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  1. Kevlarburrito

    Question about Collections

    I feel like I'm missing something...can anyone explain to me why some collections you can turn On or Off collecting and others don't give you the options at all?
  2. Kevlarburrito

    Tier 10 and radar

    As a DD player...can you all please start learning how to use your radar and hydro for the benefit of the team and not just when it'll work best for you personally? Thank you.
  3. Kevlarburrito

    Is Fletcher the peak of US DD line?

    Certainly feels that way...having played both her and the Gearing for a while now... Balance hasn't done US ships, especially destroyers, any favors...
  4. Kevlarburrito

    Gearing — American Tier X destroyer.

    It really does, that or the US tech tree needs a second tier 10 destroy designed as a gunboat IN GAME, since at this point reality has long since gone out the window
  5. Kevlarburrito

    The Gearing's guns...

    I dunno...her guns feel nerfy As for the model, totally agree
  6. Kevlarburrito

    The Gearing's guns...

    Gearing and yes, it does.
  7. Kevlarburrito

    The Gearing's guns...

    Has anyone heard anything about the Gearing ever getting a rework or at least having its guns brought up to par with newer ships? Maybe I'm just not using it right... there's more than a fair chance that's the case really, but they seem pretty underwhelming despite its description stating otherwise. It almost seems like the Fletcher and the Gearing need to switch places on the tier system...almost.... Anyway, just curious if there's been any word on it. Every other one of the original nations seem to be getting their destroyers reworked or otherwise added to.