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  1. Stick with other ships that have decent AA.
  2. Ok, I have the Shchors, so when we get RU CLs, I can advance from there?
  3. Geophage

    Harsh truths

    Agree with all of this.
  4. Geophage

    Buff Sims?

    It's fine. Sims is fine.
  5. Geophage

    I need a new goal.

    I have Emerald, and I like it. But it seems Sims has the lowest win rate of Tier VII DDs, and I have it too :)
  6. Geophage

    I need a new goal.

    I only play randoms. Co-op is dull. I'm going to look up stats on Tier VII DDs :P
  7. Geophage

    I need a new goal.

    I just played my ONE THOUSANDTH game in Tier VI Fubuki, the (statistically) worst Tier VI DD in the whole game. Now I need a new goal.
  8. Geophage

    Stock Fubuki is just painful to play

    Fubuki is one of my very best ships. https://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/1003302534-Geophage/!/pvp/ships/?bestShip=fubuki
  9. Geophage

    Fubuki — Japanese Tier VI destroyer.

    Fubuki is my favorite ship, and this is as close to a perfect game as I've ever played in it. Fubuki game
  10. Geophage

    Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze

    I like this gudbote.