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  1. @Hapa_Fodder You wanna post a LINK to said patch?
  2. Fritz_Fried

    Dock Yard Lockup

    So, every time I try to go into the new dockyard, all I get for my troubles is a trip to the task manager to force stop the game. Anyone else having issues?
  3. I stepped away from Tanks years ago because the game was going into the crapper. Recently backed away from ships too. Did not like the direction they are going. F subs! Now, just another reason to make my vacation permanent.
  4. Fritz_Fried

    WG Please Read From a Concerned Player

    Exactly this. Making things only accessible through poorly thought out mechanics like this is epic PHAIL!!!! I for one will NEVER un-research an entire line just to grind it again. What fool thought that was a good idea? They should be relieved of their job.
  5. Fritz_Fried

    Second Group French DD missions

    They begin tomorrow? The banner at top left in my port disappeared today. It was there yesterday with the message "arrive".
  6. Not sure if something failed during download, but I am not seeing the new missions. Anybody else have this issue? Or know a fix?
  7. I increased the text size in your quote to make this simple. 1. I play games for immediate gratification. Not for long term. It is an escape from daily life. I have a job, and they actually pay me to do it. This is not a job and WG doesn't give me a damn thing to play. 2. I could give a rats back side about "moving this game forward. At this point, if it dies due to poor planning and implementation of this cluster f patch, so be it. Not like I actually loose anything. Million other games to play online. 3. I for one wont be miserable forever, because this game is not my life. Its a distraction. Used to be a fun one. Now, not so much. Crap planning, crap implementation in a game ARE NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY to fix, address or deal with.
  8. Fritz_Fried

    CV Rework Feedback

    World of Warplanes ended up a complete failure. So, now we are going to force it into WOWS. Seriously, who makes these decisions? JUST STOP!!