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  1. The whole UK CL line is designed around firing from smoke, so how do you make it work if smoke is only defensive? and what changes would you actually make to make smoke "defensive"? increasing smoke firing penalty massively?
  2. axyarthur

    Tier X Test Ships

    To get T10 rental ships for clan battles, play 1 game in a T8 ship.
  3. axyarthur

    Buff Kremlin, it sucks

    Maybe give it a consumable where if you press it, all enemy ships within 20 km just sinks. Is that enough to make it balance?
  4. axyarthur

    Mod - DD torpedo range

    Or you could, you know, just remember all the enemy DDs torp ranges, it's not that hard.
  5. axyarthur

    Hindenburg HE Damage output nerfed?

    Nothing was done to HE pen or alpha for German cruisers...so damage should be the same. However, there are now RU BBs that have 60 mm deck that Hindy HE cannot pen, so if you are shooting at those, you will not get same damage as you do shooting at other BBs.
  6. axyarthur

    Can anyone explain what happened? wth is this

    Someone made a meme?
  7. axyarthur

    Stop Kill Stealing!

    nice AR boost the Shima got there... I never stop shooting dds. Only good red dd is a dead dd
  8. axyarthur

    Question on Unique Upgrades

    the DM upgrade is in the 6th slot, which normally is for reload or range boost, so concealment is same. It does lower radar duration by 10%, so there is trade off, not to mention having less range or longer reload depend on which module you normally use on the 6th slot
  9. axyarthur

    Bones to pick with WG

    you know, you don't have to play Halloween missions if you don't want to, just saying...
  10. axyarthur

    Chung IFHE

    Looking at your setup, I would remove Expert Marksman, your turret traverse is fast enough, no need to buff it more. Get AR (adrenaline rush) instead for second 2-point skill. You should definitely get Survivability Expert. I mentioned BFT and Torp reload because I expect most people go SE as first 3 point skill on dd. That extra bit of health could be difference between living and surviving at end of a game. If you remove IFHE, you can either get RPF, and choose one of BFT or TAE and go SE for other 3 point skill. Or, you can use 4 points from IFHE and get SE plus 1 point skill, like Priority Target. Ultimately it's up to you, but I think my suggestions here would make better DD build, you get better survivability, and better performance end game due to AR.
  11. axyarthur

    Chung IFHE

    IFHE lets you cross 27mm pen threshold, which is the bow/stern armor of US and German heavy cruisers. It also let you pen 25mm, which is the bow/stern armor of most other cruisers at Chung Mu's MM spread, (except some RU ones which have 50mm). It's not totally useless, but just too expensive. I would take RPF as a second 4 point skill, or take BFT or Torp Reload as 3 point skills. All those skills serve Chung Mu's playstyle better than IFHE
  12. how is a six-gun turret physically possible? we're talking 16-in guns, not destroyer caliber guns. I can't imagine the engineering nightmare of designing and building such a turret.
  13. axyarthur

    Friedrich der Grosse or Iowa?

    The Iowa is a much more consistent performer than the FdG. FdG suffers from fewer and less accurate guns, not to mention poor firing arcs for the rear turrets which means you need to show more broadside when firing all your guns. With the Iowa, you can go bow in and still have 2/3 of your guns available, with FdG, you only have 4 inaccurate guns. The only advantage FdG has is hydro, which lets you detect torps and DDs sooner and turtle back armor which lets you get away with showing broadside, but not really because you still eat tons of penetration damage.
  14. axyarthur

    How to tell radar ranges.

    All very good info, I would add a few things: -Missouri has special 9.5 km radar -Salem has 8.5 km radar -Indianapolis has 10 km radar -all DDs, from Black to Pan-Asia T8-10, has 7.5 km radar Also, note that with full concealment build, Chappy has ~10.5 km detection, but 12km radar, so if you are detected when not firing your guns, you can immediately use radar and detect the dd spotting you.
  15. axyarthur

    Is the Russian DD line worth pursuing?

    RU DDs are not really DDs. Think of them of ultra-fast light cruisers without citadel. For the Kiev - Khab line, you want to get heal instead of smoke, spec AFT instead of concealment, and use double rudder module instead of concealment module. (You can still use concealment module on Kiev). Thing is, you will get outspotted by other dds, even some CLs, get used to it. You won't get to use your torps very often, get used to it. People will shoot at you, a lot, get used to it. The way you contribute to your team is to sail behind your team's dds, and shoot at enemy dds when they are spotted. When there's no dds to shoot, stay near max range and daka-daka any BB or CA you can find. Use your speed and rudder to dodge incoming shells. The Ognevoi - Groz line is different. Ognevoi plays like a average hybrid dd. You don't have great guns, torps or concealment, but each is good enough to not suck. So you mostly torp larger ships, engage enemy dds as you see fit (when you have help), and cap when needed. Because of this, you will want to get concealment skill and module for this. The Udaloi is kind of weird. It's supposed to be a hybrid like the Ognevoi and Groz, but has concealment similar to Tashkent / Kiev. So just play like a normal RU DD, i.e. get AFT, double rudder, play as long range gunboat, etc. Except you have both smoke and heal, so you have option to smoke fire if you want. The Groz is the true hybrid of the RU line. You have decent concealment, great guns, and ok torps. So you can play it like a normal dd, though it is quite clumsy and big, so be careful in close range fights where it can take massive damage from CA and BB shells. For Groz, I would spec both AFT and concealment captain skill, so you have the range to do the RU speed gun boat role, and can also cap and scout like a normal dd.