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  1. axyarthur

    Zao double rudder question

    I have tried this build, but I still think concealment is better. Problem is that even though your rudder is better, your turning radius becomes your limiting factor when dodging incoming shells, so benefit is not as great as you think. Also, this build basically makes you only good at long range HE spam, which Zao can already do without the rudder. And you lose the other great aspect of the ship, which is to use its great concealment to either support DDs pushing into cap or ambushing other cruisers with its underrated AP. I am not saying the double rudder build is bad, it's just you become too one dimensional, and you're sacrificing one of the Zao's greatest strength, its concealment. Of course, that is just my opinion, you can try it and see how it works for you.
  2. axyarthur

    So How is Ranked going for you?

    It's going great for me because I'm not playing
  3. axyarthur

    If it ain't Dutch it ain't much!

    ok, I stand corrected. but still there's so many questions. like what is range of this thing, can it be called on areas out of line of sight, etc. I really hope they test the crap out of this before implementing it on live server
  4. axyarthur

    If it ain't Dutch it ain't much!

    So we are going to have new consumable that actually does damage to ships. This is a first. It will be nice counter to camping radar cruisers around caps, but still not sure if this is the best way to do this.
  5. axyarthur

    what is the trick to aim behind island

    X key by default
  6. axyarthur

    replay not working

    ok, thanks, that solves it!
  7. axyarthur

    replay not working

    yeah, when I click on the file, it goes to the game center...instead of playing the file.
  8. axyarthur

    replay not working

    So this is not the first time this has happened, though I don't remember how I fixed it last time. When I try to open a replay file to watch, it tries to start the game instead. How do I fix this? I am trying to record a replay before the patch hits.
  9. Is there a short summary of what was said? I'm sorry but I don't have 2 hours to watch the entire video.
  10. axyarthur

    Arizona needs a buff

    Yes, I agree. Reload to 31-32s is much easier to use. These guns can't even overmatch anything in its tier and having longest reload in tier, along with slow ship speed, just makes her so difficult to play
  11. axyarthur


    If you miss torping a BB at 1 km, it's your aim, not BB manueverability.
  12. axyarthur

    Should there be a radar cap? Or is 15 cool?

    I think the hard cap is 12 per team in random battles and 7 in rank and clan battles.
  13. nothing, really. Just pay attention to when the skills are actually being tested and finalize.
  14. axyarthur

    USN BBs

    they have the 2nd best heal in the game besides the super heal of the UK line at T9-T10. The US BBs get improved heal from T5(?) and up. So they do have some advantages over other line, just that in the mid-tiers those don't really offset their god-awful speed and poor armor.
  15. axyarthur

    Anyone play Wukong?

    Honestly, it's just a worse Charles Martel. The addition of DW torps doesn't justify the loss of french speed boost and main battery reload, two of the reasons why French cruisers are annoying as hell to fight against.