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  1. That's a lot of ship kills and aircraft kills. Very well played! My best is seven kills, done with the Amagi, Scharnhorst, and Fuso.
  2. Ranked is Easy

    Looking forward to hearing of your progress. Good luck!
  3. I like the Iwaki. It has long-range torpedoes and it can set a smoke-screen, which helps with bringing it's guns to bear safely. And the dubstep horn is fun to mess around with.
  4. On the same side

    Just trying to offer explanations and advice. But agreeing or disagreeing is up to you. About the team-kill and game mode restriction, what’s done is done. Play with some torpedo-less ships for a bit, and you might just find more enjoyment with the game. Anyway, take it easy with the Co-op matches. Have a good rest, and you can figure things out another time.
  5. On the same side

    Think of the other player's perspective. You're focusing on an enemy, shooting it or trying to get within range to launch torpedoes. Suddenly you get hit and sunk by torpedoes from an ally further back. Is it your fault for not checking what your allies are doing around you? And building on that, do you think it's fair for them to blame you for being in the way?
  6. They want you to get to Rank 1 and play in the Super League/League of Sea Wolves.
  7. 4th Solo Warrior... Asashio

    Wow, congrats on the 4th Solo Warrior achievement! Still hunting for my first.
  8. Seriously?

    What is your ideal view of the tech tree? What ship is at each tier in each branch?
  9. Submit a report through WG Support. If possible, include screenshots showing the full name.
  10. report player for using hak

    In this case, I think the correct way to report the player is to click on their name in the team list, mouse over 'Compliment' and select 'Plays well'. And you did great as a bottom-tier BB. Well played!
  11. Torpedo bomber spread

    You'll get the thinnest spread with manual attacks. Carriers starting from tier eight and up have the Defensive AA Fire consumable. You can try tricking the carrier into activating the consumable by pretending to attack. As soon as they activate the consumable, send your bombers back to attack other ships. The defensive fire will go into cooldown after two minutes, giving you an opportunity to attack the enemy CV with accurate manual attacks.
  12. Would you like a bunny to hug?
  13. I was totally expecting the mystery flag to actually be that mystery flag on the announcement page: Definitely not complaining though. I'm always down for a free flag.