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  1. MikeLWX


    It was a regular thing to have a griefer in a game or two each session. That led to a lot of people shooting those that accidentally shot a teammate, and teams would basically eat themselves. It was a really lame thing. WG has fixed this one the right way.
  2. If you want something removed, remove proxy spotting. Show ships spotted by teammates only on the minimap.
  3. Peak-time weekends play differently than other times. That means your given style might work better or worse on weekends. People say silly things about weekend win rates, but in each game one team wins and one loses. It’s about how you adapt your play style to fit a given team.
  4. MikeLWX

    Game totally out of sync what the hell!

    Sounds like you locked your turrets on a bearing and weren’t aware you’d done it.
  5. MikeLWX

    Are there any [edited]-free clans?

    Hey, show some tolerance.
  6. MikeLWX

    Are there any [edited]-free clans?

    What are you talking about?
  7. MikeLWX

    Coop Troll induces a Team Kill

    Sounds like your fault.
  8. MikeLWX

    Tour the Missouri - BB 63

    MO is such a dull ship to tour. No real access to anything interesting. Just berthing spaces, briefing rooms, and mess decks. Very disappointing.
  9. MikeLWX

    Life of a Des Moines in Ranked

    Today I’ve played 4 DM games. With good, aggressive teams the two wins were 150k damage or so each. With less cohesive teams featuring BBs-without-maps, about 30k of damage each in losses.
  10. MikeLWX

    The Forum's best! (Post number #20,000)

    Maybe it’s time to go outside?
  11. MikeLWX

    Why do ships appear then disappear?

    Most likely what you don’t understand is called proxy spotting. WG allows you to “see” ships that your teammates see. If your teammate spots a ship, you can see and target it. If the teammate spotting it can no long spot it, it disappears for you, too.
  12. MikeLWX

    Ingame Down casting and Complaing

    When your win rate is 44%, you’re going to get that. Maybe make an effort to be a better teammate yourself?
  13. Somebody is a very excitable boy.
  14. MikeLWX

    Idea to make BB players help the team .

    Restricting proxy spotting to the mini-map would be a lot more interesting. It would force players to actually use the mini-map, reduce the ineffective and gaming-killing long-range pot shot “tactic”, and generally encourage movement toward the enemy. It would be fun to play test some of these things.
  15. How much does the money matter to you? Only you can answer that. It’s like asking if any other purchase in life is “worth it.” Only you know your situation, your priorities, and your desires. Who cares what others think? Do whatever satisfies you. It’s pretty simple, eh?