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  1. brym7

    BB Stuck

    I can confirm
  2. brym7

    Is Hizen worth the 7800 doublons?

    I truly am sorry to hear that, but you at least got a snowflake as an extra and I got a ship I really do like to bring out every time I log on.
  3. brym7

    Is Hizen worth the 7800 doublons?

    And so subjective taste shows different opinions. All is right with the universe.
  4. brym7

    Is Hizen worth the 7800 doublons?

    Well, yeah, but I actually enjoy the Minnesota and that's a 40 sec base reload, which I don't use the module to bring down either.
  5. brym7

    Is Hizen worth the 7800 doublons?

    I mean, twelve 16 inch (ish) guns are nothing to sneeze at.
  6. brym7

    Will the USN BBs change?

    I knew about you, but I meant it more the OP Understandable, but as someone who has both Iowa and Montana, I say I quite like Minne
  7. brym7

    Will the USN BBs change?

    I was been a bit cheeky by being first to say I like the ship here. I find my fondness to be from a subjective standpoint, but since you asked so nicely: So Minnesota, a ship I think the term "slow and steady wins the race." I have found myself hating randoms and have been slowly retreating into Co-oP but Minnesota has renewed my interest. Just something about the slower paced ship rubs me the right way. Yes the reload is the biggest hurdle I've found, but I've managed to work with it. The sailing speed I couldn't give a damn less about. I just play her like a slower Montana, the bane of all broadsiding cruisers. But that slowness make operating near islands easier. Usually I find myself beaching too often in faster ships, but the slow top speed and an alright turning circle means I've only ever beach once while hugging the land. As a 'kick my feet up, pop in some tunes, and hunt broadsides while WASDing' it just clicks with me. Now, I don't know was 'ss' means other than subs, and I don't have one of those :p, but examples? Eh, I have these screen graps I guess
  8. brym7

    Will the USN BBs change?

    I like being first, so I'll say I actually like the Minnesota
  9. brym7

    Your thoughts on T10 Vermont?

    Unironically, yeah, I am looking forewords to Vermont
  10. For one, I'm very very very curious what is being hopped to achieve here with this one. Cause second, I must ask are the shipments going to be small things, like 10,000 credits and such, or will there be some sort of compensation for those unable to collect the rewards due to these "Experiments"
  11. brym7

    Quickest way to get OHIO

    I think one is coming next update, not sure if it's your cup of (Insert Italian Beverage)
  12. Then boy I got lucky as I got him in two salvos that way
  13. Even then, In a ranked match, I was able to cit a Moskva in my Montana from bow on. Granted, I think the shells came from the deck pans as it was long range.
  14. That 40 sec reload on 10 14 inch guns at tier V is one h*ll Davy Jones's Locker of a bitter pill to swallow, but I'll probably still work for her. A historical ship that looks nice and is of a tier to directive grind? Sure. And who knows, maybe it'll click with me?
  15. brym7

    Waterline: What Will Happen Next?

    Oh, yeah, no one will argue that the 'community' is very fractured and rabid as can be. More than willing to shout down both WG and other members at the drop of a hat. Just that past actions have... cultivated this, to a degree at least. It doesn't make the state of the community good or right by any means, but it is the hand being delt.