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  1. Perhaps bad players are simply more persistent than good players? Meaning that as the game ages and has difficulties, competitive players will leave the game in search of new experiences. Less serious video game players might hang around more.
  2. New Star Wars? Not since 1983.
  3. MikeLWX

    I visited the Missouri

    Such a poorly done museum ship, though. Hey look, another berthing space... Very little access to anything truly interesting. Alabama is a much better museum ship.
  4. MikeLWX

    An Interesting Experiment In Co-Op

    Over the last year I’ve played mostly co-op. It’s been fun. Bad team? Just means more opportunity for me to rack up damage and kills. I’m no longer frustrated by bad players, but actually hopeful to see them. I’m rarely disappointed.
  5. MikeLWX


    Played a lot of coop on the 4th. Never felt that when I was using a BB I was at a disadvantage. Coop rewards aggression. If you try to play as a distant BB, you’re not going to accomplish much. Get in close, where you should be, and you’ll rack up nice scores. I had several 4-kill, 100,000-150,000 damage games in BBs yesterday.
  6. This sounds like a great way to continue decreasing the number of long-time players. I’ve stopped playing Randoms. Only play Coop maybe 2 days a week now. I used to spend hundreds of dollars per year on the game. Nothing since Christmas this year, though. At some point the devs need to think about why we all started playing this game. This New Coke stuff isn’t capturing my time, let alone my money.
  7. MikeLWX

    Why I quit playing randoms

    I’ve largely stopped playing Randoms, too. The enjoyment to frustration ratio is out of balance. Bring in skill-based MM, where I can compete with similarly situated players. I don’t enjoy either extreme—playing with those that don’t understand the mechanics or with those who are so much better than me that I need to hope for a golden BB. I wouldn’t waste my time going out to play tennis with those that are far inferior or far superior to me. I’m not interested in doing that while sitting at my computer, either. All I want is a good, competitive experience with teammates and opponents who are at a comparable skill level to me.
  8. MikeLWX

    Premium Advice

    Think about your goals. If US BBs are in your future, a captain trainer that is useful with the skills they demand is what you want. That would be Alabama. MA isn’t so useful for training US BB captains, as her abilities require a different set of skills. If variety is what you’re after, you can expand your selection beyond American ships into some othe fun directions.
  9. Forever is a very long time. How about until WoWS shuts down?
  10. MikeLWX

    Ban in Chat

    Who are you threatening to track down and harm, exactly? People like you need to do some serious self-assessments and get some help.
  11. MikeLWX

    I have a go fund me

    Plenty of folks make a good living using their computer at home. Why can’t you?
  12. MikeLWX

    I have a go fund me

    Whole lotta time to play games, but somehow unable to work...
  13. MikeLWX

    WG - Wrong Planes on Enterprise

    Don't confuse success with causality. Pilot training, proper tactics, superior C3, better fuel, etc. likely had more to do with the USN's success than type of aircraft. In other words, whether it was an F6F, a late F4F, or an F4U, the results wouldn't likely have changed very much.
  14. MikeLWX

    Teck tree

    How does a person get to tier 9 without understanding that they must have all of the required modules unlocked, or be willing to unlock them, before moving to the next ship?
  15. No, I mean proxy spotting. Many of the ills that this game suffers from stem from it. It’s a stupid concept that forces so many compromised balance mechanics. It encourages terrible game play.