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  1. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Dalarna underwhelming.

  2. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Please ban Weimer from Narai

    This pops up every time Narai shows up in the rotation because they cant cope. since even if it was banned, there are plenty of other ships that can do the same, just slightly slower.
  3. mfumukoskoldpadda

    ROOKE.. A sleeper OP Ship?

    How exactly does a single-line nerf turn into a "DD nerf"? Besides, the last two points you made didn't really have that much of an impact on the power of DDs as a whole. The last two points and even your first point that concerns only one single line of DDs can be played around and accounted for depending on the skill of the person controlling the ship.
  4. mfumukoskoldpadda

    ROOKE.. A sleeper OP Ship?

    What exactly do you mean by "DD nerf" as I dont recall any complaints of "torpedo soup" leading to a nerf to DDs as a whole? The most significant "nerf" was the removal of stealth fire. Other than that DDs have been buffed such as the way back buff of removal of their citadels, and later removal of full pen damage from BBs. So please explain your logic here.
  5. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Are replay's broken again?

    Replays aren't really what one might think of as a "replay" in a standard sense the way this game handles replays is by running an instance of the game, Think of it like the file creating a training room where "bots" act out the entirety of the match. It's why we have the ability to fly around and see the battle in different ways. its why they stop working after every update since they use files from the update it was recorded on and cant run on older/newer patches. Typically if you want a replay saved its best to record it on the spot otherwise its almost lost once a new update hits, you would need a copy of the wows version that it was recorded in to be able to open and run the replay file.
  6. mfumukoskoldpadda


    And a super Bearn while your at it
  7. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Things we'd like WOW to fix

    Well if we are talking about "inferior ships that had no time in history" Montana on launch was one of those given it had an exposed citadel and a worse heal than Yamato at the time and has since been buffed quite a lot. On launch, there was a whole of TWO NATIONS, the USN and the IJN of which the IJN had the better ships, especially looking at BBs given at higher tiers the USN had worse heal and exposed cits that could easily be abused, and Yamato's spicy overmatch. Since launch, they have actually been significantly buffed and made much easier to use when they made the citadel waterline rather than exposed. That's pretty much how it already works for the most part dude. Lead ships in a class are slapped up inside the tech tree such as the Iowa, Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Des Moines, Littorio, and many many many more. Whereas the rest of their sisters are made premium or resource ships. Since when did the Javanese have a navy? let alone a Yamato class BB. Further, the Japanese fleet (Yes also Yamato) weren't scared of the Iowas in the fleet. WW2 wasn't a Battleship-centric naval affair it was focused on Carriers and Carrier Taskforces, like Task Force 58 (or Fast Carrier Task Force 58 for the full name). It was carrier fleets that won the war, not battleships. There's a reason BBs were rendered obsolete long before the war even ended. Finally, they never beached Yamato (unless sea levels rose 1,120 from the ocean floor where she rests) and it wasn't because of the Iowas they wanted to beach her either. It was part of the mission plan for operation Ten-Go to beach Yamato as a diversion while the primary attack used the Kamikaze planes on the US fleet. The plan for Yamato was to make their way to Okinawa and beach her for use as a coastal artillery battery as a diversion.
  8. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Man, this camo is sick

  9. mfumukoskoldpadda

    dasha perova's future

    Hello Captain, Do note that there is already an official thread on this topic (linked below). Feel free to post your thoughts there as to keep it all consolidated into the official thread.
  10. As Mouse said, that's the point. CVs don't need any buffs to compensate since they already have an extreme amount of tools and advantages that no other class has. This statement Is so wrong I don't even know where to start. For one, AA is not fine in its current state, it's laughably bad in the current version of the game. Let's use Bearn (my most played CV) as an example. In its current state, my Bearn can outright ignore any and all AA on ships and get out enough strikes to destroy any target I so choose at any tier. Even those "AA ships" that you mention (at that tier bracket obv). When my "humble" T6 CV can ignore the AA of T8s as if it wasn't there, then something is definitely wrong with the system (which there is). The only time AA starts to be dangerous is when it is 3+ T8s in close proximity to each other (and only when its "AA ships"), but even then I can still get at least one attack off on one of the ships in the group. I love my Bearn a lot, however, AA needs to be changed it needs to be an actual threat that makes you question attacking certain things and strategize more. As it stands while playing Bearn, there is no single ship that scares me including the t8s. If a t6 CV can laugh off AA of T8 ships that should be "No-fly zones" then something needs to change without the need for compensating CVs in return, since once you do that then nothing would really change.
  11. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Support CV leak

    Those are Ships with planes on them, most commonly referred to as Aircraft Carriers.
  12. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Karma Karma....Get your Karma here!!!

    Nice karma limit, sadly due to playing too much not enough Bearn, i constantly hover in the 85-90 karma range.
  13. mfumukoskoldpadda

    DevBlog 305 - Support Carriers Closed Conceptual Test

    I know it's just a concept, however, the stun I hope never leaves the concept phase. Despite being "technically" different from World of Tank's stun the core issue of the stun remains the same and is one of the reasons after 17,000+ battles I don't play it much. The core issue of Stun whether it be here in WoWS or in WoT, is that it removes any type of skillful choices, thinking, strategy, and more for the targeted player for no other reason than some other player decided to click on you and make some aspect of your ship/vehicle useless. For instance, let's say a player is smoking up (doesn't matter the ship) and it is the prime time to strategically use smoke (such as no radar on that side/ close hydro ships) to take point and do damage to needed targets and you get stunned. Suddenly your skillful choice to smoke becomes your death because now you are moving slowly and most likely broadside to the other targets. Now you are doomed for no fault of your own other than some player decided to click on you, much like arty in wot with stun shells. I get the idea behind why they thought of adding it, a way to "deal damage" without actually dealing damage much like wot. So that the player can still earn some credits and XP without having to change much in the formula for how credits and xp are earned, however, the issue is the same, and its just as toxic. More toxic than a Bearn focusing a DD.
  14. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Detonation Despite Flag

    The replay controls are not intuitive at all, so no fault on you there. There is a forum post on EU that shows all the controls and functions. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/138161-replay-controls-and-features/