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  1. axyarthur

    What are DD AP shells actually good for?

    DD AP can be effective at close range on broadside cruisers. Or, if you have high tier RU DD guns, about 10km on broadside BB superstructure and upper belt. close range broadside BB bow/stern can also be pen by DD AP. So the key word here is close range (<8km) and broadside
  2. Off top of my head (T8 and above): IJN: Kagero/Asashio: 5.4, Akizuki: 6.1, Yugumo: 5.5, Kitakze: 5.9, Shima: 5.6, Haragumo: 6.1(?) US: Benson/Fletcher/Black: 5.8, Gearing: 5.9 (5.6L), Benham: 5.8(?) Somers: ? RU: Kiev: 7.9(?), Ognevoi: 6.1, Tashkent/Udaloi: ~9(no CE), Khab: 9.8(no CE), Grozevoi: 6.0 GER: Z-23: 6.3, Z-46: 5.9, Z-52: 6.1 UK: Cosack: 5.5, others: ??? (haven't play T8-10) FR: ??? (haven't play T8-10) P-A: Hsienyang: 5.8, Chung Mu: 5.8, Yueyang: 5.7(?) I'm sure there are some premium ships that I am missing, but this is all I can remember. * numbers indicate best concealment w/ upgrades+ captain + camo, unless for RU dds, (?) means unsure, (L) means w/ legendary upgrade,
  3. axyarthur

    Should I wipe my account?

    everyone has bad stats at the start. The key is learn from your mistakes and improve your game play. 250 battles is really very small sample size. Once you get to 5000+ battles and are doing well, the effect of 1st 250 will be negligible.
  4. axyarthur

    WG obsessed with high tier premium ships

    But people (at least some) complained that the grind is too long, it takes too much time to grind to T10. That is partly (or mostly) the reason WG has inflated the economy so much over the years. When the first free XP ship Missouri was introduced, 750K free xp seems like a lot. but nowadays, it only takes a few months (or weeks, even) of dedicated grinding with right flags and camo to grind that much free XP.
  5. This game is based on war, but it is still a game. And in the game sense, CVs are unfun to play against. You can say that the 'counter' to CV is grouping up...but the problem is that is the only counter. there's no active way to fight back, you just press a button and hope for the best, that is not fun. You mentioned that people want 100% immunity against planes. I don't think that is what most people want, at least I don't. What I do want is that if I play my surface ship perfectly, and the CV player did not, I shouldn't take much damage from him, and he should pay for misplaying by losing his squadron. But if I mess up, or the CV attacks while I'm distracted, congrats and good job to him. All I ask is that I control my destiny. Why is that so hard to understand?
  6. If you shoot at surface ship with another surface ship, he could shoot back, it's a question of how skilled you are at shooting/ dodging compared to your opponent, or how distracted the opponent is so you can take advantage of it and do damage without retribution. Right now, CVs do not have this interaction. No matter how skilled the surface ship is, he cannot actively fight back against the CV attacks. Conversely, no matter how distracted the surface ship is, CV still have to deal with some kind of AA and lose some amount of planes. Why don't you like having player skill decide the outcome of CV-surface ship interactions? If surface ships can manually control their AA, then CVs should have the ability to manually dodge said AA. (ie, get rid of continuous damage). Then it's a matter of ship shooting skill vs. plane dodging and targeting skill. Or, if the CV can take advantage of a surface ship being distracted and only having automated AA, he should be able to attack without losing any planes. The surface ship decided to focus on other things rather than AA, he then must suffer the consequences. This is a much less frustrating experience for the surface ship because he actually has agency and can actively fight back against planes, like he can actively mitigate HE spam, torps, radar, etc. The reason why CVs are hated is because your only method of fighting back is passive evasion. The lack of active defense against it is what makes CVs so frustrating to play against. I wish more CV players would understand this point, instead of painting people calling for CV balance as "haters"
  7. axyarthur

    people in ranked have no clue how to play the game

    As opposed to people in random battles, who are all experts at the game?
  8. um...doesn't Alsace only have 100mm secondaries? they can't even pen 19mm, which means you can only do fire damage with them. Plus you are covered in 32mm armor, so getting in close will be costly to any type of HE spam. The French is not designed to be brawler, their armor just too weak.
  9. axyarthur

    Survivability Expert post (on a dare)

    I use it on my Zao, as it has low base health so benefits the most from skill. I imagine ships like Colbert and Smolensk can benefit as well. I don't have them so I don't know if people actually use it on those ships, maybe not because most people would take IFHE and there aren't enough points after that.
  10. axyarthur

    Survivability Expert post (on a dare)

    SE is waste of points on all BBs, very useful on most DDs, and situationally useful on some cruisers. If people take SE on a BB, they just don't understand math.
  11. axyarthur

    Wichita Issues

    don't bother with Massive Fire AA skill. WG in their infinite wisdom have basically made all AA captain skills useless
  12. axyarthur

    Dumb questions

    that's not true anymore. It used to be that way, but WG recently changed it so that ARP or Dragon ships are now just premium ships with special permanent camo, so you can actually take the camo off and mount other camos.
  13. axyarthur

    German DD Buff?

    Yes, it was. But without heal it was just a slightly worse 203 Mogami (Or Myoko?, Mogami used to be T7, Myoko T8, don't remember when exactly the swap happened). so people complained and WG gave it a heal. the heal was a success so they eventually added it to all high tier cruisers.
  14. axyarthur

    German DD Buff?

    No, that was added in later because cruisers can't survive at high tiers. I've been playing since close Beta, so I remember the early early days of WOWS. In fact, Atago was the first ever cruiser to get a heal, and it turned a cruiser with bad DPM to one of best premiums ever.
  15. axyarthur

    German DD Buff?

    Back in early days of the game, each class has unique consumables. BBs have heal, cruisers have DFAA (then hydro), and DDs have smoke and speed boost. These unique consumables give each class tools that other classes don't. Now we entered into zone where any consumable can go with any class. Now there's hardly a consumable that is class specific anymore. It just takes the uniqueness of each class away, making them more similar than before.