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  1. I’m an adult, so I just ignore it.
  2. I suppose the Santa crates are the next to go, eh? I’ve enjoyed the game, will continue to play, but perhaps I’ve spent enough.
  3. Count me in with those who only buy when there are discounts. That’s not just with this game, it’s with everything in life. No discount, no deal, no purchase. I happily spend money when I feel I’m getting a deal. Yesterday I bought a TV for $2,500. Why? It was a good deal. Had it not been discounted, I’d not have bought it. I’ve got plenty to spend on this game, but it has to happen in a way that I feel good about.
  4. Doubloons

    When WG shuts down the servers, your purchases expire.
  5. The game is designed to make money for WG. As you advance in the game and become more invested in it, the incentives to spend money increase. It’s a very reasonable proposition. If you enjoy the game, surely you can understand the need to pay for your enjoyment of it.
  6. The few I’ve played with so far haven’t exactly been dominate.
  7. Consumable List Too Long

    Increase your resolution.
  8. anyone using satellite based internet service?

    I’ve never used a worse service.
  9. It’s not tier 4, and CVs make more than 15kts. Your teammate was right and you were wrong. Play as a team or go do something else.
  10. It's hard to tell what kind of point the OP was trying to make. Year over year numbers for each of the last two years show growth. Each year shows that this is the time when the pop starts to decline, and it starts to come back in late summer. It makes an awful lot of sense, doesn't it? It's nice that the game continues to get more popular.
  11. So when spring comes, people go outside... whoa.
  12. Pre-WWII ships in WWII

    The OP doesn’t seem to understand warships. It’s not like comparing a 1939 Hawker Hurricane to an Me-262. Naval technology is just different. A ship then had a lifespan of decades. Look at Iowa, for example. The design was done in 1939, and the ship was commissioned in 1943. By the time she retired in 1990, her capabilities and mission were considerably different than what her designers imagined in the late 1930s. Refits and overhauls add considerable capability to a ship over time. Most combatants didn’t build many capital ships during the war. In terms of large warships, WW2 was largely fought by ships either in service or under construction in 1939 (USN aside)..
  13. Vulgarities

    You've convinced me of that.
  14. Vulgarities

    He's saying that you don't understand the First Amendment, and he's correct. Ten minutes of reading will likely fix you.