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  1. I suspect you might be given a couple free at the event start to get the system running Least it's what I'd do in their position
  2. I always quite liked that mode and was gut wrenched to see it just go away I can understand why many thought otherwise but WG should've just tweaked it if people wanted to be in such up and arms over it.
  3. brym7

    Are all T4 and below premiums worthless now?

    I mean yeah, seems to be the case unfortionaly. I tried Steel Ocean once years ago but with only a grand total of TWO people on the server, I dropped it. Now the dev team had as well. Too bad people here didn't take the same plunge they talk about here. [edited] is still a thing but it's naval battles (or that game as a whole) is far from a good replacement.
  4. brym7

    yashima is going to be broken

    Didn't people already do the math and come to that 20 inches doesn't overmatch anything more than the 460mm do, aside from some cruisers?
  5. brym7

    ST, New ships

    20 inch wide sub sandwich when?
  6. Well, if 20-inch guns are now a thing, are the 15 18-inch guns of the Tillman IV-2 design more reasonable? Though it would stat making tier 10 just a *tiny* bit more tight in what ships are practical? 16-inchers are going to be less useful and oh God I don't want to be a 15-inch armed tier 8 in a fight with the monsters that are growing in size. Still, at least interested in what comes next. True H designs? HMS Incomparable? Tillmans? May as well if the can of worms is opened, even if I was happy with it shut...
  7. brym7

    How many posts will it take

    Only one way to find out Op
  8. brym7

    Help With Montana In Randoms

    For my Montana, I very rarely switch to HE, using AP to hit supperstructure and upper decks on bow on ships. I like to keep at long to medium range in the opening battle, trying to keep my bow pointed at the enemy and rushing to the exploit gaps
  9. brym7

    Chat crying for hacks /facepalm

    Feels like every other game someone throws out "X player is hacking, reported!"
  10. brym7

    At long last, I have her in my port.

    My spirit ship...
  11. I can shoot BB AP into another ship, say another battleship, (CA and CA counts too) from the front. I get a pen ribbon but no damage numbers. What happened? I penned the turret and did some damage to it, though not enough to incapacitate it. Same for AA doing dot damage to planes, except there's an option to see the value of that.
  12. Human endurance in cleaning up "mistakes of communication"
  13. brym7

    You know, I had an odd thought on PR.

    Yeah, these numbers need dividing by 10 (shave off a digit) to be resonable
  14. brym7

    Is the Boise good?

    It's like Atlanta but with 6 inch guns
  15. He actually kinda looks like King George V in his navy uniform