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  1. axyarthur

    RN BB skill suggestions?

    i don't recommend secondary builds for RN BBs. They just don't have the range or the volume of fire to justify such a build. Also, high tier RN BBs have weak external armor and very vulnerable to HE spam. I recommend using a survival build: priority target, expert marksman, superintendent (extra super heal at T9 and 10), concealment. (base 10 point captain) adrenaline rush, fire prevention, basics of survivability (full 19 points) the order of the extra skills are up to you. but I think this build should be solid.
  2. there will be a CV re-rework, which will come begin testing near 2020
  3. axyarthur

    Login Santa Crate Kutuzov

    RIGGED! but congrats!
  4. All the discussion regarding AA and CV rework is well and good, but the fact is that not long ago WG announced that both Kronstadt and Musashi will be removed from tech tree and arsenal when 0.8 patch hits. This happens also to be the patch when CV rework will be rolled out. So, if you really want it, get it before 0.8 hits, or she'll be gone. (or you can only get it from events and giveaways and maybe supercontainers, etc)
  5. Hello, this is a direct request for WG staff / community managers regarding release of new T9 Premium ships and removal of existing ones. Can we get a confirmation on whether or not the USS Alaska will be release before or after the removal of Musashi / Kronstadt? If we cannot get information above, can we AT LEAST get information on how the Alaska will be sold before the removal of Musashi / Kronstadt? I currently have enough free XP /coal to get Musashi and Kronstadt. But I want to save them to get Alaska, then I like to use the other currency to get one of Musashi/ Kronstadt. I cannot buy either Musashi or Kronstadt right now because I don't know how / when Alaska will be sold. Since it is confirmed that both of old T9 premiums will be removed soon, I like the above information so I can make judgement on what ships I can purchase with the currencies I have. Please, WG, give us more information regarding the Alaska before you remove the Musashi / Kronstadt so we can actually make purchasing decisions in a timely manner. Thank you
  6. axyarthur


    when I am in a BB and I see a low health target, I actually think a bit before wasting a salvo into it. because I don't want to waste 30s reload on something that is almost dead anyway. In fact, if I land a big salvo on cruiser or dd as BB, I encourage my teammates to finish it for me because then I can shoot at other ships to get more damage. Of course, some important targets like radar cruisers or low health dd about to get away or are smoking up, I will take shot. The ultimate goal of the game is to win, so I don't care much about getting kills personally, just do whatever I feel is best for the team to win at given situation.
  7. axyarthur

    What exactly is the point of German DDs?

    German DDs are hybrids, they are good at contesting caps in the absence of radar, and can hold their own in a gunfight reasonably well, and get decent torps as well. The mid tier German dds can be hard to play as their concealment is mediocre, but if you play cautiously enough, and use the hydro / smoke wisely, you can have success in them. I quite like the Maass. their torps don't have longest range or best damage, but in general have pretty fast reload, so you can spam them at BBs and CAs quite nicely. Their AP shells have quite good damage, so don't be afraid to use them against broadside cruisers / BBs. Their hydro is I think better than the UK DDs, at least when you get to higher tiers, T8 Z-23 gets 5km ship spotting and T9/T10 gets 6km (may be just T10, not sure), so you can lure opposing dds into your hydro range, smoke up, and shoot them up nicely. You really cannot do this with UK DDs, as their hydro only get 3 km ship spotting range. For the Gaede, do you have concealment expert captain skill? I grind through it with 10 point captain already so didn't think it was that bad. I think the best concealment you can get on Gaede is 6.6 km?, which is only a few hundred worse than the other gunboat dds. Sure it's tough against T8's when they get sub-6km concealment, but again, you have to be cautious and not charge head on into a cap.
  8. axyarthur

