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  1. Panbun

    Which would you prefer?

    If the bacon is juicy, then I choose bacon.
  2. Panbun

    Tirpitz mission for Tirpitz B

    That's just how it works. I think it's better to have the mission shown even if you don't meet the requirements, than to have players missing out due to the mission being hidden/un-issued.
  3. Panbun

    My name is god like

  4. Panbun

    PSA: New Code

    It looks good. Thanks a bunch!
  5. Panbun

    New Bonus Code

    Thank you!
  6. Panbun

    Torpedo reload question

    Do you have a screenshot or a video clip of it happening?
  7. Panbun

    Steam Container Code

    Thank you!
  8. I wish the large white characters on the Ashitaka's Kobayashi camo were the right way up. It looks off when compared to the smaller yellow/orange characters.
  9. Panbun

    Warship Wednesday - First Ship of the Day

    Mine is the Scharnhorst. It's a fun and comfortable ship to play with. I play it to test my connection/performance before hopping into higher-tier ships.
  10. Panbun

    Task Force Tuesday - Your Fleet

    I'm currently playing with: Graf Zeppelin Scharnhorst Alabama ST
  11. Panbun

    Update 0.7.8 Bug Report

    The Hood's new permanent camouflage is listed as 'Type 10', sharing the same name as an existing permanent camouflage for the Hood. It should be renamed as 'Type 14'.
  12. The most difficult battleship I've played with yet is the Izumo. The guns felt inaccurate at long range, but pushing too aggressively leaves it vulnerable to destroyers and HE spam. The turret layout was uncomfortable to play with too. I eventually learned to play a bit more passively during the early stages of battle. Once the enemies were weakened, then I was able to push in and put my secondary build to good use.
  13. Panbun

    Missing planes

    Welcome to the forum, and good on you for trying carriers. If you need help with anything else, don’t be afraid to ask. Good luck!
  14. Panbun

    Fighting Fridays - Sharks or Eagles?

    I got the Eagles' patch and just earned enough to buy the flag. Next chance I get, I'll be fighting for the Sharks.