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  1. It's also that, for me, Indy just isn't fun to play. It's a co-op only ship.
  2. Detailed explanation: It's a game.
  3. Asking your age is an attempt to better understand where you're coming from. I suspect you don't have much real experience, and enjoy thinking that reading about something on the Internet is an acceptable substitute for actual knowledge or real-world experience. Perhaps I'm wrong. I know how I pick the contractors that do work on my house, and it's not based on their wikipedia reading history. This is reminding me of an interview team I was on once. We were selecting someone for a director-level position. An interview was granted to a politically-connected individual. Whenever a question about knowledge, experience, or practical application was asked, this woman gave variations of "I'm really good at Googling stuff." It was hard to keep a straight face. She didn't get the job, but she's now a state-level Democratic member of the legislature. Surprise, surprise, right? It's at least comforting to know that she landed somewhere where she can't do much more damage.
  4. It's accurate thinking. How old are you? That may help to frame what you're saying.
  5. That isn't what I said, is it? If you want to put words in someone's mouth, go right ahead, but don't expect it to be credible.
  6. An expert without direct experience isn't an expert. Credibility is a word that actually means something.
  7. What was your point?
  8. Guys who have more forum posts than battles generally know a lot about... typing.
  9. Why? Would you take medical advice from some guy that saw someone put a band-aid on that one time, a few years ago?
  10. I play half as much in the summer compared to winter. Who wants to sit inside when it's nice? WG is happy enough with the numbers to invest in creating WoWS Blitz. That's telling.
  11. As with anything in life, there are people on the forum that confuse their opinions with actual experience.
  12. I probably should have read the instructions, eh?
  13. I'm trying to edit my video memory size using Regedit, as per https://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/crossover/tips/world-of-warships/setting-videomemorysize-to-prevent-wows-from-overrunning-available-memory I can't get Regedit to run for the actual WoWs application, just the launcher. Any suggestions? When I launch the program from the launcher, there's no file menu available to get to a Run... command.
  14. I'm quite certain that WG has looked at different pricing models and picked the one that delivers the most profit over a certain period of time. Do they care if they sell one hundred-dollar ship or one hundred one-dollar ships? Yes. There's a transactional cost. Also, perceived scarcity drives sales. All in all, their prices are fair for the demographic they target--working professional adults. If you're a kid or a college student, you're not their primary target market. They know you don't have the disposable income that's desired.
  15. Reroll.