    DM Legendary Module

    Does DM really need more reload? I run longer range mod because it gives more versatility in most situations. The base 5.5s reload is more than sufficient, especially if you run AR to get boost once you have taken some hits.
  9. I have suggested in another thread, that a fairer way to deal with inflation is to tie the cost of free XP ships to how many free XP ships you currently have. So your first free XP ship will still cost 750K, but subsequent free XP ships will cost more and more, so if you are just starting or started after introduction of Missouri, your first free XP ship will still cost same, but if you want to collect them all, it will be more expensive.
  10. axyarthur

    Alaska free xp cost

    Honestly, if they want a free XP sink, a fair way to increase ship cost is to make your first free XP ship 750K as now, but if you already have 1, make to 900K, and if you already have 2, 105K, and so on. This way, new players can still get their first free xp ship as people before, but if people want to keep getting free xp ships, they will cost more.
  11. axyarthur

    a better border

    well, the main reason for this proposal is that I dislike the artificial boundary placed on maps. But game play wise, we have to limit the battle area, so maybe there's a better way to do it than the current hard limit. The different parameters can be tuned, if 30s is not enough, maybe 40, 45, 1 min? If we do away with physical hard boundary, there has to be a way to keep players from going indefinitely away from map. Taking damage is one idea I have. If not a good one, what would you suggest? Maybe just disconnect player and send him back to port? is that better than taking damage? I understand this is not a major problem in the game, and it's not likely that WG will spend resources to fix it, but still something I would like to change.
  12. axyarthur

    RN DDs -- missions vs grinding

    Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but if you open RN DD mission past 7.10, you don't actually get the ship anymore, but only credits for the ship for completing the mission. So you still have to grind to get Jervis, but you get the credits to buy it from the mission.
  13. axyarthur

    a better border

    So right now the map borders are "hard" in that you cannot ever cross it and when you hit it it creates weird physics for ships that is unrealistic. I'm thinking is it possible to move toward a "softer" border that let ships behave more naturally while still punishing players that sail beyond it? Instead having an invisible physical boundary, ships are free to sail beyond map borders physically. However, when their ship goes beyond the borders, a warning message appears to warn the players to sail back into map area within certain time limit, say maybe 15 -30s depending on ship type. If after said amount of time and ship still outside borders, player's ship will start taking damage (unrepairable) until it sinks. The player will also get pink status for dying this way. Also, if ship spends certain amount of time beyond border in a match, they will also turn pink and the next time they violate border, it will start taking damage, increasing rapidly if they keep violating the border. Repeated border violations over successive games can also get orange status to discourage players to abuse the system. Does this border system work? and is it a better system over the existing one? Here are the pros / cons as I see them: pros: ships cannot "border hug" to evades shells / torpedoes anymore. Ship movement physics would be exactly the same on the border and beyond less immersion-breaking by not having an invisible "force field" that forces ships to turn back. After all, there are no map borders in real oceans there is less incentive to "border hug" now and punishment system discourages players from repeated offense, where as now there is no punishment for "border hug" cons: requires new programming on maps / punishment system, resources that WG may not have / want to spend system can be exploited if players "experiment" and figure out exactly how long they have to spend outside before turning pink is the border really a problem that needs to be fixed? Well, those are my thoughts, feel free to comment and share your thoughts whether such a change is good or even necessary.
  14. axyarthur

    Sudden credit earnings nerf?

    XP for damage done is based on percentage of ship HP. So doing 50K damage to a T10 BB with max health of 100K (50%) is same as doing 10K damage to a T10 DD with max 20K HP, all else being equal. Also note that you get more xp for damaging ships higher tier than your own.
  15. well, if you look at the values for the german hydro and compare it to the values given for the "enhanced hydro", they are exactly the same. 6 km / 4 km for high tiers, 5.5 km / 3.75km for lower tiers. So I don't understand why did they make distinction. It just confuses people. So there are now only 4 tiers of hydro: normal low at 4/3, normal high at 5/3.5, enhanced low at 5.5/3.75, enhanced high at 6/4 oh, plus the UK DDs have hydro at 3/3. Slightly less values to memorize than before, so that's an upside?