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  1. Harry_DeWolf_215

    Kleber torpedo tubes

    Guess you are not using the Unique Upgrade on kleber because with it you could stealth torp without taking damage.
  2. To my surprise a Tier VII Florida .With a 10 point Capt.
  3. Harry_DeWolf_215

    Research Bureau reset

    New season should be around the 12th of November. From wiki. The following dates are for the North American server (European dates are 1 day later): Season 11 - 6 Feb. 2022 to 7 May. 2022 Season 13 - 8 May 2021 to 13 Aug. 2022 Season 14 - 14 Aug. 2021 to 12 Nov. 2022 (est.)
  4. Harry_DeWolf_215

    Year 7 Patch

    Probably the same dev's that are taking care of the monthly Prime drops so don't hold your breath lol
  5. Harry_DeWolf_215

    PSA: Update on Prime Gaming Drops

    Any update on the Prime Drop situation?Ahskance
  6. Harry_DeWolf_215

    Seven Seas containers.....

    You can get 3 of them for free in armory ,just scroll down for your free daily drop.
  7. Harry_DeWolf_215

    Converting Bonuses

    Why would they remove the ability to convert large bonuses to smaller ones ? Or did they move the ability elswere ?
  8. Harry_DeWolf_215

    PA DDs still worth it?

    PA DD's got a torp reload booster a few updates ago which really improves them .You can launch 20 torps at one time .Most BB's and Cruisers don't have time to react to the tight groups and low detect these torps have. ( PS this was before my name change) in a ranked battle.
  9. Harry_DeWolf_215

    Random loud collision sounds in game

    Got one of those sounds and this last week ,my ship hit something that was invisible to me.
  10. So will the Alpha tester Flag that is +5 XP & +5 Commander XP become a level 1 Bonus ?
  11. Harry_DeWolf_215

    Marlborough is good

    For a ship that cost less than a Premium tier VI if you completed all the stages it was very worthwhile +you got the Repulse at stage 18 . Main thing is not to shelved it after 5 or 6 battles and you will see that it can be quite a rewarding ship to play after you learn to play it .
  12. Harry_DeWolf_215

    Monthly Super Container Day, what did you get?

    14 Days of Prem time .
  13. Harry_DeWolf_215

    Twitch Drops in Update 0.11.0

    2 hours 250 Community Tokens 4 hours 1x Twitch container 6 hours 1x Twitch container They upped the time that you have to view .
  14. Harry_DeWolf_215

    Using Visa pre-paid cards in premium shop?

    Use them every XMass and they always work. But they may have changed something i dont know will find out in a few weeks lol