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  1. Says Hood?
  2. Best: Santa boxes. Great ROI and just plain fun. I've enjoyed everything I got. Honorable mention goes to the Thanksgiving sale on premium time. Both of these have contributed to my long-term enjoyment of the game. Best premiums: The German BB trio. I've had a lot of fun with those ships. Worst: Most of the low-tier premiums that I bought early on. Didn't use them much and don't use them at all now. Wish I'd spent the money on one higher-tier premium instead.
  3. That's a complex way to make damage control more complex without solving (or identifying...) a problem. Might as well toss in counter-flooding, pumps, and RNG as to whether watertight hatches have been sealed and if everything is working. Gosh, that would be fun.
  4. I like the comment about it being impossible, as though the game actually conforms to a strict set of natural laws. Someone has never worked in software development, obviously. That said, I did see something much like the OP describes this weekend. It was a DD that showed on the minimap but didn't render for a second or two, at a distance of about 4km. Just one of those quirks of a digital world linked together through imperfect networks. No big deal.
  5. And you've only played nine games in that Myogi. You barely know her.
  6. To be fair, you haven't tried the Myogi with the improved hulls. As you play the game more, you'll see what a difference those can make. For BBs they generally feature faster rudder shift times, more HP, and better AA. They can really change the experience. Don't rush up the lines.
  7. See the arrows? You need the B and C hulls researched. That's the difference in required XP that you're seeing.
  8. You're doing it wrong, then. I run it on high at 1440p on a 2012 Mac Pro.
  9. Fair? Fairness is a concern for little kids.
  10. Weekends require a different play style. I mostly play coop on weekends, just because of the frustrations involved in playing with people who aren't competitive.
  11. It's always fun to pretend to have experience.
  12. Can't win AND needs attention.
  13. You mean to say Bootcamp, and no. It would be silly for me to be running Windows and talking about the Mac client. I just went and sold an old module. No problems. It works. 10.12.6, most recent client.
  14. Works fine for me. Update your client.
  15. It's a game. The digital gunbarrel doesn't have to point at the digital plane. Once a plane enters the AA aura, it starts to take damage. It has nothing to do with the mechanics of engaging surface targets. Given that others have already explained this and the poor fellow can't understand, I think I've wasted two minutes here.