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  1. brym7

    CV Re-Work Poll

    i would've loved to give it a try, but WG never gave me the invite, so...
  2. brym7

    Santa Coal

    Ah yes, the only time you can be happy getting coal for Christmas. This is for clan members, if you have a coal port that gives a small percent bonus on all coal you receive in crates, this applies to the Santa Crates as well. So a happy little treat.
  3. Come to think of it, the Vanguard one looks like the older version of the Dreadnought one
  4. Time of battleships starts and ends with Robert Taylor
  5. So I got the Dreadnought and Vanguard. While I was boosting the starter captains, I noticed their names And now I'm stuck here thinking whether they're related or not.
  6. brym7

    West Virginia video

    I think it was just a meh attempt at humor
  7. brym7

    Thank You WG For My 30% Off Jean Bart!

    Same, $55.99 Jean Bart is best Jean Bart
  8. I also personally like the single torp launchers.
  9. They kinda already do give them in crates and as mission chain rewards
  10. brym7

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich Preview

    Mikasa whistles nervously
  11. I thought there was a cap in training battles of 3 CVs on each side?