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  1. Aivris

    I hit the jackpot!

    Good luck! Let us know if you win big.
  2. Yes. Alabama was to be an exclusive reward ship. The NA community said no and WG ended up releasing seperate variants. More recently, the Dead Eye skill was replaced thanks to feedback from players. There are more instances where feedback makes a difference. But people often notice the bad decisions over the good, myself included.
  3. Aivris

    ST 0.10.6, soviet aircraft carriers

    I like the concept of "one squadron - one attack". The carriers look nice too. Props to the modelling team.
  4. Aivris

    PSA: Opt In Mission

    Thank you!
  5. Congrats! 100M was my initial bid, but I upped it to 150M, then to 200M.
  6. Won with a 200 million bid.
  7. Not keen on spending $100+ for a camo, and not keen on gambling with containers. Unless WG adds combat missions to earn stuff, this collab is a skip for me. Mission chain just got announced on the news article, with one container included as a reward.
  8. Aivris

    Premium Ship Idea - IJN Kako

    Yes, I would buy it just for the unique and quirky look. And I agree with Rolkatsuki's idea of buffing to fit the empty T6 slot.
  9. Aivris

    ST, visual improvements

    Perfect on the flying pancake
  10. I think you're right. Just saw the clip of them in the video.
  11. Thought the same thing when trying to get my third container. I believe the current changeover time is 6 AM ET due to daylight saving time in the US.
  12. The patches look nice on the black background. The unique camouflages would look better without Kong and Godzilla on them IMO, but I guess they're needed for the collab.
  13. Aivris

    Graf zeppelin+Musashi+Musashi

    The skill level of the average player is the way it is, that simple WASD is not enough. That's why we get forum topics like this. Over the years, fixes and reworks to entire mechanics down to individual ships' stats have been made to make the game more friendly for the average player. I'm not suggesting that the '899' div is broken and needs to be fixed. If it was, WG would have done it long ago. I'm also not saying that CV spotting mechanics are broken, nor do CVs themselves deserve some sort of special protection or treatment. I do have some ideas for changes to CV mechanics that I think would make the early-game more friendly for all. But that's a hole I'd rather not dig into.
  14. Aivris

    Graf zeppelin+Musashi+Musashi

    Yep, that was my mistake. Thanks! I remember watching that when Euro released it. Oddly therapeutic.
  15. Aivris

    Graf zeppelin+Musashi+Musashi

    My mistake. Thanks for pointing that out. Luckily I haven't encountered the '899' division myself, but the aspect of losing the CV on my team in less than 3 mins is very unappealing. I'm curious what options WG has considered to address this, if any. Maybe they see it as 'not broken, don't fix'.