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  1. Apparently they're making the Caspean Sea Monster into a tourist attraction... https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/caspian-sea-monster-ekranoplan/index.html
  2. NutrientibusMeaGallus

    subtitles for twitch streams maybe?

    Any chance of getting english subtitles or someone translating the foreign WoWS streams?
  3. NutrientibusMeaGallus

    Planes dropping torpedoes threw the land mass

    Through, not threw.
  4. Any chance of WG helping save the NJ Naval Museum and the USS Ling in Hackensack NJ? The museum last I heard also had one of the only Japanese midget subs left from WWII. I know it's a sub but it's a failed museum rusting away into the silt of the river, that doesn't have to be left to rot.