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  1. Jason864

    Siegfried and Agir?

    Whats the difference between the 2? Id really like a comparison
  2. Jason864

    Wichita Issues

    Hey anyone else use Wichita now adays? I have her built as an AA build for the lols including massive aa fire and AA mods and I click priority sector and its automatically yellow and on cooldown and doesn't seem to do anything. Is something going on here?
  3. Jason864

    After Patch

    Also waiting on updates Not having regen assistant is killing me
  4. Jason864

    An Honest Look at Tier 8 CVs

    Thats IF you play the same ship over and over. IDK about you but i bounce back and forth between them and dont just sit in port after being blasted
  5. Jason864

    An Honest Look at Tier 8 CVs

    Graf if they emphasized her battle carrier role and stopped nerfing her bombs would be ok because you can say to hell with it and use guns at least
  6. Jason864

    Graf Zeppelin Buffs and How to Play Her? (Him?)

    I wish she had super long range secondaries so shed be viable as a battle carrier but she doesnt Shes supposed to be super fast but isnt Her planes can get close and her DBs are bad for so many reasons (that 4 x 2 pattern is useless) Shes such a disappointment on all fronts And ALWAYS sees tier 10 to boot Should give her the longest range secondaries in the game or something to make up for it
  7. Jason864

    An Honest Look at Tier 8 CVs

    Honestly? I dont have a problem with it in other ships as long as its not all the time or im not the only one. I can still start fires and in some ships (Like mass or Baltimore or Cleveland) i dont feel outclassed too bad. But when your planes cant even get close?
  8. Jason864

    An Honest Look at Tier 8 CVs

    Also just wanna say this. I can get some great games in carriers. Im sure others will say "Oh im still doing fine try this" but please ask yourself after thinking about all the times you get played up, and all the times you go in all alone, and all the abuse you get in game, If its still fun to you? Like there was a sweet spot that i lost the salt for the rework and it was fun.. Now thats gone.
  9. Open letter for thought for everyone. Tier 8 CVS are virtually useless. Ive been a CV main for a long time and i have never felt so useless or frustrated in this game. Now I play Graf, Enterprise and Lexington so im sorry if other carriers are different but they are not fun anymore. I see tier 10 way too much. Before i didnt really care that much when everyone was playing carriers. But now? Being a lone tier 8 carrier in a tier 10 match? Literally cant get close. Yea you can spot but ITS NOT FUN! The reason for the frustration is more wargamings response to carriers. All these broad nerfs that hurt lower tiers the most. The soft cap on 1 CV per team hurt the most I think. 2 carriers (1 tier 8 1 tier 10 or 1 tier 6 1 tier 8 per team 1 tier 4 1 tier 6 you get the idea) Was great. Even as the lower carrier you felt you had support. You felt even if the team hated you and wanted you removed from the game that at least one person on the team you could coordinate with. Now thats petty much gone because even the most devout carrier player is fed up with sending planes into the meat grinder for no result. It just seems your out to punish carriers. Most players have learned how to deal with planes. Dont be alone in low AA ships, work your captain skills etc but what more can carriers do? Its time to take the training wheels back off for other ships and let CVs be fun again before all of us quit playing them. Anyone elses thoughts please? And for the love of god please nerf DDs. Im so sick of hearing that carrier pick on DDs. Like if they play right i cant even see them to shoot them. And they can shoot down or fight against planes but when you have 16 torpedoes coming at you what are you supposed to do?? Nothing you can do
  10. Jason864

    NA server unavailable?

    Its been over 24 hours since I got booted off. Ive eaten almost all the emergency rations.. Waters running low... Must play more Alaska... In other words please let me back in WG I also am having the technical errors issue
  11. Jason864

    Where is USS Alaska?

    So Alaska is tier 9 yes? Copy Mass Make her faster Add Radar Apply to Alaska model Release ship Epic win
  12. They are rolling the dice on the CV Rework There are a few that want it but overwhelmingly from other CV players ive seen most dont They are hoping the draw of new players offsets the loss of all the old salts they will loose after about a week Its so damn boring like seriously after a couple of matches I cant do the mindless point and click anymore and whats worse is its poorly done. It was realistic and well handled before and if they put more into carriers and balancing them the old way rather then this I think they would do better but they cant back out not I wish they would do 2 ques for carriers one with the classic RTS downview and one with the new gameplay then it keeps everyone happy Anyways Alaska with Mass secondary's sounds hella fun. My biggest issue with how they are handling the big cruisers and battle cruisers is one they are lumping them all together and 2 they are focusing way more on how they will do in ranked with little care for how fun they are for the normal player to random battle with seems to be the big focus of these things despite the fact that a lot of people who pick up Alaska will also be casual players like myself who don't really play ranked but think shes a beautiful ship