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  1. Amatsukaze_DD

    Purple clan seal clubbing divisions

    I'll let you in on a secret. We generally don't enjoy 45%'ers being in our games either, because its rarely fun to club you into the dirt. Unironically just get good, unicums have to play other unicums and still average 65%+ winrates.
  2. Amatsukaze_DD

    Competitive without CV featuring the Gaishu cup

    then don't play and don't watch. Nothing you say can convince any of us to want to add CV to our format. Also, if you think radar/DD spotting is anywhere near the level of vision a carrier can provide then you are sorely mistaken.
  3. Amatsukaze_DD

    Competitive without CV featuring the Gaishu cup

    Not including them is making the same statement as making them effectively unplayable IMO. YY was considered "unplayable" before this and it saw great success, so best to just leave the dead horse where it lies.
  4. Amatsukaze_DD

    Competitive without CV featuring the Gaishu cup

    No. We are fundamentally opposed to CV being in any competitive mode in both former and current iterations, and we are not going to even consider adding them into our tournament.
  5. Amatsukaze_DD

    Kleber has broken clan wars completely.

    https://streamable.com/muc0h Shhhhh. No tears. only dreams now.
  6. Amatsukaze_DD

    CCs host new skill based MM via training rooms!?

    What. Rofl.
  7. Amatsukaze_DD

    Clan Battles: Results of the "Neighbors" Season

    Yeah, it's been happening for a while now. The server has stagnated, and players with a lot of potential tend to get snapped up by any number of massive clans where they stagnate as players and never improve. There's also the general mentality of the server being very 4fun/casual. Most clans/people just aren't very competitive, and it's sad.
  8. Amatsukaze_DD

    Clan Battles: Results of the "Neighbors" Season

    Yes, tier 8 and lack of interest in it. Although I do know that ZR, one of the other top clans, officially withdrew from competitive, so there was that. And at one point, all we ever did was play the 2nd and 3rd place teams. Season 1, 2, and maybe 3? They implemented MM broadening at that point because we and others were getting 35+ minute wait times for games. It's not something that can be fixed, except by more teams playing at and in hurricane.
  9. Amatsukaze_DD

    Clan Battles: Results of the "Neighbors" Season

    you're completely missing that i'm also saying we don't want to play those same clans either. I'm not objecting to some kind of change, but fixing/changing the MM when the high tier of hurricane is always the same 5 clans is difficult.
  10. Amatsukaze_DD

    Clan Battles: Results of the "Neighbors" Season

    So you're saying that because we keep winning and placing high that A). our opinions should be disregarded and ignored/called elitist because we're an outlier case B). we should be arbitrarily punished more by sitting out half the season Those first few weeks are when we FXP/credit farm and sniff out the meta and build our comps and strategies. You're suggesting that just because we keep winning we need to be arbitrarily handicapped. How asinine is that. edit: holy water? really? Now you're disregarding the achievement entirely? We are #1 3 seasons in a row because we are simply better than everyone else at this format. That is not elitism. that is just fact, based on 3 season wins with the highest winrate/lowest battle count in hurricane. That would be like calling any sports team who wins their respective championships elitist for flaunting their trophy case or whatever. They won that trophy because they were better than everyone else for that season. that's just how being #1 works.
  11. Amatsukaze_DD

    Clan Battles: Results of the "Neighbors" Season

    We don't enjoy clubbing the lower teams either. It's 0 point gain, and it's not fun for either side. That is the point im trying to make. If you force the top 100 to play in a set tournament/playoff style, who do you think they're going to be constantly playing, over and over and over with no recourse? in current MM at least they play other clans lower than them occaisonally, and only get us like once or twice a night. It's the same 5 or 6 clans, but each one plays us once for like -9 to them and then they move on with their night. There is nothing that can be done to fix 10th-1st MM because of the points gap that winds up happening, and because places 7-10 are the only real competition. That's not elitist, that's just fact. It's been the same 3 or 4 clans in the top 3 for like 4 seasons now. It sucks for everyone.
  12. Amatsukaze_DD

    Clan Battles: Results of the "Neighbors" Season

    That wouldn't work because the queue times at high hurricane are already atrocious, and we already play the same 6 or 7 clans basically on rotation. Also, the skill gap between the top 5, then the top 10, and then the top 100 clans is immense. Just saying, that wouldn't (and isn't) fun for the top 5 clans to continually club the 6-10th place clans. It would be even worse for the 11-100th clans.
  13. Amatsukaze_DD

    Clan Battles: Results of the "Neighbors" Season

    For the love of christ please never EVER consider t8 in its current state for clan battles ever again. Vlad/Lenin/Edin are absolutely and completely broken with little counterplay if played properly. Also great job with clan brawl. I really enjoyed sitting in queue for 3 hours just chillin' with the bros. How you continually break the client for clan brawls is actually quite impressive. I think every single clan brawl session on NA has had some kind of queue issue. When you fix brawl and figure out what tier and format you want, you should keep it in the client as a permanent game mode with short, rotating seasons. Competitive and organized play against other competitive and organized players is much more fun than the alternative of queuing into randoms in a 3-man. Also please for the love of christ don't add CV and subs to CB ever. You can't even balance CV for normal, randoms play. What makes you think you can balance them for competitive.
  14. Potato BB gets farmed by at least a decent player in a ship designed to be pretty good at burning down BB. Forum warriors proceed to cry about HE cruisers being overpowered, while ignoring the fact that even on overpens a bb can still do extreme damage to CA's. Average forum post. I rate 5/7.
  15. Amatsukaze_DD


    Op is right. henri is so bad that not even the top tier clans used it to win a CB season. I should sue WG for ED too, I simply can't get hard at night imagining my henri with .7s slower reload.