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  1. And most of the ones I see tend to be accidental
  2. brym7

    Too much bbs...

    Well, that and they carry a lot of prestige to their names, least for a good few of them.
  3. Probably a number of the mid to mid-high tier Japanese battleships. I have had a horrible experience with the Kongo and still do. I always knew I wanted the Yamato and the Musashi has helped fill that desire a bit, but trying to grind through the Kongo is pain and suffering incarnate for me. But when Santa dropped a Mitzu and Kii in my port last year, I now do try to grind through the Kongo to get at the Fuso, but I'm tight-fisted over my free XP and I still can stand playing that ship. I'll get the Yamato one day, hopefully.
  4. I think it depends on how they allocate the time
  5. SO I got curious and performed a totally scientific experiment (TM) in the training room. I hopped into a Musashi and drove into the rough center between a Conqueror and Montanan, best I could to get equal distance and angle on them, secondary turned off and fired shots at the waterline roughly at midships. 4 salvos, 15 hit with 4 citidal hits for the Montana, 3 overpens 7 salvos, 36 hits and no cits with Conqueror, 9 overpens and here's a more summarized finale results Course everyone keep in mind this would need more tests to be more true to an experiment but I don't want to stay and waste an hour + for that, but everyone is free to try with their own spin. But I feel good in saying that the assertion that the Montana's citadel is "braindead" and "idiot-proof" is baseless
  6. brym7

    What lore?

    Who knew Rouge wave is really the prequel!
  7. brym7

    NTC is Being Reworked

    I know, it's amazing. Least we're back to the status Quo of bickering about pedantics
  8. At best, it's going to be a Georgia with two more guns and no speed boost
  9. brym7

    T10 UK DD Daring

    A true thread necromancer!
  10. Call me crazy, but I don't think the Ohio will be as strong as even a 1 buff Yamato
  11. brym7

    Old CBT replay

    Is it just me or do the sounds seem better?
  12. I think it's a testament for what we can do if united with the CCs behind us I for one actually might work to get the Ohio
  13. I see it now, I think most of everyone could be happy with that