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  1. Ignis_Purgatio

    PTS 0.11.6 pt 1 - Bug Reports

    Description : Patrie selectable in Republique's Equioment Tab, Selecting it softlocks the Game Example: Selecting Patrie causes all of the game's buttons to cease functioning How to reproduce: 1. Select Republique 2. Open Equipment Tab 3. Click on Patrie in the Upgrade Tree 4. Click Port Result: Loss of ability to use any Button, Or close the game (Requires killing the task in Task Manager to close the game)
  2. There currently exists a mod to automatically demount all Expandable Camos and Signals on all ships in your port, And i find it odd how this feature isn't official. With the rate that people swap around ships, They also need to configure each and every one with different signals and camos; After awhile you'll lose track of what ships had said utilities on them and when you need a signal or flag for a specific battle you'd often have to sift through your ships to find one with the item you need on it, Demount it then remount on the ship of choice. A lot of players have ships around the 200+ Mark, So this task becomes quite tedious after awhile, Especially with how slow the game tends to be when loading ships into the Port, So my suggestion is simply to add a method of demounting all expandables in the click of a button. Thoughts?
  3. There's some Expandable Camos in the game that haven't been available in a long while, And others that are so insanely difficult to get your hands on it's almost not worth the effort (Unless you want to spend $100+ on that camo bundle in the Store) My suggestion is to allow some of the rarer Expandables (Such as "Linus Tech Tips", "gamescom Black", "Crimson Tear" and "Brilliant Ray") to be available in Daily Camo Containers (Or Supercontainers in bundles of 50) or in the pool of Milestone Rewards for Daily Combat Missions. As someone who has the goal of collecting them, It is rather disappointing that some haven't seen the light of day in some time now. (Regardless of if their benefits are good or not) Thoughts?
  4. They fire where they are aimed, so you'll have shells seemingly firing out of the sides of the turrets
  5. Noticed this earlier while playing Scenarios, If you look at the Turrets at specific Angles or zoom heights they'll revert to their Port position, And display camoless. Streamable Video Link (Thanks to this website's 50MB File Size Limitation)
  6. I have frankly no idea if this has been Suggested or not, But i personally enjoy the appearance of the Big Hunt Ships that much that i was dissapointed to learn they aren't available as Permacamos for their respective Ships. (Republique, Smolensk and Hindenburg) Would this be a possibility? Since the Ship Models change with each of the different Modules available to them my guess is to make them work as Permas you'd have to have multiple Permacamo entries in the Exterior Tab. Thoughts?
  7. Any idea if any exist or if it's doable? I've wanted to view Camos i don't own on ships just to see what they look like (Whether it be from a Bundle with them included or otherwise), So my question is; Would it be possible to display unowned Camos in the Exterior Tab? Of course without the ability to mount them unless owned, But just for them to be there incase you want to preview a specific Camo on a specific Ship?
  8. Ignis_Purgatio

    PTS Updates 0.9.11 and 0.9.12: Round 1 Bugs

    1. Description Admiral Makarov listed as a Test Ship in the Carousel Hover-Over UI and is classed as a Special Ship (Doesn't seem to receive Premium Benefits anymore) 2. How to reproduce Hover your mouse over the Admiral Makarov on your Carousel. 3. Result Test Ship Hoverover & Special Ship class.
  9. Any ship you want to hear the Horn on will lose the ability to do so if you view the ship from the Tech Tree using the "Preview Ship" Button. However, If you first go to that ship's Equipment page first, Then click the Camera on the Ship's Icon, You may then sound the Horn. This doesn't seem to be affected from ships in the Armory. Only ships viewable in the Tech Tree. (Yes, I tested this without the Extended Tech Tree mod installed. Exact same result) Video Preview of the Bug in action. (Text used to as a replacement for a Keyboard View overlay. Sorry) https://streamable.com/h822wk
  10. The title on the tin, Basically when using Rhein and Parseval. The height their Bombers climb to cause Flak to not render at all, However you'll still take damage should you run into one of these invisible Flak Clouds.
  11. @Gaelic_knight Southern and Eastern Dragon display their Permacamos in their Previews though. Purgatio and Ragnarok do not. All of the Clone Ships that i've tested so far (HSF, ARP, LNY etc...) display their Permas except the WH40k ones.
  12. Strangely enough, The new WH40k Collaboration Ships display as an ordinary Amagi in the Logbook Preview for each. I checked the other Clone Collab Ships, And all of them display their unique Permacamos in their Preview. However Purgatio and Ragnarok are the only exception i could find. Bug?
  13. The Expandable MS-21 Camouflage looks so clean and nice on most of the ships in the Game. As a huge WW2 Naval History Buff, I always tend to use the cleaner, Less cluttered Camouflages -- And MS-21 Fits this bill perfectly. Any chance we could get it as a Permanent Camouflage?
  14. Ignis_Purgatio

    Update 0.8.9 - Bugs Report

    Charles Martel with the 2017 Halloween Camouflage, "Scarab" equipped no longer has the Firing Sound from the Nikolai I's 2017 Halloween Camouflage, "Rasputin" and instead has the Firing Sound of a 380mm Mount. Ignore the playback framerate in both clips. 0.8.8.mp4 0.8.9.mp4
  15. Ignis_Purgatio

    Update 0.8.9 - Bugs Report

    The Animated Arms on the side of the Octodroid Alaska Halloween Camo seem to have Hitboxes, As shots fired in that direction hit the Arms and explode instead of travelling to their intended target.