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  1. You should draw the curves out of ship and plane corpses.
  2. ThatsAPaladin

    Did AFT take a big hit or is it me?

    Nobody really took AFT for AA anyway since it was such a small bonus at such a high cost.
  3. ThatsAPaladin

    What Happened to Free Premium Consumables?

    It was confirmed by someone that since we no longer need to level the NTC buff playing field, we no longer get the consumable change.
  4. That is what happened in the stream; round 2 the sub went on the offense and cross dropped the sub with the guided torpedoes by aiming right and then left.
  5. Quite honestly i don't see anyone who can perform ASW without dying since they'll always sit near a cruiser or something that can kill the performer, at least until very late game.
  6. ThatsAPaladin

    The Ping Mechanic

    they have to drop homing torps, the gamescon stream devstruck a bb who otherwise dodged by more than a km, and you can legit crossdrop with them; and we saw a sub destroy a chasing Farragut without too much effort on said stream. No matter how much I watch the clips, there was nothing either ship could have done.
  7. ThatsAPaladin

    OOOHHH BOY SUBS (added more videos)

    Homing torpedoes that do citadels and wild goose chases are selling points.
  8. ThatsAPaladin

    Tier X Somers Official Stats

    Neustra is still kinda overpriced, even if the black is underpriced
  9. The buff is a buff the french 139mm guns, which the friant happens to have.
  10. ThatsAPaladin

    Somers will going worth get it?

    I strongly advise against it; you have 20% more torpedoes in exchange for about 40% less gun dpm. This is not a good trade. It's low enough you risk losing gun fights to shimas. You do gain a few knots of speed, though, at the cost of not having the 21mm shatter plate. That's because it is 5.8km; a bonus must have been missed or a calculations error made. The somers is just over .1km stealthier, and it ends up at 5.7km.
  11. So with flak more or less being relagated to long range so carriers can focus on aiming at mid and short range, that seems to leave DDs in a tight spot since you leave AA off until the planes would detect you. And with most DDs, this is less than the range of your flak (assuming you're in a DD that even has long range AA). Am I missing something here?
  12. It's because they keep pushing out dumb updates that make the games worse.
  13. The lack of carriers in ranked might be part of why we see so many DDs in ranked, in addition to the large maps and low ship densities lending themselves well to the DD meta (plus the recently dropped benham might be adding to the pile). Also the mogador is the new shiny thing nobody knows how to deal with, so everyone who has one is taking it to ranked. As far as clan battles, against the large maps come into play a large amount requiring lots of distance to cover and open water allowing for easy flanks, but it's also that tier eight cruisers just aren't strong. They don't have a heal most of the time, and those that do really need it. Also, premiums do matter: there's lots of good premium DDs and not any super strong cruiser premiums.
  14. ThatsAPaladin

    First time since the rework!

    What happened here was the rocket strike did more than 25% of his health; since there's usually several dozen rockets per hit, and hits can easily be 30-50% of a destroyer's health, one of the later rockets in the salvo would have been the detonator.
  15. ThatsAPaladin

    Submarines convince me otherwise

    At best they'll be filling a niche DDs already fill and at worse they'll be torp planes you don't see coming, lobbing torps every 20-40 seconds from close range. In no way does this improve the game by existing.