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  1. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Transferred from ASIA ... is NA better or worse?

    You mean everywhere. Also welcome to the family @Otago_F111
  2. mfumukoskoldpadda

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    Aww man, dont go!!!! But the ride has been epic and your service to the community has been immeasurable. I wish ya good luck on your next adventure, and will be supporting you all the way. You can also still keep expecting dank memes hand delivered and crafted for you as well as what ever crosses your mind.
  3. mfumukoskoldpadda

    I got reported

    That's not a report, its a badge of honor for slapping them boys back to Lumbridge Port!!!!!
  4. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Premium Ship Review #134 - Friesland

    Chobi is @Chobittsu the guy who drew the pic of Mouse.
  5. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Premium Ship Review #134 - Friesland

    Friesland AA be like
  6. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Losing money ( game credits, silver money)

    Step 1: Dont play coop for grinding. Step2:????? Step 3: Profit
  7. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Gascogne too OP. WG why is it in the game in its current state?

    Gascogne is nothing compared to the most OP powerhouse ship in the game, Krasny Krym!
  8. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.2

    I did buy scifi, the space camouflage that is
  9. mfumukoskoldpadda

    ST: New ships - Hayate and Thunderer

    *WG: "hold my beer"
  10. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Soon (TM) (British Battleship tease)

    For everyone saying its "thunderer" you know thats impossible right? As Thunderer wasn't even a real ship review, let alone a test ship.
  11. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Opening AL boxes...

    AL Attack of The Clones
  12. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Opening AL boxes...

    I do have this to my name however, 6 of em.
  13. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Opening AL boxes...

    Nope, but it did happen