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  1. MasterDiggs

    Udaloi — Soviet Tier IX destroyer.

    I see that I left out my reason for even caring about the Russian DDs in the first place. Obviously you don't choose a Russian DD for high rate of gun fire. I was looking for a different style of DD. Comparing Tashkent to Udaloi: same gun ROF, very similar detection, but Tashkent has 3K more HP and reloads her fish much much faster. That she has fewer torpodoes doesn't bother me. 3*3 torpedoes is quite sufficient for me. I would rather have my second salvo ready sooner than have the higher number of torpedoes. If you like Udaloi better then good for you, enjoy it. For me Tashkent fits the bill better than Udaloi, it's a different style than Kitakaze/Fletcher/etc. and its torpedoes are quite flexible with their quick reload. I would have been rather annoyed had I gone for Udaloi not knowing about the loss of concealment on the B hull.
  2. LOL, everyone crying about 'reckless players that turn in front of friendly torps' seem to forget how reckless it is to launch torps towards friendly players. Your torps are your responsibility! It is not everyone else's responsibility to carefully avoid your bad decisions. Now when a friendly torps me they will be the ones who will be punished for their recklessness, not me. If you can't be bothered to be thoughtful with your torps then please play a different class. All that said, it seems a bit silly to punish a player for torping me if I take zero damage from it. The loss of their fish feels like punishment enough to me
  3. MasterDiggs

    Udaloi — Soviet Tier IX destroyer.

    Yes, the short answer is that while it can certainly do work (all ships can if sailed correctly), for everything it can do there are 2 to 5 DDs that can do it better. This is relevant because I already had the Kitakaze, Fletcher, etc. After realizing that it's torpedo rate of fire, gun rate of fire, and detection are generally behind the other T9 DDs, I don't see a reason for me to want it. Which is fine. I chose to unlock the Tashkent instead and am happy with that decision.
  4. MasterDiggs

    Paper Warships

    For me personally, since we already have the Russian BB line, ARP, HSF, etc. the transformers, Godzilla, etc. are welcome at the table. There simply weren't enough historical warships to make a game big enough to have more than 2 tech trees. Now if we could get new game modes or something else to bring some actual variety to the game...
  5. MasterDiggs

    Training Captains

    I recommend using your premiums (milk the first win xp bonuses) to focus on 1 captain. Once that first one is at 21 the others will come faster. Of the premium german ships you listed Pommern is probably your best bet, especially if you can grab it with coal (I think you can but can't remember right now).
  6. MasterDiggs

    Update 0.10.3 – German Destroyers: Part 1

    Sucks that Vampire II is in the regrind bureau. Looks like I will continue not logging in and playing regularly. No new maps, no new (always available) game modes, and 3 or 4 dull line releases in a row have really made this game uninteresting.
  7. MasterDiggs

    Armada: Flandre

    33 second reload makes no sense to me. Alabama and NC have 9 406s at 30 seconds.
  8. MasterDiggs

    ST 0.10.2, changes to test ships.

    Those are some slooooowwwwww torpedoes. A T7 cruiser with <14 km range? No thanks
  9. MasterDiggs

    I REALLY tried ( Italian BBs )

    I didn't even touch mine. I got up to the T6 without deliberate effort and I will sell them off if I end up needing credits at some point. I thought about doing the math to see if selling the ships gets you more or less credits than trading the event tokens for credits in the armory but I didn't care enough. The last few lines have been more trouble than they are worth IMO.
  10. MasterDiggs

    Need help picking a DD line

    If that is all you have left I'd go USA, Fletcher and Gearing can still hang. They aren't the best but they are good enough and have all of the normal DD tools.
  11. MasterDiggs

    Favorite ships

    Mine are probably completely original: Harugumo and Thunderer
  12. MasterDiggs

    Suggestions for Co-Op play

    The bot CVs don't bother me personally. They are easy enough to play around, though more so in ships than others. I also don't mind when my team is only made up of just a couple or few humans, more XP for me. I just have to play a little conservatively. Though I do admit I don't play slow boats. The slowest ship I play is Warspite. I also get torped by friendlies less often when most of them are bots
  13. MasterDiggs

    A request for Vampire 2's distribution

    Why do you wish the regrind bureau on unsuspecting people?
  14. MasterDiggs

    Seriously I am not being ungrateful........

    Speaking only for myself, event rewards like this makes them easy to ignore, not worry about, and not stress over. I will be doing other things like grinding out the last line that intrigues me. I will likely accidentally unlock a few italian crates along the way and I will chuckle when I get better rewards from the daily crate.
  15. Personally I would never trade FXP for coal or vice versa, but there is nothing available for those resources that I am not willing to wait for (or that is going away that I haven't gathered already).