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  1. interesting idea, though need more data and concrete calculations to prove that your claims are true.
  2. everyone says Amagi is better. But I do better in my NC. I don't think either of them is bad, just that I play NC better. One thing that NC is better at is going bow on. When you do this, you still have 2/3 of your firepower. When the Amagi does this, you only have 2/5, and you are force to at rotate all least somewhat to bring 4/5 turrets to bear. If you over rotate, you will eat more damage. The Amagi is however excellent at kiting. I think my highest potential damage in a game is in Amagi.
  3. 29 HE hits and 0 damage

    Understand how HE mechanics work. HE shells need to penetrate target armor to do damage. In this case, your 120 mm guns have 20 mm of armor penetration (caliber / 6). So it will only do HE damage to sections of ships that have less than 20 mm or armor (cannot pen 20 mm). The only section of Colorado that have less than 20 mm of armor is the superstructure. Therefore it is the only valid target for your HE shells. However, if the target is broadside, you can switch to AP and target the upper belt or bow / stern which have 25 mm of armor, which your AP can definitely pen. AP though, can be bounced, so if target starts to angle, you need to switch back to HE and target superstructure. Note that HE shells that don't penetrate still have chance to start fire. Note also that if you take IFHE skill, it will increase your HE penn to 26 mm, which will be enough to penetrate the 25 mm of armor everywhere on the Colorado.
  4. problem with UK BB HE is that they are best at everything: Best penetration (caliber/4), highest alpha, and highest fire chance. With other ships, their shells have at least some drawbacks. Like German cruiser AP, best alpha, but poor penetration. Or US DD HE, highest rate of fire and decent alpha, but poor fire chance and worst velocity. Or US Cruiser AP: good penetration, best auto-bounce angles, but average alpha and poor velocity. These UK BB HE shells have best of everything, that is just stupid. Nerf one of their aspects to make them more balance.
  5. I will upvote for the sheer effort you put into the post
  6. Radar buffs!

    You know, this radar change might be response to UK BBs getting better concealment than some cruisers when they come out. So now cruisers can use radar to detect UK BBs outside of their normal visual range.
  7. Russia T10 BB: Speed of Khab Concealment of Kagero Armor scheme and health of Kurt Furst Rudder shift of Sims AA of Montana 3 x 5 Shima Torps with US Smith reload 4 x 3 Yamato guns with Minatour reload Bismarck secondaries Radar consumable with Russian cruiser range and US cruiser duration German T10 Hydro US DD Smoke Unlimited Defensive fire US repair party UK T10 cruiser heal Both catapult fighter and spotter aircraft This ship should be perfectly balance
  8. You know, instead of meaningless "nerfs" like the torpedo nerf they did a few patches back, an actual balance adjustment would be to nef Khab's turret traverse. Make it 20-25 s, or even close to 30s, which is still viable for the kind of long range fights that Khab specializes in, but makes it inferior when it comes to close range knife-fight with Gearing or Z-52. I would even agree to give 10km torps back to the Khab if they nerf turret traverse, and maybe even get rid of the stupid 50mm side armor. Seriously, having side armor in a DD that can bounce cruiser HE shells is just stupid. If you want to make it bounce DD HE, fine, but certainly not CA HE, a class that is meant to counter DDs.
  9. Only defensive fire consumable cause panic effect, manual AA only increases DPS of large caliber AA guns against Ctrl-click targets.
  10. Ammo types

    that is the key stroke to change to AP ammo. The default button is 2. You can change it to other keys if you want. It looks like he changed it to middle mouse botton (MMB).
  11. From what I read, her stock guns are 4 x 3 419mm. There is an option to upgrade her guns to 4 x 2 457mm, like G.K. So you can play both versions. This is of course, unconfirmed and ship is still under testing, so things can change.
  12. Enterprise AP bombs.

    correction: They were designed to kill German battleships. Attacking US or (some) IJN battleships do not yield as good results. Basically, now German BBs have a weakness. Strong armor against citadels, but weak against AP bombs. To put in perspective though, this weakness is only against 1 ship, in a class that is least play, and at most 1 ship of that class. Also, using AP bombs means that the CV in question will be nearly useless against DDs and most cruisers, and will have almost no DoT. So CV is giving up some utility in using the AP loadout as well. What if there's no German BB on opposing team?
  13. dynamo captains

    so sad...but not surprised. I guess I will keep grinding. Wait! I can use 19 point British captain on Warspite for Rank! Yes!
  14. dynamo captains

    So we get 19 point captains for Anthony and Cyclon to be used in operation dynamo. Do we get to keep these captains after the operation is over? I sincerely hope we do, since I don't have 19 point captain yet. (highest is only 15, sad.)
  15. It works like this: Once you fire gun, detection increases to max gun range. At this point, game does check: did you get spotted? If you did, detection stays on max gun range for 20 s, then goes back to normal, assuming you haven't fire your guns again. If you did not get spotted, the detection immediately (or within ~1 s) goes back to normal. This was done so that you can fire from cover undetected, then move out of cover without instantly being detected due to increased detection from firing. Hope this helps!