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  1. Janzig

    Unplayed Ships

    From what I saw with my limited collection, ships below tier 5 don't have snowflakes. Not sure why WG continues to discourage lower tier play, but that's the way it seems.
  2. Janzig

    AFK players

    Yeah, I was ‘AFK’ in a match tonight because my battle map load screen got hung up the first battle after the update. The battle was running but I never loaded in. I restarted the game but it just dumped me back to the map screen. I had to wait for the battle to end to get back to port. I think it was a mod conflict. Anyway, there are lots reasons why people seem afk when they are having technical issues.
  3. Janzig

    Casual players at T8+

    Weird. I doubt it would be something so obscure but who knows. And then there could not be more than one 'unicum' since it means unique or one of a kind. Thanks. Lol. It seems no one really knows.
  4. Janzig

    Casual players at T8+

    Ok thanks, but why are they called 'unicum?' That word means nothing to me.
  5. 4 free normal containers: 2500 coal 300 doubloons 4x Frosty Fir tree Camo 50x Zulu 8 Big Container purchase 48x Frosty Fir tree Camo 12x New Year Streamer camo 15x Ouroboros signal 15x Red Dragon signal 1000 doubloons Well, camos are useful right? lol. As was said before, don't buy unless you are happy with the smallest reward.
  6. Janzig

    Casual players at T8+

    I looked it up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicum Unicum (pronounced [ˈunikum]) is a Hungarian herbal liqueur or bitters, drunk as a digestif and apéritif. The liqueur is today produced by Zwack according to a secret formula of more than forty herbs; the drink is aged in oak casks. Not sure how that applies to WOWs though. Lol. Maybe elite players tend to be big drinkers...
  7. Janzig

    Casual players at T8+

    What does 'unicum' mean?
  8. Janzig

    Kraken on My Mahan

    Wow great job! But I thought DDs were unplayable now because of CVs and radar? Lol
  9. Janzig

    Submarines cancelled?

    1. You are correct. The Germans developed acoustic torpedoes during the war. But they were not widely used. Still, they did exist. 2. My understanding is: BB counters CA / CA counters DD / DD counters BB. CVs can counter all of them with Rockets/Bombs/Torps depending on which is used. All can stop CV with AA. All can sink CV once in gun/torp range. Not sure how subs would fit into this Rock-paper-scissors scenario. Might not.
  10. Janzig

    Submarines cancelled?

    Once again, they can find balance by making them somewhat historically accurate. No need to re-invent the wheel here. There are reasons why they contributed, but did not dominate, in WWII. Here are things that would do this: 1. Get rid of homing torpedoes - this is silly, non-historical, and would be way too powerful. 2. Subs should be very slow when submerged. Subs under water only have battery power - no engines. They were (and in the game should be) extremely slow submerged. Their only defense when found was to submerge and hide. For example, the US Gato class submarine had speeds of 21 knots on the surface and 9 knots submerged. EDIT - 3. Sub player should lose the minimap when submerged. Submarines were basically blind when under water. To see what's going on beyond their immediate surroundings, they had to go to periscope depth. I'm not sure how effective sonar was for the period, but it was certainly local only.
  11. Same for me. This was the problem! Once I fixed the XML in the games folder, everything started working. Thanks! Now if i could just figure out why I can get National Captains voices for my ships. There is no longer any dropdown option to pick this, so they all sound American. :)
  12. I am having this EXACT same problem. Installed a few mods through the mod manager, launched game, no mods showing up. I was also trying to add the cross-hair mod, but once I get in the battle settings, there is no other dynamic cross-hairs to choose except the default. In fact, none of my chosen mods are there. Checked region (NA), files in the res_mod folder, etc. and everything is correct. The game just doesn't recognize mods apparently. I also tried launching the game from shortcut, mod manager, wargaming console... doesn't matter, no difference. My mod manager is installed to the C drive, but WOWs is installed on another drive. Could this be a problem? In the mod manager, it shows the correct path to the game, but i'm grasping for straws. Anybody here know more about this? EDIT: Not sure if it matters, but I'm also running a VPN.
  13. Janzig

    CV are not OP change my mind

    People are frustrated mainly because they get attacked by the CV while be unable to directly respond, and this happens while trying to focus on the surface battle. I get it. But this is the reality of naval warfare with airplanes. You will be spotted and attacked. But there are counters to this. Mainly sailing in groups and combining your AA bubbles. As others have said, if you go off alone without AA support and/or concealment you deserve to be wrecked.