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  1. That's funny that is becoming one of my favorite things to do when I'm dived up with a couple other guys and I'm playing my CV, they wait for me to start an attack run on either a cruiser or battleship and then as soon as the [edited] turns broadside to avoid me hitting them with one or two torpedoes he gets pounded by two battleships brushing his broadside. And then people complain that a CV is too powerful.
  2. Funny thing is he has played them and he sucks in them "his words" but yet CV are OP and AA needs to be stronger for dd's.
  3. The funny thing is you are still throwing a tantrum like a Demo snowflake, for someone claiming to be such a bada** in destroyers especially AA destroyers. It makes you sound that much more like an idiot. Every gearing kidd and Fletcher I've seen play absolutely massacres CV planes. And your whole argument of I've seen a YouTube video of a DD losing 3/4 of his health is once again moronic. Just because somebody post a video of a DD losing 3/4 of his health does not mean every time a Midway drops on them that is what happens, yet that is what you imply. And the fact that you feel the need to stat shame other players just shows that your whole purpose of this thread was to troll and be a keyboard tough guy. I get most of the children are on spring break right now but that doesn't mean you need to be acting like one.
  4. Zeus_0311

    What are the odds...

    I guess you're just not getting it,maybe you should go back and read what some other people are saying as well. You may think you're helping but all you're doing is irritating people your poster unhelpful and informative. Especially your post on how to play a CV all anyone has to do is look at your stats and see you have no idea how to play a CV, yet you go on and on telling people how to play them. you may want to consider going back to tier 4 and start learning to play them all over again.
  5. Zeus_0311

    What are the odds...

    Unfortunately he tries to but he's not a very good CV player so no one will take him seriously, and then the other half of his posts are complete nonsense.
  6. Zeus_0311

    What are the odds...

    I'm sorry nobody cares about your life story, everyone has a story about how rough their life was and guess what nobody really cares. For someone who claims to be so busy you have more post than most of the moderators honest forum.
  7. Zeus_0311

    What are the odds...

    It's not even one every day he makes 3 to 4 threads every day, they need to limit the time old people can spend on computers in a retirement home.
  8. Zeus_0311

    My Response to WG REEEWORK Survey.

    Wargaming doesn't give a cat's tail about the average CV player, all wargaming seems to care about is balancing seavees to unicom players. which is funny because you don't see wargaming balancing the other classes to make things harder for unicom's. You see you to come players all the time dominating a game in another class, and that is okay but if unicum does it in a CV then CDs are overpowered and must be nerfed or AA needs to be overpowered and DD's need to get special concealment. But once again the average player gets screwed.
  9. Zeus_0311

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    I guess I should have try you're Wargaming fix 1st!
  10. Zeus_0311

    CV Nerfs = CV USELESS

    I love it when a DD make's it pass the team to get back to you and you spend 10 min's trying to kill him. That's the best kind of fun!
  11. 100% agree this should have been the top priority
  12. Zeus_0311

    Question about Radar nerf in 8.0.4

    Captains, Today we will talk about the improvement of the new gameplay of aircraft carriers. As already noted, with such a big change in the game, it has been necessary to apply some corrections over a few updates, and now we will share our plans for the foreseeable future – up to 0.8.4. Please remember that plans sometimes change: the information below is preliminary, the timeframe may move, and following your feedback and suggestions, some points may well be added a little later. Balance settings, general to specific. We are now at the stage of adjusting the balance between the classes and focusing on addressing specific issues (e.g. alternate torpedo X Hakuryuto The individual fine-tuning of the ships is out of the question for now. For example, first we need to find the optimal balance of air defense and aircraft losses at each tier, and then, if individual aircraft carriers lose too many aircraft, we can individually increase the survivability (or, if the air defense of individual ships is too weak, it can be strengthened). In addition, it should be understood that the gameplay has changed greatly, and players are still learning and adapting. Statistics of combat effectiveness of carriers and other ships on the part of air defense is changing literally every day and only after some time will it stabilize. Therefore, it should take at least a few days after each balance change before making preliminary conclusions. Some changes will affect the mechanics of constant air defense damage. As we said earlier, the number of explosions that appear in the path of the squadron is limited, which on the one hand still leaves the flak bursts of ships strong enough but at the same time gives a chance to the planes to survive and not to see just a wall of "black" sky in front of them (read more here) Constant damage from a couple of ships is simply added up, resulting in excessive efficiency of any group of ships (given that flak now gives more air defense breaks). To solve this problem, we implemented a nonlinear addition of constant damage. Overlapping air defense zones will still be effective, but the squadron will have more chance to keep aircraft. If the squadron gets into the zone of action of the same two groups of guns with permanent damage 600, the total damage is equal to 960 and not 1200. Hit three zones, 1260, not 1800. To solve the problem of "F-spam" (when the player, after an attack, could recall a squadron even under heavy air defense fire with impunity), we significantly increased the period of vulnerability of aircraft (climb) when returning. Now recalling a squadron to the aircraft carrier should be done only after leaving the zone of air defense, otherwise losses are inevitable. The same mechanics currently affect aircraft that have just carried out an attack - they need to gain the same altitude before they become invulnerable. Taken together, the problem of F-spam was solved, but, as many rightly noted, the loss of aircraft after attacking increased. To mitigate this, we will reduce the invulnerability ceiling for aircraft that have carried out an attack, but the squadron that a player returns using F-Key will still return via the higher altitude. This will soften the exit from the battle for the planes, but at the same time to avoid the return the "F-spam" exploit. Taking into account the new mechanics of calculating the damage of intersecting zones, significant changes in this area may not occur if other changes sufficiently affect the survival of aircraft. We received proposals to take into account the damage to aircraft in the combat economy so that any contribution to the air defense team was evaluated. The plan is to add damage inflicted to aircraft on the battle results screen, and in the calculation of economic rewards, but it will be added a little later, when statistics have stabilized. The priority air defense sector interface, as well as the information regarding plane readiness on the deck of the carrier will be reworked for more convenience and clarity. We agree with the popular opinion that aircraft carriers have excessive capabilities to spot enemy ships, especially at the start of the battle. Work on a solution of the situation is already underway, and we will share information on progress in future publications. In addition, the action of the skill "Radio Location" will be disabled for aircraft by popular request. The same can be said about the interaction of aircraft carriers and destroyers – the search for opportunities to mitigate the unpleasant scenario in which the aircraft carrier can effectively shut down a destroyer with exhaustive attacks are already underway. We're testing changes to the settings of the Attack Aircraft and other potential improvements. There are chances that radical solutions will not be required, since the problems with the scenario described above play a serious role in the confrontation of the "Destroyer – Aircraft Carrier". After collecting your comments, we will try to modify the autopilot, so that its operation is more predictable and more convenient and reliable to use. Once again, this is a preliminary and possibly incomplete list, and these changes are planned to be implemented by the 0.8.4 update. We will continue to inform you about our plans and future changes. Thank you for playing, your feedback, suggestions, and above all – for your concern.
  13. Zeus_0311

    Question about Radar nerf in 8.0.4

    Just just looked on a EU server no mention of any update Wednesday, and they normally get this information before we do.
  14. Zeus_0311

    Dive Bombers are new Rocket Planes!

    So dive-bombers will be nerfed next after DD start crying about them.