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  1. I got the tier 5, tier 6 and the tier 7 ship missions from the crates you buy with 30 Tokens or what ever there called, I haven't spent any money or doubloons on the premium crates so I guess its just the luck of the draw? and on this the first crate I opened for this event had the tier 5 mission in it.
  2. Thunder_Guts

    This week's full ahead is not accurate

    Fish had a sign saying "1st of May"
  3. Thunder_Guts

    Ships cost to much

    Uhm, This is a free to play game, you don't need to pay anything for one and how else do you think they'll get money in to run the game, servers, development salaries etc... and there prices are fair... and plus the ships you buy are not any better then the ones in game anyway. and on that I've gotten : Belfast, Arizona, Graf Spee, Duke of York, Molotov, Alaska, Musashi, Varyag, Warspite, Exceter and Katori all free in the game from missions & SC & FxP, I have only spent money on premium time. And Guilio in a SC.
  4. Thunder_Guts

    Thank you WG :)

    Sweet thanks, I do love the flags but a ships pretty awesome :)
  5. Thunder_Guts

    Thank you WG :)

    I would like to just thank WG for the SC they gifted us for the 3 Year Anniversary. Made my Monday worth While :)
  6. Thunder_Guts

    T61 "Eye Spy" Event

    Good Day Any one know what the results of this event are or who won?
  7. May Our Frames Be High And Our Pings Be Low, Happy Hunting You Sea Dogs o7

  8. Thunder_Guts

    Anshan DD

    With the Shipsmas Bundles that are coming out, Does anyone know if the Anshan will make an appearance? I know the Lo Yang was available in the first one but haven't seen the Anshan for sale since the original sale and I wasn't able to buy one at the time.