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  1. I need some help

    by "tanks" I assume you mean "ships" if you want advice on carrier play, I suggest you look on youtube for Femmennenly, iChase or Farazelleth's channels. They made some pretty good videos on CV play. Also, keep in mind that entire CV mechanics will be changed "soon" due to carrier rework, so it might not be wise to invest too much effort into CV lines since the entire class will be changed "soon"
  2. I thought it's view * likes * comments, not +?
  3. Radar Question?

    It would help a lot if you can name the 3 ships in question, so we know what the radar performance of those ships are
  4. Better than Sliced Bread

    is sliced bread really that great? that is debatable.
  5. Coal???

    in addition to all of the above, polluting your port with smog and PM 2.5, causing your sailors to develop respiratory problems. also causing climate on the game client, resulting in rising sea levels and smaller and smaller islands on maps. If left uncheck, all maps will become ocean eventually
  6. new premium ships usually only available through shop directly. doubloons can only buy ships on the tech tree. At this point, you can either save your doubloons and wait for Haida to appear on tech tree some day, or you can send ticket to Wargaming explaining what you did and hope they will let you exchange your doubloons for the ship
  7. Tech tree ships for doubloons?

    you can also use doubloons to buy credits. so after converting all the free xp, you can then buy credits to buy the ship(s) in game
  8. so if you scroll down to the clan members list, find your name, and next to it should be the amount of oil that you personally have "drilled" for your clan
  9. oil can be seen in your clan page coal and steel can be seen when you open arsenal tab
  10. I have only seen 2 worcesters in game, and neither of them were played well. I out-HE spammed one in a Des Moines behind an island while he was in open water, and the other was trying play as a kiting cruiser, and lived because our BBs were incompetent. I definitely fear it when I'm in a DD, but otherwise I haven't really been threatened by them yet
  11. there're 2 ways to play Moskva, one is your typical long range kiting HE spammer, like rest of the RU cruisers line. So you stay near max range and hit BBs with HE, and use rudder to dodge incoming fire. The other way is to play it like a semi-battleship, you stay angle (but not bow-in), use islands to cover your flank, and play with engine to move back and forth and basically tank while shooting. The key is that your broadside armor is actually quite good, so you want them to shoot at your angled broadside so you can actually bounce them. you only have 25mm bow, so if you expose your bow too much, it will get overmatch and you take massive damage. It's difficult balance to strike, because if you show too much side, you will also get massive damage.
  12. some ideas to balance Stalingrad: -keep 25 mm bow/stern armor -increase reload to 20s then, either -keep AP only and autobounce angles, but change dispersion to stalingrad 2 (BB) levels or -keep cruiser dispersion, but change autobounce angles to normal, and add HE also, -remove radar consumable, replace with choice of hydro / DFAA
  13. captain BFT/AFT, no flags, no main battery module test 1 : start firing at 51:00, end at 46:00, did not select fuso as secondary target (top 2) test 2 : start firing at 53:00, end at 48:00, selected fuso as secondary target (bottom 2)
  14. okay, but the situation you described, "T7 dvision with T4" did not happen.
  15. look carefully, the colorado is in division A with the yorck and Atlanta, the Wyoming is in Division B with the Omaha. It is in T7 match because it divisioned with T5 and got dragged there