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  1. HarryVoyager

    Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    I'd also add in that this would be better as the Maryland. She could be set up in her 1920's bright white colors that she wore during her turn on the South American diplomacy route, and have a really striking ship, right up there with the Konig Albert, and still have the West Virginia available for the late war refit people are asking for. Maybe a T8 brawler, with Colorado grade guns, but effective secondaries?
  2. HarryVoyager

    Ever worry about becoming 'That Guy'?

    Perhaps a better way is to offer the advice as suggestions aimed at someone who may not have realized it yet? Such as, Myogi, we're ahead on points and caps. It may be better for you to disengage and go dark than risk getting sunk? We're set to win the match if you can survive.
  3. I'm just remembering the game where our CV drove straight up the cap right into the opposition DD fleet. This was with half of the team yelling for him to get back and trying to keep him alive.
  4. HarryVoyager

    The Tier 9 and 10 Premium Ship Balance Issue

    The dynamic is more complex than that. F2P players provide skill and expertise that may not always be available in the pool of people with cash to spend. I doubt most of the core Community Contributors started as whales, yet without them I would not be improving my skill and having that drive to continue playing. By contrast, another game I played for a couple of months before I came back to World of Warships, has shifted into a purely pay to win model, with the top ranks populated by people who, it is estimated, spend thousands of dollars every content cycle in order to have a maxed hanger of the current flavor of the month kit. As much fun as I had in the early tiers the realization that I'd need to buy my way into the upper ranks led me to quit in disgust after about two months. Researching the past of that game showed it wasn't always like that; rather the producers had decided that the game was teaching end of life and had decided to suck the value out of it while it had a solid player base. Thing is, for the whales, once the game shutters, they won't have anuthing, save the debts from buying their way to the top. War Gaming isn't anywhere near there; they've just got some balance problems with the premium ships and haven't gotten to a good solution yet. Making the game whale to win doesn't benefit anyone.
  5. HarryVoyager

    The Tier 9 and 10 Premium Ship Balance Issue

    Ok, I end up buying a lot of ships and premium time because the battles are fun and the ships are interesting. That model works so long as the battles are interesting, which only holds so long as the battles are balanced. I've player PvP games where your win rate was controlled by the amount you spend. Invariably, the developers goals turn into driving the player into matches they cannot win with their current purchases, so they need to spend more. That is not fun. When the battles aren't balanced, the game stops being fun, and I will leave and spend my money elsewhere. I've seen the pattern with enough games and have no desire to repeat it. And yes, even though they aren't directly cash purchasable, ships like the Black and the Stalingrad are problems too.
  6. HarryVoyager

    T8 - 10 Players

    Does look like a standard Bell curve, especially given the way unicums are vs bad players. Given that the ratings are largely against each other, that does make sense. I'd think, but haven't worked the numbers, that the only way you could have more than half of the players be average would be to have a steady out flux of the poorest players from the game. That holds the implication that we are currently going through an influx of newer, less experienced players, entering higher tiers.
  7. HarryVoyager

    I am New 13 Random battles

    The current iteration of the game only allows you to play Coop until you get to a certain account level. Only then can you do the PvP side.
  8. HarryVoyager

    Threat Assessment Thursday - Mid-Tier Battleships

    If I see a Giulio Cesare in range it's my primary target. It's 10x 320mm guns with good fire angles, coupled with its ability to flex around the battlefield, and general immunity to torp attack make it a high threat target, that if left alone will munch on friendly cruisers, DDs and suck up carrier strikes, leading to a late game full of enemy DDs. If it can be caught out and removed from the board early, or even just forced to play defensively, the battle goes much smoother.
  9. HarryVoyager

    Gearing model is incorrect and currently too wide

    What is interesting is that the apparent width difference of 14% seems to be right around the designed length difference (14%) between the Gearing and the Fletcher. Has anyone checked to see if the relative lengths are correct? My guess would be that one of the hull form models was linearly scaled rather than having the hull plug added in the CAD model, as a "scale by 14%" is far simpler and quicker than a "cut, create, join" process, especially if there is are complex curves involved.
  10. Hey man, if you're looking for a great group of people check out SCREW on our discord:

  11. I'm also looking to get started in a clan. This last July I've been getting hammered in Random, and the only common denominator is me. The simplest answer is I'm just not playing right, and am looking to learn. My current top tech tree ship is the Colorado, with my current focus being on the US Navy Battleship line, with a goal of getting a 19pt captain that I can farm captain Exp from to fuel the rest of my captains from. I'm interested in eventually playing cruisers and destroyers as well, so I'm flexible in ship class. (The British DD line is rather intriguing...) I do have an Alabama, so I can unlock the clan wars rental ships if that is desired, but I'm not in a rush there. Basically, I'm looking for a group I can learn to be a solid player with, who I can, when the time comes, graduate into more competitive games with. Also, I do have Discord with voice com set up for it.
  12. Transactions involving real money should be coded to that standard. Honestly it didn't even occur to me that they wouldn't be here, but now I need to go through all of my ships and check. I can agree it is good practice of the buyer to check, and it equally good practice for the vendor to ensure that accidental billing is also not occurring. It open you guys up to risk that you shouldn't be taking.
  13. HarryVoyager

    Ridiculous fines!

    Honestly, it looks like a mechanic that never really worked but was to much trouble to remove from the code. I suppose it moderately offends my sense of clean coding, but given some of the spaghetti lava flows I've seen, it's more on par with the free city newspaper you don't read getting wet in the morning...
  14. HarryVoyager

    Did they nerf the Montana's dispersion?

    I've been noticing aimpoint drift in the last few games on some ships at extreme range. It looks like something is off in the linear motion compensation for low angle compensation somewhere in the interface. I only really notice it against ships that are slowly turning, and haven't made a serious study of it. For all I know, it could be a decimal place getting munged somwhere, but it, on the surface, does have an effect similar to an increased vertical dispersion value. I seem to recall that it was an issue back in Little White Mouse's Graf Spee testing too, but will need to go check. (Holy Japanese Seizure bots! Something went nuts on the link display. Trying to collapse it into the spoiler tags so it doesn't pop anyone.)
  15. HarryVoyager

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    So decided to knock out some of the Tier 1&II ships I've got laying around, in case I want to try their tech trees later. I'd knocked out the Bougainville, and figured since I had the +50% win bonus available on the Jurien, I might as well run one before going to bed. I'm fiddling around trying to figure out where the shells go, and what shells do what, when I realize my team is gone, and there is a Umikaze, a Longjiang, and two other ships in our cap, and the DDs have somehow got into alternating smokes... https://replayswows.com/replay/27104#stats