    Nevermore is 100% correct. IT doesn't matter what type of shell the damage came from, just what kind of damage it was. DoTs like fire and flood are 100% healable, while normal damage and citadel damage are only a given percentage healable, depending on the heal being used.
  11. ThatsAPaladin

    Why do people think CUTER will win?

    Weeb power, obviously.
  12. ThatsAPaladin

    So you are telling me Italian smoke is that different?

    Strictly speaking, existing creeping smokes are just normal smoke with their parameters flipped, while this is a new consumable.
  13. ThatsAPaladin

    Saving Transylvania: A quick and dirty guide

    This. Rasputin heals hundreds of thousands of health a minute at super hard. You basically need to stop smoking Transylvania and have a firing line of DDs pummeling it with torps from smoke to down it. On top of perma floods and fires, ofc.
  14. ThatsAPaladin

    Lets talk Rasputin (very hard)

    You need two to three DDs pounding it from smoke. We've only managed three stars so far (sadly, she dipped just below 50% HP, entirely from the rasputin), but I'm reasonably confident in this method. The three stars had only one of three DDs not devstruck by Rasputin, so actually sticking to the plan would have probably worked. Four torps every 15s, 4 fires, and 2 floods worked wonders on downing the thing. The rasputin is perfectly happy to shoot the battleships and the cruisers while they're closer, and they're effectively a meat shield so long as the rasp stays completely on fire. Ideally, the plan is the get the cruisers and BBs somehow in front of the circle and keep the Transyl slow with one ship in the circleto give you more time, but that's a pipe dream. You physically cannot do enough damage with the rams, and snail coordination is literally impossible. You need to hit it with a 133k health pool all at once in perfect rams with flags to kill it with rams.
  15. Carriers cannot ever be added to CBs. Even if everything else is perfectly balanced, they can still sit in the corner when it starts going south and step on the scales. Not to mention how slingshot drops are alive and well, carriers are immune to DoT, or how it becomes a 6v6 with an airfield in the back for each team. As for why they're testing it in CBs? I think they might want feedback from organized play, which will probably be a lot more useful and insightful (what are the good clans that know the game the best using and cheesing?) than the excel database that clearly hasn't been working.