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  1. DireWound

    CV's suck so bad now

    Yeah those CC people exaggerated it so much that now CVs are not being played anymore. Just a couple days after the CV rework I went 4 games in a row without seeing a single CV, that's a fail. Honestly This game is pretty stale without adding stuff like Carriers and Subs. I was hoping Carriers and subs would deter d-bag BBs that sit back 20k from the fight while their team melts telling the team "they" suck. The ship type variety just isn't there, there's a handful of ships late game that do a few things "best" that people flock to. Variety is going away in this game. I was never a CV fan but, I like generally that CVs force people to group up and support each other. But no, a few CCs whining so much has made it such that CVs are again not going to be played due to knee-jerk reactions to a few things that should have been fixed. They should have fixed the F key spam and a few things before adding all that crap that amounted to a nerf of every CV. If they cant figure out how to put in CVs and subs in a meaningful way this game will stagnate even more. The Meta needs to be shaken up every once in a while, people that have a vested interest in the status quo will hinder this game.
  2. DireWound

    Botched hotfix for 8.0.1.

    Yeah I find it funny how fast they overnerfed CVs to near uselessness again. Any how I shrugged and went back to my DD to only be in a cap covered by 2 minutes of solid magic radar/sonar that goes through islands. I liked that for a few days people were forced to group up for AA protection now it's going back to the solo yolo garbage and wondering how to deal with endless radar. Whats funny is you can put a dozen CV torps into a ship like a yamato and cant keep pace with her repair.