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  1. Aivris

    Full Broadside

  2. Aivris

    CV Torp Beat

    Well done! That was very satisfying to watch.
  3. Aivris


    What I really want with detonations is bigger explosions. If I'm going to detonate with 75% of my health still remaining, then I want the explosion to be seen and heard from the other side of the map!
  4. Aivris

    Disparaging name?

    As an Australian, I don't find it offensive or disparaging towards Americans. I think it has a context of humour.
  5. Aivris

    Its My Birthday!

    Happy birthday, and good luck with your games!
  6. Aivris

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Got the 14 days. Thank you!
  7. Ramming damage is based on the ships' total HP, not remaining HP. Using the Warships Wiki, the Nelson has 59,400 HP while the KGV has 53,900 HP. With the flag mounted, you should have received 43,120 points of damage. Maybe they also had the flag mounted. If not, then I'm guessing there were some other factors involved like speed, direction, or maybe you were hit by a salvo just before getting rammed. The lesson is to avoid ramming unless you're down on HP and you want to get a final chunk of damage in. I also learned that the hard way.
  8. Aivris

    RNGesus Loves Me!

    Nice shooting! I kinda feel sorry for that Fuso though :P
  9. I've seen premium ship bundles with doubloons as bonuses. But a doubloon bundle with premium ships as bonuses? I'm new to this.
  10. Aivris

    Q: What is 34 + 1? (PVE Thread)

    Wow, very impressive! Is Joseph Reed of the Royal Navy related to Joseph Reed of the United States Navy?
  11. Aivris

    Why only 2CV's?

    It takes too long when trying to sink battleships with normal dive bombers. Can we replace them with bombers carrying atomic bombs? It will help with sinking destroyers too, since the atomic bombs only need to be dropped in the general area.
  12. Aivris

    Yoshino Torp. bug.

    Hi @Gruntdog_3. Just adding to what Muninn77 said above, the"2:45" in your screenshots means two minutes and 45 seconds (or 165 seconds total).
  13. Thanks for the event! Love from Australia. And good job with the URL @TheURLGuy ♪ He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich ♫
  14. Aivris

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    Thanks for your hard work, Pigeon. Wishing you the best of luck and success with your future pursuits. For the contest, here's a game I had with the Enterprise.
  15. Aivris

    Tired of Being Shot At

    Have you tried not being shot at?