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  1. yay! now my T1 cruise can properly display the Republic of China flag!
  2. axyarthur Plays a mix of cruisers (excellent), destroyers (excellent) and battleships (excellent) Deals a large amount of damage Key vehicle - North Carolina
  3. in sync or not in sync

    Is this a problem where you see the shells hit the ship, but actually no hits are recorded? And when the enemies shoot at you, even though the shells land in front of you, they still hit you? If yes, then this is a graphics rendering lag issue that I also had earlier. If you ping is good, then it is likely caused by a de-sync between the true time used by your client and by the server. I was able to fix it based on suggestions in the link below: Hope this helps!
  4. Brainstorming the CV Rework!

    Actually, these ideas are very interesting. I like them. I would also like to add the concept of fuel or endurance for planes. Right now, planes can basically stay indefinitely in the air for the duration of the battle. In the rework, they can change duration of planes to 3-4 mins (or longer). Meaning if planes stay in the air for that amount of time, they will have to return to CV to refuel. Fighters and Bombers can have different endurance, and endurance can be used as balancing factor between nations. This change would alleviate the permanent spotting of DDs by CVs, as planes will have to return after some time. Regarding spotting, we can also make different plane types have different spotting ranges. So in your example, a DD can be spotted by a fighter at 6 km. But if it's dive bomber or torp bomber, change that to 3-4 km. The reason to make bombers have less spotting range is that bomber inherently have attack power, so give fighters utility besides attack other planes, make them better scout as well.
  5. While driving BB, use HE on enemy BB, or CA/CL to lure them into showing broadside, then switch to AP to get massive damage.
  6. Any DD that is likely to come under enemy fire, whether fighting other DDs (US, KM), or long range gunnery (RU), will most benefit from this skill. For other ships, HP increase as percentage of total HP is too small to be beneficial to spend 3 skill points on.
  7. I just answer depend on how angry I was with my team performance, enemy team's performance, and how the battle went in general. Factors include did I do well? did I make terrible mistakes? did my team make terrible mistakes? was the enemy team so bad that game was over before 5 mins? was there AFK/TK on either side? how fair was MM? I get they are trying to gather information regarding gameplay with these questions, but I just don't feel they are that relevant or useful, so whatever answer you give is fine.
  8. The Atlanta is OP

    I would say Atlanta is situationally OP, but it has too many weaknesses to be considered truly powerful
  9. Time to fix broken HE

    It is factually untrue that 14'' HE shells have less pen and do less damage than 6-8'' HE shells. Since HE penetration is just caliber /6 (or 4), it's obvious that large caliber shells will have much better pen, even if accounting for +30% from IFHE. Also, IFHE only allows cruisers and DDs to pen the bow/stern/deck armor of certain BBs, the belt armor of BBs still cannot be pen by HE. Also, if you shoot HE at BB main belt, even with BB caliber guns, you still would not penetrate it. BB HE does allow you to pen some upper belt armor that is immune to cruiser HE. Before you make statement like those above, please learn the game mechanics. Just because something "feels" true does not make it so.
  10. FYI, Des Moines/ Mino radar with radar mod have duration of 56 s. That is an eternity for both of these ships to kill a DD. Beware!
  11. Baltimore Tips

    Baltimore is a painful ship to play stock. The 15s reload is just so bad. But once you unlock the upgraded guns with 10s reload, it is a very fun ship to play. Yes, you need to use terrain strategically, and avoid open-water engagements. But with full concealment build, the Baltimore is stealthy enough to get into favorable positions, and also to disengage if things get rough. Note also that your radar is only slightly less range than your concealment, so if you're spotted, most of the time you can just radar and spot whatever dd is spotting you. That is helpful when supporting friendly DDs in contesting caps.
  12. German BBs can't get citadel, so they get wreck by AP bombs. Sounds fair.
  13. To Nelson or not to Nelson?

    my favorite part is tank HE spam for 5 mins in the Nelson, be reduced to half health, then laugh at the enemy as you heal to 90& health with press of a button
  14. How do flag bonuses really work?

    ok, I think you're right, my mistake
  15. How do flag bonuses really work?

    I think all bonuses are addictive, so let say you get 1000 base xp: Red dragon gives 100 xp, hydra gives 50 xp, so combined 150% xp 1000 + 1000*150% = 2500 xp now we calculate commander xp: red dragon: 100% + hydro 150% = 250% 2500 +2500* 250% = 8750 commander XP