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  1. Jason864

    NA server unavailable?

    Its been over 24 hours since I got booted off. Ive eaten almost all the emergency rations.. Waters running low... Must play more Alaska... In other words please let me back in WG I also am having the technical errors issue
  2. Literally only with lexington
  3. I have this problem but literally only when I try to run Lexington
  4. Jason864

    Where is USS Alaska?

    So Alaska is tier 9 yes? Copy Mass Make her faster Add Radar Apply to Alaska model Release ship Epic win
  5. They are rolling the dice on the CV Rework There are a few that want it but overwhelmingly from other CV players ive seen most dont They are hoping the draw of new players offsets the loss of all the old salts they will loose after about a week Its so damn boring like seriously after a couple of matches I cant do the mindless point and click anymore and whats worse is its poorly done. It was realistic and well handled before and if they put more into carriers and balancing them the old way rather then this I think they would do better but they cant back out not I wish they would do 2 ques for carriers one with the classic RTS downview and one with the new gameplay then it keeps everyone happy Anyways Alaska with Mass secondary's sounds hella fun. My biggest issue with how they are handling the big cruisers and battle cruisers is one they are lumping them all together and 2 they are focusing way more on how they will do in ranked with little care for how fun they are for the normal player to random battle with seems to be the big focus of these things despite the fact that a lot of people who pick up Alaska will also be casual players like myself who don't really play ranked but think shes a beautiful ship
  6. So does anyone else want her secondary's to be made long range like Mass Secondary's? Like that would be interesting
  7. I want Alaska to have Masses secondary's and heal Would literally make her perfect :)