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  1. MasterDiggs


    It has been about a month but I still have my haul from my last 2 or 3 SCs, camos each time.
  2. MasterDiggs

    4 mil captains

    They are good if you happen to have the silver around anyway. I am not in a hurry to grind up to a new ship right now so I won't miss it. I might pick up a second commander before they go away.
  3. MasterDiggs

    Are IJN cruisers worth it?

    Yes. Myoko, Mogami, Ibuki, and Zao are all good boats.
  4. Myoko, she's long and not so maneuverable so I was not sure about it. I was pleasantly surprised, and that was prebuff.
  5. If they did a +/-1 MM test I would bring my Mogami out so fast my head would spin. A very fun ship that I haven't played since T8 ranked. It just isn't fun vs T10s. +/-2 MM is why I never bought Atago or other T8s. I bought one T8 a bit after I started, fool me once WG...
  6. MasterDiggs

    High tier coal ships

    Between your two I would get the Georgia because they are the same size(ish) abd Georgia will be able to take a hit better. But I recommend JB anyway. Its crazy fun and it came to the store first so logically you have less time to get it. Though nothing is announced about removing any of them.
  7. MasterDiggs

    New Player

    It is best to bounce around like you have done. You'll understand the game better if you play more than one class and nation. You also might surprise yourself. I thought I would like German BBs but, aside from Scharnhorst, I was very wrong. I liked IJN BBs much better though I thought I would hate them.
  8. Charles Martel. I haven't played Edinburgh yet but I was never bothered by one's presence. Charles Martel is just harder to escape and a threat in more situations.
  9. MasterDiggs

    Favorite T10 Battleship

    Don't have rebub yet. For me it's a tie between Yamato and Montana.
  10. MasterDiggs

    How to Bayern in 2019?

    Just stay off the map edges. Stay near the center to support 2 caps. I didn't play Bayern much, but that worked for me in the USN BBs. I see too many Bayerns ride the map edge trying to flank but you don't have the speed or accuracy for that and they end taking themselves out of the game. Bayern's secondaries don't have enough range for AFT to matter so I would skip that entirely unless you will move the commander to Bismarck and above. I recommend concealment so you can at least hope to break contact from time to time, then Fire Prevention. If you don't want concealment then get Fire Prevention first. Edit: TBH, the meta has left German BBs behind. Bayern might be the highest tier one to keep unless you have Scharnhorst. I didn't find Gneisenau, Bismarck, or FDG fun. I didn't bother with GK. I retrained my Commander to DDs. I keep Tirpitz for Coop. Scharnhorst still works though because its main guns work better.
  11. MasterDiggs

    PSA: Naval Training Center Update

    +1 I even like the reward ships idea. Especially if it is Colbert, we already have so many prolific HE spammers that having a few fewer Colberts is probably a good thing.
  12. MasterDiggs

    Hoist the colors! Save the game!

    Don't go pink, don't intentionally ruin other peoples' games. Forum posts and closing wallets are good protests. Don't take it out on other players.
  13. MasterDiggs

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    Not good enough. 0 performance improvements or scrap the whole thing
  14. MasterDiggs

    Savage Sinking - 1st - 8th

    Here we go
  15. I do not want to see another person in the same ship as me but with more XP, better guns, better consumables, better base stats, etc. This NTC is garbage as it is, I have already stopped spending money on this game. This will be the last straw if it comes with bonuses like this.