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  1. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Mouse and the CV Rework

  2. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Mouse and the CV Rework

    It was random,i have the grand total of 4 pvp CV games and i got in.
  3. mfumukoskoldpadda

    When You Fail To Complete A Collection By One Item...

    I think the event ends tomorrow when the update hits
  4. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Submarine Meme Memorial Thread

    This thread is to remember all of those submarine memes that have recently passed away only hours ago. To honor them, post your best old WoWs submarine memes. #GoneButNotForgotten #WeWillRemember I'll start things off with one I made, my favorite...
  5. mfumukoskoldpadda

    A sad day in FL: Mass-shooting at Gaming Tourney

    People arguing in this thread vs people watching the battle go down.
  6. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Uninstalling this stupid game

  7. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Puka Puka Fleet

  8. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Puka Puka Fleet

  9. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Puka Puka Fleet

    Scantily Clad? Maybe this is more your type...
  10. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Puka Puka Fleet

  11. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Puka Puka Fleet

    Why whine about something that's been on the Asia servers for two years? All they did was show what the community does on other regions. No different than our "sunday ship post" every nation/region has different tastes.
  12. mfumukoskoldpadda

    So today I met a Jean Bart