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  1. dont even try. I've seen how tight the ellipsis gets when a drop is aimed in fully. if rockets arent fully aimed, they'll only do 1-3k? then stop rushing your dang shots and AIM! all this does is bolster the point that any lapses in damage by the CV are the fault of the CV itself rather than the DD impotently mashing WASD. you really want to pull the "never played CV but am a pro" card too eh? you who is trying to tell us of all the ways we can change our DD play. you whos DD experience at these tiers adds up to 50 games. a literal drop in the bucket as far as experience goes. Pot meet kettle i guess...
  2. I really wanted to write a long winded post addressing every point you've made but I've been beaten to it. However no one has addressed this little gem so i will. A DD CANNOT "easily maneuver" out of every ordnance. When a DD does dodge DBs or torps, its not because the DD knows what hes doing, rather its because the CV player himself is a bad shot. A drop done properly does not allow for it to be avoided. If DDs are avoiding your DBs and torps rather frequently, you've got some practicing ahead of you I'm afraid