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    Scantily Clad? Maybe this is more your type...
  2. Puka Puka Fleet

    Why whine about something that's been on the Asia servers for two years? All they did was show what the community does on other regions. No different than our "sunday ship post" every nation/region has different tastes.
  3. So today I met a Jean Bart

  4. Tier 8 Destroyer Ognevoi Overview Ognevoi sits at T8 in the second line of Russian DDs and presents a departure from the typical Russian gunboat style play such as her tier 7 predecessor Minsk. So, what makes her so different from the previous destroyers or her tier 8 equivalent Kiev? She sports 10km torpedoes and has great concealment when compared with other Russian destroyers, trading some firepower for the improved torpedoes and concealment. Ognevoi is a hybrid ship in every sense of the word the “jack of all trades and master of none” because she is an average ship that does not excel in any single role. Firepower Ognevoi sports four 130mm guns in two twin mount turrets, leaving her venerable to loosing half her firepower if a turret is knocked out (this can nearly be negated with Main Armaments Mod 1). Stock the 130mm guns have an anemic 180 degree turn time of 18.56 seconds, however the upgraded 130mm/55 B-2-U sport only 9 seconds of turn time as well as a slight 100 HP increase to AP shell damage, so upgrading from the stock guns as soon as possible is heavily recommended. Ognevoi’s HE shell damage is fairly good at 1,900 maximum damage however, even though she as a decent reload of 5 seconds, she will not be winning most close range gun fights with the dedicated gun boats. Having an upgraded range of 12.02km (which can be extended to 14km with AFT) so her guns are perfect for harassing battleships and slow moving cruisers. Overall, Ognevoi has decent guns for dealing with battleships and slow/close range cruisers; however, they begin to falter when engaging in close range gunfights with other DDs. Torpedoes Ognevoi’s torpedoes are perhaps one of her greatest qualities, sporting 10km fish in 2x5 (with the upgraded hull, stock hull comes with 6 torpedoes in 2x3 with the same range) tubes. This provides her with 10 torpedoes that she can bring down onto her unsuspecting targets that deal a 15,100 max damage each though they are low damage there are more in the water. However, such firepower comes at a price, a slow speed of 56kts and a slow reload of 92 seconds (1 minute and 32 seconds) making any missed salvos a painful mistake and making it more difficult to land long range hits, so it is advisable to launch one salvo and save the second salvo for later use. Ognevoi’s torpedoes though slow in speed and reload are ideal for area denial. Survivability, Concealment & Maneuverability* *Concealment, maneuverability with survivability statistics go hand in hand and work off each other Stock Ognevoi’s hit points are less than Minsk at tier 7 however with the second hull upgrade she goes from an anemic 13,300hp to 16,100hp making her better able to take hits and still be able to duke it out later in battle, however, Ognevoi has a fairly large silhouette that makes her easier to hit than her predecessors. This can be negated with her quick rudder shift of 4.8 seconds and a small turning circle of only 610 meters, which allows for quick maneuvering to avoid incoming fire. With a top speed of 37kts she is average when compared to other tier 8 ships, it is workable but not amazing. Ognevoi’s concealment is good for a Russian destroyer at a base of 7.74km, however, she will still be out spotted by other destroyers of the same tier like Kagero and Benson and some premium ships. AA Defense Ognevoi’s AA defense is lackluster and captains should not expect it to save them by downing enemy planes before they go in for the attack. However, she comes equipped to counter the lackluster nature of her AA if Captains sailing her are willing to engine boost for Defensive AA fire. DFAA gives her the ability to scatter the drop patters of incoming enemy planes, thus making it easier to avoid bombs and torpedoes. Captains have the option to spec the Ognevoi into an AA build with captain skills and upgrades, however it is unadvisable as the skills and upgrades are better spent improving her concealment, guns or torpedoes. Recommended Upgrades Slot 1: Main Armaments Mod 1 Slot 2: Propulsion Mod 1 Slot 3: Aiming Systems Mod 1 Slot 4: Steering Gears Mod 2 Slot 5: Concealment System Mod 1 For slot, 4 captains who wish to get out of smokes faster or like to dodge fire by playing with the throttle could also take Propulsion Mod 2. Further, for slot 5 captains who are willing to trade stealth for maneuverability could take Steering Gears Mod 3 to make them a harder target to hit. Recommended Captain Skills For players with 15 points to spend on their Ognevoi Captain should take the following skills 1. Priority Target 2. Last Stand 3. Superintendent 4. Concealment Expert 5. Advanced Fire Training (for extra range on the 130mm guns) Summary Pros Good turning circle and rudder shift time for easy dodging of incoming fire Ten 10km torpedoes for area denial Quick turning turrets compared to other Russian DDs Good concealment for a Russian DD Cons Slow torpedoes and lower damage Large silhouette and can still be out spotted by dedicated gun boats from other nations Tightly packed main armaments where taking large hits can knock out more than one system Average speed but slow compared to other Russian DDs Lower hit points than Minsk when stock Playstyle summary Overall Ognevoi is still very much a Russian destroyer gun boat and should be played as such, even though she has the added benefit of longer range torpedoes, however unlike other nations they are incredibly slow and more inclined for use as area denial or in close range combat. Her guns pack a decent reload with quick turret rotation, however, captains should avoid getting into close range knife fights with other destroyers since Ognevoi only comes equipped with 4 guns in a 2 x 2 layout and her large size will make it easier for enemy destroyers to land hits. Her guns have the reload and power to harass enemy battleships and cruisers. Her guns maker her more comfortably played as a gunboat with an added bonus of torpedoes for area denial when contesting caps or pushing flanks. Her maneuverability makes her ideal for avoiding incoming fire from long range. Ognevoi is the Russian jack of all trades master of none, as she does not fit into any single role effectively being an average destroyer across the board. Her Skill floor is high as she has many weaknesses that make her hard for some players to get the hang of, however with the appropriate captain skills and upgrades the weaknesses can be made less of a problem.

  6. And even then if your DCP is on cooldown, you could pop a heal in a sticky situation. And the Zombie ships can easily out heal 2 even 3 fires depending on the set up.
  7. To show you the power of flex tape, I set these ships on fire!
  8. Confirmed eagles gave up

    Pretty much random since it's done automatically