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  1. MasterDiggs

    Mid-tier premium coal ship

    This is way too logical
  2. I have to try it, the smart ace in me demands it. How many games I play are highly debatable though
  3. MasterDiggs

    Selling the Izumo and Ibuki?

    If you have Musashi then you don't need Izumo. Saint Louis does Ibuki's role better. You could sell both. Though I would wait to sell them until after the holiday steel event since you could get steel for having them.
  4. MasterDiggs

    Captain Skills as related to Co-Op

    If you are certain you won't take that commander into PVP: you can skip CE on cruisers and battleships but keep it on destroyers, superintendent is indeed not needed, and you want to focus on damage skills. BFT and AFT are good for DDs, Atlanta, and Smolensk.
  5. MasterDiggs

    ST, peculiarities of Günther Lütjens

    Reload boosts for both primary and secondary gun hits? I think Gunther wants to brawl in Hindy Disclaimer: you probably shouldn't brawl in a Hindy, not long enough to rack up that many secondary hits anyway
  6. MasterDiggs

    Which 3 ships will get the filth camo?

    If I get one I will pick a tech tree ship that I plan on keeping. I don't have a T8 right now (that I'd keep) that doesn't already have a perma camo, same for T9 but I would save it for Donskoi just in case I like it enough after a few dozen rounds. At T10 I would probably use it on Republique but I don't have enough rounds in it yet to know for sure.
  7. She is so good, she earns money in Coop without flags. I haven't brought it into randoms yet because I have been too busy grinding a few T9s. The coal ship coupon refreshes in December, I think, so you might want to wait for that to save a bunch of coal for the next ship.
  8. MasterDiggs

    Best Way to Spend 600 Italian Tokens...

    Silver or premium time
  9. MasterDiggs

    Head back to High School - 11th - 18th

    Don't sail in straight lines at the same speed, especially on a flank. Vary your speed and angle to avoid eating torps. I enjoy every time I see a salvo of torps streak through where I might have been not where I actually ended up being.
  10. MasterDiggs

    Which T9 ?

    Russian or US. I found the German and UK BBs too inconsistent for my liking
  11. MasterDiggs

    Anyone else bored to tears with Twilight mode?

    I lost interest in it the moment I saw the RNG mechanic behind getting camos for the filth. That and many of the campaign missions don't work with this mode are both detractors. If it was a simple 40,000-50,000 filth trade in for the perma camo and if all of the campaign missions possible worked with this game mode I would play it.
  12. I kept Pensacola, Helena, Cleveland, and Des Moines. I just got the Seattle and only have a few games in it, but it doesn't seem that bad. I found Dallas a bit boring so I kept Pensacola. I didn't keep Baltimore because at T8 I'd rather play Cleveland. I also have Indianapolis so I had no need to keep the T7 heavy cruiser, I'd rather play Helena anyway because 15 barrels. Honestly I FXP'd past the Buffalo because I had the FXP to spare and nothing in the store interested me so I can't speak on in it. Des Moines is glorious.
  13. MasterDiggs

    Yamato build: Good, bad, or meh?

    I second this. You'll need FP if you think you'll take her into PVP because everybody loves setting BBs on fire . Fire Prevention practically cuts the fires you take in half because it turns your superstructure from having 2 fire zones to 1 and that is the area that is easiest to set on fire.
  14. MasterDiggs

    Thunderer vs Georgia

    How is Georgia on a flank compared to Jean Bart? I imagine it's armor helps a bit.
  15. MasterDiggs

    Thunderer vs Georgia

    Thanks everyone I play both. For this ship I am looking for PVP.