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  1. Welcome to the forum. Currently World of Warships Blitz doesn't have a forum like other WG games. It used to have a forum similar in style to the World of Tanks forum, but the devs decided not to use it. The old URL now leads to the WoWSB subreddit. If you haven't already, check out the WoWSB Community Discord: https://discord.gg/6GeAFZh
  2. Scharnhorst discount price

    I agree. Versatile with good mobility and fast-firing guns for a battleship, plus it has torpedoes. The Scharnhorst is one of my go-to ships when looking to have some fun.
  3. Corgi Event new one?

    Maybe we could have a Pigeon Fleet lead by Pigeon_of_War. Recipients of the Coo of Boom flag can have a guaranteed position in the fleet while others are selected from an application process. After the event is over, the best captains of the Pigeon Fleet can be awarded the Coo of Boom flag, offering them a position in future Pigeon Fleet events. Or a new Pigeon Fleet flag can be used instead so that the Coo of Boom flag remains as a rare, special reward.
  4. For now you can try assigning commanders to the ships that you're playing with. For ships that you're not playing with, send their commanders to the reserve or dismiss them. Then open the filter and select 'Show ships with a Commander'.
  5. Wrong Answers Only: 02

    A hardship?
  6. Congrats! I love the commander XP bonus. But the look of the camouflage...not so much.
  7. In Ranked, I try to shoot at enemy destroyers that have been spotted even in the early stages of battle. While difficult to hit at long range, they turn when they see an incoming salvo of battleship AP. That can give some space for the friendly DD to re-position or push an objective that they previously couldn't with an enemy DD in the area.
  8. World of PremWarships WoPW ?

    I don’t mind them. The more ships there are, the better. Plus WG depends on the sales of premium content.
  9. Solid effort. And +1 to the Broken Back idea.
  10. Warning for unsporting conduct???

    Welcome to the World of Warships forum. It's difficult for us to say, but you may be getting reported by other players. Try sending a ticket to Wargaming Support. Log into the Support website and click on the orange "Contact Support" button. They should be able to check the logs and find out exactly why you're getting the warnings.
  11. Player community

    Welcome to the World of Warships forum. Most players in-game prefer to play rather than spend time chatting/teaching. I recommend checking out: The Training Centre - instructional videos and written guides (great for beginners). The World of Warships Wiki - detailed info on specific ships, controls, game mechanics and the like. Otherwise, don't be afraid to ask here on the forum. Good luck!
  12. 237,500 is the XP cost of the Des Moines alone. But to unlock the Des Moines, you need to research the 40,500 XP hull on the Buffalo first.
  13. New ship Kracken!

    One game with the Nelson.
  14. Adding onto what 13bmw13 said above, Free XP is shown as a green number next to a gold star. It can be used to research any ship or ship module. Normal XP that you earn with premium ships and elite ships can be converted into Free XP. Elite ships are tech tree ships with every module and the next ship researched. For example, the Cleveland will become an elite ship once you've researched all of its hulls, gun fire control systems, and the Seattle.