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  1. USN CV lineup is trash

    Bruh, why would you quote me for a comment made 2 years ago?
  2. The most arbitrary nerf yet.

    Don't let the facts get in the way of a good rant. Make expert marksman great again!
  3. The most arbitrary nerf yet.

    I think its pretty arbitrary to nerf BB catapult fighters. I can understand nerfing it for cruisers since they have defensive AA fire but for BBs? C'mon. You know what's another arbitrary nerf? Expert Marksman. Granted, it was nerfed a year ago. I'm still irritated that turret traverse was nerfed for no good reason. Before the nerf, low tier USN BBs turrets were tolerable. Nobody. NOBODY on the NA, EU, SEA, or RU wanted expert marksman nerfed.
  4. Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Hey Pigeon, why is it so entertaining to read the WGEU forums whenever special events happen? Our server, RU, SEA, gets some pretty good events going on and EU players seem to have less so. I bet you're glad you don't have to deal with the daily apologies going on over at EU! BTW, there seems to be more EU players playing on NA servers lately...
  5. FUSO is garbage (and worst grind in game)

    I've played the colorado in her Alpha state to present. She had under gone ALOT of buffs, Colorado now is a great tank and a good shot. But pre-buff it was very horrendous! Before all of the buffs her old turrret traverse used to be 72s and accuracy was a word that didnt exist for the colorado!
  6. I also did something out of the ordnairy on upgrades. Usually on upgrade slot 1, players would always get main battery mod 1 for more HP for the main guns. I instead went with Secondary Battery mod 1 for more HP for my secondary guns. My main guns rarely get destroyed due to armor, thus my smaller guns last longer vs HE spammers.
  7. WoT World of Tanks Sandbox Neat stuff

    Delete! Delete! Delete!
  8. Heyo!

    So you have a degree in music eh? Are you a Beethoven or a Mozart guy? Who's your favorite artist from the Romantic era of music? What are your thoughts on Schoenberg's atonal philosophy of music? Who's your favorite film composer besides John WIlliams? Hipster music sucks, right?
  9. What Constitutes a Veteran Player?

    3k? That's abit extreme considering some folks have a full time job, with family, and rather play the game in moderation to prevent burn out. 2k sounds more reasonable, which is what I just achieved. 2002 battles baby and counting! Oh wait a minute, I also have battles in Beta and Alpha as well...477 battles in Beta and 1200 in Alpha. 3679 Battles....
  10. DANG!! WG no signals yet?!

    Meanwhile in EU Premium shop...
  11. WG Let me Spend Money!

    I like to play pessimist so that I may be pleasantly surprised if it happens.