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  1. it being like this means i wont touch it, i played one thats good enough. maybe they'll get it right next time *chuckles*
  2. Czar_Bastion

    what is this Key battles?

    you guys added a game mode that doesnt award XP or credits? hope you didnt want mant people playing it. and then connecting all the american BB collection to it? that was less than considerate. GG WeeGee
  3. Czar_Bastion

    Bring Back the old CV playstyle

    it means that would be for them changing it back to the old CV style
  4. Czar_Bastion

    Bring Back the old CV playstyle

    oh im all for this old style wwas so much better than this unbalanced new garbage
  5. Czar_Bastion

    0.9.9 - 0.9.10, the 11th season of Clan Battles

    wth guys another CB season with CVs what exactly are you guys doing, you have heard your whole community over removing CVs from CB and you ignore it, im not sure why anyone plays anymore, getting close to not logging on anymore myself, and yes the people that design the game dont play in CBs so they have no idea what they are doing and wont listen to the community at large. 90% of your player base DOES NOT WANT CVS IN CB but you wont hear that, you'll do anything to keep a class in that has no place in 7v7 just to say that you guys redesigning(fail) the class and you did so much to make it better and its played(abused) now in CB and it works. just because the spotting is so over the top its almost like the Devs are griefing the player base by leaving them in when they are in no way ready for CB.
  6. Czar_Bastion

    Hamburg Dockyard: Directives Deadline Approaching!

    hard pass, Odin isnt worth spending money on, Tirpitz is a better ship and worth more, alrdy have graf spee. all this really means to me is another patch of non-content. my premium time expired and theres less and less to make me wanna re up on that , CVs in CBs (seems theres alot of people who dont want them), the addition of Subs (seems theres alot of people who dont want them), WG seems hell bent to ignore feedback, maybe WG has figured out the best way to kill their own game
  7. Czar_Bastion


  8. Czar_Bastion


    ok @Hapa_Fodder subs are broken atm, you cant see them, you get no warning you are pinged and they can keep you spoted no matter what you do, i.e. in smoke, need alot more devolpment, are you going to listen to feedback?
  9. isnt a ship suppose to know when it gets pinged? if it isnt where is the defense for the ships that cant see a Sub? how is a ship going to know if hes been pinged?
  10. Are you kidding..... this new MM is so much better
  11. Czar_Bastion

    PSA - Bastille Day Mini Event

    Just seen it has to be French
  12. Czar_Bastion

    PSA - Bastille Day Mini Event

    Or 1 game in Musashi full flag
  13. Czar_Bastion

    Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    no cause i didnt get it started
  14. Czar_Bastion

    Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    its the week of the 4th wargaming America may be off work this week
  15. Czar_Bastion

    Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    yeah we need them to be aware of this