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  1. Poletramp

    Paolo Emilio - Tales of an Average Player

    There a bug that should be fixed with tomorrows update , Fixed an error that prevented IX Paolo Emilio from being hidden by the smokescreen at full speed.
  2. 9 more stars to get then the 20k XP
  3. Poletramp

    Thunderer -or- Marceau ???

    You can get Thunder but if its going to just collect dust in port get the Marceau you wont regret it . There will always be more ships for coal .
  4. Can someone tell me why the Daring does not get one like the other tier X ship`s ? I'm thinking it could use maybe one for 15% better concealment , any thoughts on this ?
  5. Poletramp

    Daily Mission for Dreadnought

    Had 1 daily left to do figured i had all day today to do it but no so i missed it by 1 mission :(