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  1. I wouldn’t put much historical stock into the WoWs wiki. It’s written for marketing purposes by “enthusiasts.” If there’s any viable history there, it’s been borrowed from actual sources.
  2. I’m just glad that everyone’s real lives are going so well that they can expend such passion on such meaningless things.
  3. MikeLWX

    Why is Ocean map still in the game?

    I like it. Makes for a nice change of pace.
  4. MikeLWX

    Almost had fun this weekend

    “Almost fun” has become fairly descriptive of this game lately.
  5. MikeLWX

    WOWS moves on, so do CPUs

    I use a Mac for everything other than gaming. It’s not that Macs aren’t meant for gaming—it’s all standard Intel hardware. It’s that game developers don’t have the resources to properly port their games to a Mac. It’s a different OS with different technologies, and most game studios don’t have the capability to work outside of Windows. That leads to things like this game running in a wrapper—not an emulator. It’s a poor compromise. If your Mac is fine for the rest of what you do (and a 2014 likely will be for a few more years), consider buying a cheap Windows box. You don’t need much in terms of performance to play WoWs. It’s meant to run on really low-end hardware. If you’ve currently got a mini, you should be able to use the same monitor for both. I really enjoy doing my gaming on one computer and everything else on another. While I’m waiting for matches I can use the other computer and monitor for other tasks.
  6. MikeLWX

    New Game Mode - Elite Random

    Some kind of skill-based MM sure would be nice. It’s so frustrating to have players that don’t seem to understand the basics on a team. I’m sure I create frustration for players better than me, too. Randoms on weekends might be fun if they tried it.
  7. MikeLWX

    Come Sail in SYN

    Not sure why KW would know what I’ve done with whom, or why he’d want to suggest that he does. Those of us who were booted were given the choice of joining a sub clan with an undeveloped (comparatively) base and leaving. We contributed oil to build the SYN base. Then somebody decided they wanted to change the format, and just did it. I guess that’s how it works. It’s not something I’d be proud of doing. The funny thing is that KW tried to present it as being a totally neutral thing. Same economic benefits, he claimed. Not sure why he’d try to pull that one, but it’s certainly a dishonest and insulting thing to say. I’m not sure why he’s trying to spin it, but it is what it is. Someone who can’t keep a commitment or put the price of change he wants on himself. If the group had been formed as having requirements, that would be one thing. I’m simply of the mind that when something is communally built, those who want change should bear the cost of change. Those of us who were booted are now paying more to run our ships and receiving fewer benefits, even though we all contributed to creating those benefits. I’m sure it’s cool if you’re not being booted, and can hire some help to try to improve he clan’s performance. It was done in such a poor way, too. No discussion in the clan chat, no talk about what someone would like changed, and no warning. I can’t speak for the others who were booted, but had anyone asked if I’d wanted to play in CBs, I’d have been happy to. Never saw a thing in the evenings asking for participation, nor did anyone drop me a line. The group playing CB always appeared full, never once offering the opportunity in the clan chat to participate. I’m not the type to try to take someone’s place if they’ve got a full team. The whole thing is disappointing.
  8. MikeLWX

    Come Sail in SYN

    Be cautious when joining SYN. Out of the blue, I was booted last night, apparently for not playing CBs and not spending my free time on Discord. I’d joined SYN when it was promoted as a casual clan with no requirements. Contributed oil for a year and a half, and now that the economic bonuses are built... Thanks for the fish. It’s a good group of guys, but the “leadership” has a surprising lack of integrity and loyalty. It’s disappoint8ng.
  9. MikeLWX

    How long do they last?

    I think what he’s trying to say is that he needs to adjust his withholding.
  10. MikeLWX

    DD's in coops

    No, you just continued to be defensive and expose that giant chip on your shoulder. You’re not the voice of the co-op community—nor should you try to be. It doesn’t work for you. You’ve got issues that you bring to it.
  11. MikeLWX

    DD's in coops

    Not sure why co-op brings out such emotions and defensiveness. So what if it gets called easy mode? That’s what it is. This is like a mini-golf player getting lathered up when someone says it’s easier than golf. Ever seen that? Me either. Mini-golf players may be more self-aware than co-op mavens.
  12. MikeLWX

    DD's in coops

    Not really. It’s a fine place to learn the characteristics of your ship’s guns, but the bots behave significantly different than most human players. Bots won’t play a cruiser, DD, or BB like a human. They play all three basically the same. No dodging, no angling, no variance in speed. They teach gunnery that is actually harmful in Randoms.
  13. MikeLWX

    DD's in coops

    Odd that you assume I don’t care about Co-op, just because I believe that it requires no teamwork and is easy mode. Those are the reasons I play it a lot more than Random, lately. I don’t get frustrated with the other players, simply because I have zero expectations that they have any skill or ability. It’s actually better for me, both in terms of compensation and fun, if they have no skill at all. In Randoms, the overall lack of skill on weekends just kills it for me. I’m a decent player, but not a player that can carry a team of potatos. The lack of skill-based MM would drive me away from the game. With Co-op now providing a way to participate in events and campaigns, I can enjoy it. I’ve got most of the ships I want, so XP doesn’t mean much to me anymore. Credits aren’t a problem. I do miss having to play with a brain, as Co-op doesn’t allow for much skilled play. The bots are never surprising, there’s never much need to do more than the basics, and games are over too quickly to allow for much finesse. There’s a lot less satisfaction playing Co-op than Random, but the change in frustration levels pushes me to Co-op.
  14. MikeLWX

    Well..Wikipedia dun [edited] up!

    Dear lord, I read 1997 as 1977... my eyes!