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  1. MasterDiggs

    Is Alsace really that bad after the nerf?

    Alsace was fun enough and is a decent ship. She is far from a 'must have' though and I found Republic to be just okay, also not a 'must have'. I don't play either anymore. The only French BB I still play is Jean Bart, which I got with coal. There is no reason to rush this line. If you enjoy the other lines you are working on I would keeping working on them and come back for Alsace later. When I want to brawl in Coop, I take Tirpitz not Alsace because Alsace takes damage faster. If I didn't have Tirpitz I would use Bismarck instead of Alsace for brawling.
  2. MasterDiggs

    Ships with a lot of free permanent camo

    Yeah I have so many perma camos for New Orleans, Bismarck, and Minsk its a bit silly, and I sold New Orleans and Bismarck a long time ago. Not complaining though, if I ever buy them back I'll be set. My Minsk looks amazing in that dark perma camo I got from whatever event that was though.
  3. MasterDiggs

    coop problem

    The bots cannot fire when dead, some torpedoes are just really slow
  4. MasterDiggs

    What is your goal?

    Working towards this 'little' guy
  5. MasterDiggs

    Is the G. Kurfurst good/worth it?

    If FDG didn't disgust you away from the GK then that's a sign that you might like it.
  6. I imagine their primary determining factor was to pick mostly premium ships and ships that already have lots of free permanent camos (offered previously in other events) to prevent losing income from selling doubloons. I am not complaining, WG needs to make money and I think permanent camos is a great way to do it.
  7. MasterDiggs

    i cant choose lol

    Mass is better and more relevant than Tirpitz.
  8. MasterDiggs

    To: WG Why: a Heads Up...

    How is using FXP for RB regrinds so much better than just buying a FXP ship? Isn't each regrind around 800K XP anyway, plus the credits to buy and play ships once each? I don't see how spending 2M FXP is worse than spending 1.6-2.4M FXP plus a load of credits for a ship of the same tier. That said, both RB and 2M FXP are too much for me so I say no thanks to both.
  9. MasterDiggs

    Pyotr Velikiy and Izmail

    I much prefer the Pyotr Velikiy over the Izmail. Mainly for ergonomic reasons. Getting 3 rear facing turrets that turn that slowly from one side to the other is boring. I plan ahead so my guns are usually at least close when I need them, but it just feels unnecessary. I just unlocked Sinop and will not play Izmail again. The Pyotr Velikiy seemed suitable for it's tier.
  10. MasterDiggs

    Should T10 FXP ships cost 2M?

    2M feels like a bit much. I could get behind 1.25M or maybe even 1.5M. 2M though, no thanks. I am not morally opposed to it, I'll just never pay it personally.
  11. MasterDiggs

    New player looking for advice

    At low tiers, basically no, you are food. At middle and high tier, it gets better but AA is still a bit of a joke most of the time. Setting your sector and turning into torpedo planes is the right thing to do. As is turning broadside to bombers and rocket planes to minimize how much of their target ellipsis you're in.
  12. MasterDiggs

    T10 perma Camo vs T6 premium ship

    I would think about Mutsu, I have considered it a few times myself. It is at a tier that has access to all game modes. It is not the strongest or the moat common if you want a few reviews you can make an informed opinion. Graf Spee is okay, it's low rate of fire and low barrel count hold it back a bit. It can be quite good if you get used to it. Des Moines is a beast, if you like cruisers. If you don't like cruisers I would consider something else, like Mutsu. If you like T6, Warspite has held up decently well over time (I have no idea if it is available right now).
  13. MasterDiggs

    IJN Hayate for 2M Free XP

    WG just wants you to buy dubs to convert XP for it, no thanks
  14. MasterDiggs

    How many cits at once?

    My favorite was getting 5 or 6 cits on an unsuspecting Yamato in my Alabama for a dev strike. He was even in a good position, we just rolled up his flank really fast. I have had a number of 6-8 cit volleys in cruisers like Des Moines and Zao, but they don't always give you that assassination that is so satisfying.