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  1. PG908

    Udaloy experience

    Russian DDs do their best work when absolutely nobody else is doing anything useful. So yes, that is normal.
  2. PG908 Patch Seems to Work!

    DDs still lose a gunfight with a CV, although now I don't shoot down any planes again. Woo...
  3. PG908

    Server Downtime - Patch

    At least boot us out of queue or something so we don't think we're in purgatory.
  4. PG908

    Player Numbers After Patch 0.8.0

    Yeah but it's that annoying gimmick mode.
  5. PG908

    Rockets planes are TOO accurate

    Training room tests conclusively yielded utterly destroyed DDs once the CV players got used to aiming the rockets. Even those with defensive fire struggled since it has very low uptime for a neverending horde of planes. Wiggling only inconvenienced them, as the scale at which maneuvers happen is an order of magnitude more than the scale at which rockets are aimed. You can only adjust your course so fast and you’re in a predictable line, curved or not.
  6. You need far more than an RDF tweak to make it work. CVs need to not be able to spam 1-4k rocket salvos at will on DDs and something needs to be done about perma spotting. Also the 5s fires on CVs mean that DDs struggle to damage the massive health pools when deck armor is considered. Every DD I have but the khaba is shelved until further notice. It’s not like I ever capped in the khaba before the patch, so it doesn’t really make a huge difference.
  7. PG908

    The real rework issue

    The endless swarm of rockets ruins every DD aside from the gearing (def AA, can sometimes wiggle out of rockets), the groz (crazy AA, heal), and the to a lesser extent, the khaba (Tanky & Healy, some AA). Every other DD is basically farmed at will. And not only can they not eat a constant barrage of rockets, they’re also perma-spotted from this. On top of this, if a DD catches a CV, those with guns are quite useless due to their totally reasonable five second fires and general presence of deck armor. They have a good chance of losing that because of the shear health difference that allows the cv time to rocket the DD out of existence.
  8. None of the AA skills are worth the points anymore. You either have AA or you don’t, and the CV either knows how to dodge flak or doesn’t.
  9. PG908

    Really WG? 24,000,000 credits?

    Yeah, the issue here is the "free way" to get the ship is designed to make you buy it, especially since the campaign window is closing. "Oh, but you get $31 in compensation." No. You don't. These things are worth exactly zero cents. That's just what WG says they're worth. It's fine if you were going to buy dubloons anyway, but otherwise it should be kept in mind that this is quite a lot of grinding for people without the PEF, and god help you if you don't have premium or premium ships.
  10. I honestly think more aggressive linking of the tutorials in game as well as better noobie protection would be in order.
  11. The kit is absolutely not ok, the harugumo is at minimum not healthy for gameplay but it really eats damage so it's a bit better balanced (but it's still too easy to get into situations where you eat others for the ease of countering it, imo, and you're done for if nobody has radar). Source: Have both (plus a khab and a shim). Also, necro much? I'm not too concerned because the conversation is still relevant, though.
  12. Because it says "ships of [x] or the prince" for all nations without a tree.
  13. PG908

    3 vs 3 ranked sprint?

    No, it's a questionable use of developer resources and on questionable gameplay value. Not to mention the issues with team comp and how there's more than three roles on a team. Some ships would literally be unplayable, like the podvoisky. It can't compete with other DDs in a cap, but it's fantastic at supporting other DDs. Such small maps would also effectively buff slow ships, as there'd be no need to relocate. If they're large enough to force relocation, then the map cannot be effectively covered with three ships. Being big enough to force people to reposition would mean having more than one lane of engagement would inevitably lead to someone risking it out on their own to cover it in a game of rock paper scissors.
  14. It's absolutely worthless imo. If they fixed that annoying "jump" before torpedo tubes remembered that they were up for dropping (as in when you dump one tube, then the next tube takes a moment to start moving to your point of aim), it might be worth it at a 50-60% penalty to rotation. Otherwise, the aforementioned tenancy of torp tubes to do their own thing for a second between drops every now and then will lead to very large gaps in your spreads.
  15. PG908

    DD driver ... best use of smoke?

    Generally I use it to cover a disengagement or if an ally requests it. In some lines it’s also good for sitting in while spamming, but only for the Harg and USN lines, for others it’s not worth being radared, imo. I’ll also actually use it to engage, and surprise people around a corner with point blank torps if they aren’t paying attention. Sometimes using the very smoke I just disengaged with. I do this in Russian destroyers moreso than IJN or USN DDs.