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  1. MasterDiggs

    What the %^&* is up with AP Shells?

    This happens a lot against RN cruisers. I have had a number of incidents like this against Edinburgh. A number of times I have put full salvos between its smoke stacks just to pass over the citidel for 6ish overpens.
  2. After using it on La Gal, Algerie, Charles Martel, and Jean Bart, I don't think it is that big of a deal but I like it mainly because it is different. It is nice and refreshing to simply have a few ships that are a bit different than the other long range HE spammers and a BB with a neat trick up it's sleeve is fun. Just being a bit different makes it nice. I am really glad they left my De Grasse alone though.
  3. MasterDiggs

    Threat Assessment Thursday - Marine Nationale

    The high tier cruisers mainly. I don't really worry about the battleships accept for maybe the Jean Bart and the Bourgogne but I don't see many of those.
  4. MasterDiggs

    Your very first Premium was?

    I think my first premium was the Konig Albert that I got from a starter pack. Scharnhorst came soon thereafter.
  5. MasterDiggs

    Monday Morning Coffee!

    Got a few crates on a whim and ended up with the Krispie Kreme and the Monaghan. Not sure if I should call that productive or not (I was aiming for flags and camo not ships).
  6. MasterDiggs

    To buy or to wait, that is the question

    Fair point, I don't CB so my steel count is very low. I will keep it though just in case it builds up to something over time. The Jean Bart should be around for awhile so I would wait to accumulate more coal.
  7. MasterDiggs

    To buy or to wait, that is the question

    I would save the steel for a steel only ship
  8. MasterDiggs

    Work in Progress Wednesday - Current Grind

    Slowly working up both French lines, up to T8 on both. I get distracted a lot though.
  9. MasterDiggs

    New York

    I sold all of the USN BBs below tier 8 as soon as I unlocked the next one. I just didn't like any of them enough to play them again.
  10. MasterDiggs

    Musashi, Jean Bart, or Salem for fun?

    I got the Jean Bart for the same reason. Jean Bart is a different play style from Yamato and it looked pretty strong. I have only played one game in it so far, but the ship looks to be good and fun as long as you are aware that you can't overmatch every cruiser, only some of them.
  11. If you are open to spending some money: Perma camo might help you out a lot. Or you could play/buy a premium T5 ot T6 ship to earn your silver with (to fund the high tier games). A T5 or T6 premium should be the cheaper option. I say T5 or T6 because you brought up your winrate and making credits is more reliable on loses at those tiers. De Grasse and Arizona are decent choices for earning credits.
  12. MasterDiggs

    Sepcial Captains

    I think the best place for Halsey is a Des Moines myself. That's where mine will be once I bother nto finish the campaign. I have the special UK commander working up the BB line and I think I havey Russian commander working up the DD line headed for Khaba.
  13. MasterDiggs

    How many port slots to buy?

    I would grab maybe 10 slots or so and keep the rest for later. The German and American ships have a couple of keepers in each line. The only reason I didn't keep North Carolina, Iowa, Omaha, and New Orleans (was Pensacola at the time) was because I had premiums in those spots.
  14. MasterDiggs

    Carriers in ranked

    Definitely for the spotting. My team lost a battle because the red CV kept me spotted in my DD until they overwhelmed me. I ended up getting gunned down into oblivion while I was dodging their DD's torps while the sinister little fighter planes just sat up there and watched. Those sickos. Without a DD spotting, my team didn't last long. If the green CV had engaged those red fighters I might have been able to escape, but it didn't work out that way that time.
  15. MasterDiggs

    News thread for the PvE Clan and discussions

    Nice RNG, opened my first new years container (earned from accidently completing a PEF mission) and got my first 2 collection items. 1 duplicate. Already, 1 duplicate. SMH At least I won't miss the collection's final rewards if I don't end up getting them.