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  1. This got me thinking

    Why? It would essentially be a 500 million dollar floating target.
  2. actually not that long ago, just back in February and it is just as BrushWolf said, it typically is 14k to15k february 11th to be exact
  3. Wargaming in talks with T-61

    Maybe someday T-61 will be ready for us and get to ride the waves.......
  4. 75 Anniversary of the Great Patriotic War

    Though to be honest, this thread was derailed by the OP when he was typing it up.
  5. Next change on cv gameplay... and i quit.

    i never said it was broken, but just because you stuck to it and learned it and like the difficulty doesnt mean that everyone else does. the problem is that players like you are rare and few and far between. WG wants to fix it so that more accessible and easier to pick up like other classes, making something easier to use or understand =/= removing the difficulty or challenge.
  6. Next change on cv gameplay... and i quit.

    So salty over an idea thats barely in the planning stages, CVs are locked out for almost all of the player base due to their difficulty. They could still go any direction with this, some dev vid of ideas =/= what the end result will be. Carries need to change, they have needed to change for a long time, it was only a matter of when they will change and not if. They want to make CVs more accessible and enjoyable to play for everyone else rather than having it be this monster learning curve. You will have to come to the realization that carrier play is going to change no matter what, the only unknown is how it will look by the time it is finalized, which could be anything at this point.
  7. Time to fix broken HE

    Fire for the Fire god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Asashio will be fun to harvest BB tears in, as well as fun to hunt down in my Kidd, Akizuki or other DD gunboats.
  9. Premium Ship Review: Asashio

  10. Apology

    Still the same answer, you are the troll here but are too blind by ignorance to see it. You are the one that started this, you are the only one to be offended by his genuine apology, you are the only one that keeps taking offense to whatever he replies and not taking criticism. The only one that doesn't understand nor cares here is you. Do you think it's appropriate to waltz into this post where he is being genuinely apologetic and just crapping on it with your troll posts? People take the impact very tragic events in their lives differently. For some, it could mean that certain small inconveniences that they normally would just blow off as nothing suddenly make them a lot angrier than they normally would be no matter what that small inconvenience is, could be stuff happening in an FTP game or something as simple as a door getting stuck or some appliance not working. Tragic event(s) can bring down even the thickest barriers that people have carefully constructed throughout their life and make them open to the elements of life. So its very understandable how what OP mentioned could make him have a shorter fuse than he normally would. And just because you don't have to agree with someone to comment on the forums, does not always mean that you should comment.