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  1. WOWS login problem. Need help!

    the new patch wont even download for me, feel lucky you got there
  2. new patch wont download

    i've tried both comcast and frontier to download the new patch and both will tell me there is a download and both will tell me download speed has fallen to zero check internet connection but theres nothing wrong with either, i've been using both, just sits there and wont download, any suggestions?
  3. Musashi has better armor than Yamato

    didnt think of it that way, you may be right. would still like to know if its a bug or intentional.
  4. i was in the armor viewer and i noticed that the Musashi has 50mm of plate on the smoke stack while the Yamato has 19mm of armor plate on its smoke stack. that changes alot of shots for cruisers into shatters. intentional or not guys? or just a bug in the viewer?
  5. WG are a bunch of [edited] letting the better CC's go and losing others over it