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  1. Vulgarities

    And yet it’s not a right. Rights don’t exist just because you’d like them to, or because you have a special sensitivity. You also can’t create them through the improper application of law. Your idea of injury is laughable.
  2. Vulgarities

    Oh, goodness, I’m sorry sweetheart but that’s not a “right.” Our educational system hasn’t served you very well.
  3. Vulgarities

    Playing a Mac doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Just use one of the modifier keys. Been a while since I played on one, but it’s no different than manual targeting or any pointer-related GUI element. I’d rather get rid of the crap players than the crap language. Fix the one, and there will be a lot less of the other.
  4. There’s nothing wrong with telling a business what they need to do to earn your business. Especially when it’s a reasonable expectation.
  5. Need help with Pensacola

    I enjoyed it, and I’m enjoying the New Orleans. With Pensa, I cared quite a bit about my concealment. Plan your shots, using situational awareness to know who is going to have a good shot on you when you open up and become visible. It’s best to have your angle already set, making yourself an unattractive target. To that end, don’t let yourself get isolated. US cruisers really demand great situational awareness and minimap use.
  6. How did this happen?

    Splash damage.
  7. Weekends require a more adaptable play style. On "normal" days, battles tend to unfold in predictable ways. There's a greater understanding of ship roles and the minimap. On weekend, this isn't the case. It can be frustrating.
  8. Keep the New Orleans or not

    Split aside, there’s only one opinion that matters—your own. Who cares if someone else does or doesn’t enjoy it? Decide what it’s worth to you.
  9. Ramming

    It’s no more or less common than any other time. It can be a smart play. Not sure why you’re upset about it.
  10. WG needs to hire support people who can read and understand simple questions.
  11. So the gimic would be turrets that randomly fail and ineffective AA? Gosh, sounds like fun.
  12. What do ship lines have to do with a game engine? Very little. Two different sets of programming skills.
  13. Incoming nuke alert...Hawaiian Islands

    You likely don’t get a warning. HI created a system due to the level of fear there. It’s not a Federal system.
  14. Incoming nuke alert...Hawaiian Islands

    Nationalism knows no bounds... communism, fascism, capitalism, whatever the threat du jure of the day may. MAD works. There are only nine nuclear powers. Relax and bask in the 70+ years of peace and prosperity that MAD has allowed us to enjoy. Be thankful that MAD brought an end to industrialized total war. Thank god for the bomb—all of our lives are better for it.