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  1. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Flamed for using AP on The Conqueror.

    Just ignore the haters, AP Conq is powerful. Since many players expect HE to be heading their way (because its a conq) they feel safe when they turn broadside to your guns, not expecting a full salvo of AP. Just like the Spanish Inquisition, nobody expects the AP Conqueror.
  2. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    People seem fine with paper ships and lines from other nations, but as soon as its any thing Russian(even real ships), they pitch a fit.
  3. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    But Remember, Montana = 100% Paper Ship Izmail, Sovetsky Soyuz, and even Stalingrad = Real ships. They existed more than the Montana ever did.
  4. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Zipper Sub Unusable

    "Git Gud"- Dasha
  5. Did you read nothing by WG, or the Psa by Radar_X or Sub_Octavian? I dont see an issue here, for every fxp/coal ship there were those that always voiced that they loved the game but couldn't invest time into grinding the FXP or coal to get em. And Anyone could pretty much buy FXP ships if they had the money, doesnt take long to grind out lots of XP for conversion. It would be pretty uncommon for a new player to throw down 80 or $148 on a new game, and the "wallet warriors" keep your free game running.
  6. Team killing like this to deny a kill is Wrong and the Team killer responsible must be punished!!
  7. My memes spread far and wide spreading joy and groans wherever they go@Phoenix_jz @Lert. Just ask @Pigeon_of_War xD
  8. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Mouse's Morning of Testing

    WG when tasked with fixing 0 dmg pens
  9. mfumukoskoldpadda

    P.E.F Heavy nerf(and dreadnought)

    A balanced premium is nice, haven't had a truly balanced premium in a while.
  10. mfumukoskoldpadda

    P.E.F Heavy nerf(and dreadnought)

    Oh no WG nerfed ships that are still in development, whos stats can change at any moment. "Waaaa, WG isn't giving me another broken ship, waaaaa, its not broken so it must be crap waaaaaaaa."
  11. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Mouse and the CV Rework

  12. mfumukoskoldpadda

    Mouse and the CV Rework

    It was random,i have the grand total of 4 pvp CV games and i got in.
  13. mfumukoskoldpadda

    When You Fail To Complete A Collection By One Item...

    I think the event ends tomorrow when the update hits