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  1. Is the USS Des Moines worth buying?

    Finally unlocked the Des Moines after the horrid grind to it from the Baltimore. Just want some thoughts from the community on whether or not the ship is worth getting.
  2. *Before I start, I just want to say that I did try to look up a forum asking the same question, but the ones I found are 1+ yr old, so I am not sure if they're up to date on how the Baltimore should be played* So I bought the USS Baltimore and had several games in it, but I don't feel that I'm playing it right, since I end up dying most of my battles after doing 20k~30k damage (sometimes worse). So any tips/advice on how I should play this cruiser (eg. Where I should be on the map to give the most effective support)? Yes, I know to some that the Baltimore is a bad ship (based on a poll I did earlier) and will say that I should free xp through it, but I don't have the free xp nor the cash/gold to do that, so I'll have to grind through it. Any tips/advice on how to effectively play this ship will be appreciated.
  3. So I am getting close to researching the Tier 9 US Cruiser, the USS Baltimore, and wanted to know if the Baltimore and the Des Moines are worth buying and grinding. The reason why I'm asking is because I see a lot more CA's from other branches than the US and wonder if the CA's from the American branch are not worth getting.