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  1. Aivris

    Hi there!

    "Kitakami to return...for...her 100th anniversary" Okay, sweet! Awesome! I can't wait. Thank youuuuu!
  2. Aivris

    Hi there!

    Hi Bualar and Umbaretz, nice to meet both of you. What do you and the CIS community think about the Kitakami? It's the most amazing ship, correct?
  3. Aivris

    WG Please give Australia a Port

    A port of Sydney Harbour with a clear blue sky and the Harbour Bridge in the background would be lovely. But first, we need more Aussie/Kiwi ships.
  4. A fond memory I have of World of Warships was playing with the Salem Witch in the Phantom Fortress Event. It was a lot of fun playing with the boss ships, and I also liked how rewards were given to the entire winning team. Event matches were sometimes 9 vs 15. 9 multiplied by 15 equals 135. My birthday wish would be to receive 135 'For meritorious service' camouflages. To me, any ship looks beautiful in the clean white camouflage.
  5. No. All players get the mission.
  6. Aivris

    Username Change

    Their former username will remain locked for 30 days. Source: https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/10193/
  7. My favourite is Dunkerque. She's thoughtful and courageous, and as a master pâtissier, she can make plenty of snacks for those long trips around North.
  8. Aivris

    ETA on server up?

    40 minutes to go.
  9. I got Dunkerque. Agreed, +1000. There are three commanders that I really don't want and the containers are too pricey for me. I wish there was at least a bundle with just the commanders and no extra loot.
  10. Hi there, the police would like to have a word with you.
  11. Aivris

    Anyone Miss This Ship

    Yep, and I also miss the Hiryu and Taiho. They were fun with RTS controls. Gorgeous too.
  12. Aivris

    Soviet Battleship/Carrier Hybrid

    Does it have torpedo launchers?