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  1. The level of silly thinking going on here is impressive. There are two reasons to bot: XP and credits. Botting a Midway accomplishes neither. It’s just a bad player, like so many others. Keep it simple, stupid.
  2. Codeweavers have told me that there’s a known bug in the current wrapper. They’re working on a fix but don’t have an ETA.
  3. It’s way more than just one guy, unfortunately. Jumping tiers is fine, so long as you realize that doing so isn’t insta-win. If you haven’t developed the skills for,the gameplay, you might not have much fun.
  4. NeutralState hasn’t played either ship. Not sure why those without experience offer opinions, but I do wish they would be upfront about their lack of firsthand knowledge. I do own both. You can’t go wrong with either. Scharnhorst is more fun, but Tirpitz is more like the rest of the line. Scharnhorst’s matchmaking and playstyle can make for very carefree play. If this is a big purchase for you, I’d suggest you try them both out on the test server. That first-hand experience would guide your choice much better than anything any of us can suggest.
  5. Step one is to do something that most people don’t like.
  6. Yeah, the 2.0.16 update is a clunker. No freezes in Coop, but every match in Random. Guess where the inept testers didn't test it? Went back to 2.0.12 and have no issues.
  7. 2.0.12 is the last client that works reliably for me. Many lock-ups today while playing on the current version. Glad I've got 2.0.12 around still.
  8. Complicate it all to satisfy your fragile ego? No thanks. If you want kills, time your shots. It's not complicated.
  9. If you put as much effort into learning to be a better player as you do making excuses, you might be happier.
  10. Wow, I was really right about this guy. Hope he can man up and take responsibility for his play, but we all know he won't.
  11. There will always be potatoes who can't stop blaming everything but themselves.
  12. Texas is very likely beyond saving. It's just a matter of time until too much cumulative neglect leads to her demise.
  13. You died first. Simple. If it had been a Random, you'd have gotten an accomplishment that explained it. Because it was coop, no accomplishment.
  14. Your account doesn't show much experience with any of these.
  15. If you aren't having fun, do something else. It's not rocket science to figure that out.