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  1. Absolutely filthy...
  2. Go to your clan page in-game and then click on the clan's name. There should be a little arrow to the right of it:
  3. Fail-divisioning is not the same as match-making working as intended. It's okay for a division of three tier sevens to face tier nines. But it's not okay for a division of one tier seven and two lower tiers to face tier nines.
  4. Since the flag wasn't an option when the Indianapolis was first sold, I do get why players would want a separate flag-only bundle. But the problem with this is that players who pay $66 mainly for the ship and the flag will complain about how others payed $34 for the ship-only bundle from six months ago, plus $6 and a few months of waiting for a flag-only bundle. The price difference is just too much. Currently, I think that the random $15 flag bundle offers are a good compromise.
  5. The Yue Yang is slightly more mobile. Here are the stats of the Yue Yang and the Gearing respectively, taken from the their wiki pages: But just a reminder that the Yue Yang's still in testing and its stats are subject to change. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Yueyang http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gearing
  6. I think there are a few things that make low tier cruisers great training ships: High rates of fire = more practice with aiming/hitting targets BBs have poor aim or tend to stick with HE, so getting deleted by an AP salvo is less likely Good mobility helps with dodging torpedo attacks and fighting off DDs Once players are more used to the controls and mechanics, they'll get more enjoyment out of the gunnery-focused battleships, or the torpedo and stealth-reliant destroyers.
  7. Welcome! Good to hear that you're enjoying the game so far. If you're interested, you can use this referral link to earn some rewards: https://playtogether.worldofwarships.com/invite/rY59r05 That's my personal link, but if you've got some friends who play, you can ask for their links instead. Rewards include the premium cruiser Diana, the battleship Texas, and a bunch of other stuff like port slots, credits and free XP. You can read more about it without using a referral link here: https://playtogether.worldofwarships.com/ Good luck with your grinds, and I hope to see you around!
  8. The Kuma's a good choice. Cruisers are best for newcomers/learners, and I find most of the Japanese cruisers very enjoyable to play with.
  9. I really like the ARP cruisers. Their guns are powerful and can set things on fire pretty easily. Building on what the others have said, you need to be constantly weaving left and right no matter what ship you're in. Line up for a shot, then start weaving again when you're reloading. You never want to sail in a straight line for too long. Keep an eye on your team mates and avoid being the leading ship. If you see your team mates turning away from the enemy, you should too. Otherwise you're the closest target to the enemy and you'll get focus-fired. If you find that the enemy is outside your firing range, be patient and push only when your team pushes. Be sure to check out YouTube for guides or gameplay videos on cruisers. You'll be able to see exactly how players position their cruisers and how to avoid enemy fire. Or if you catch me in-game, feel free to send me a division invitation. I'm happy to play with any class or tier up to nine.
  10. Get into the habit of checking the website once a week, or at least once a month. Keep an eye out for the monthly calendars so you won't miss out on any free loot or sweet deals.
  11. Lucky Lert! I got one two days ago - 100 Equal Speed Charlie Londons. That's alright I guess.
  12. Sometimes when things hit the live server, unexpected bugs appear. Props to WG for patching them so quickly, and in the very early hours of the morning.
  13. Regarding the flooding, what ships are you using when it happens? Do you have replays, or screenshots of before and after getting hit?
  14. Welcome to the forums, and congrats on the 30 win streak!
  15. Description Usernames are condensed too much Usernames and clan tags of players on the enemy team are positioned incorrectly in the after-battle Team Score tab Expected Result: For players with long usernames, more characters should be visible before being condensed with an ellipsis. Clan tags shouldn't cover the ship icons in the enemy team's list Reproduction Steps: Play a Random battle a) View the Team Members panel while loading into the match b) View the Team Members panel by holding the Tab key while in a match c) After the battle ends, view the Team Score panel Additional Info: No mods are in use Exiting and and restarting the game did not solve the issue Screenshots: