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  1. You likely don’t get a warning. HI created a system due to the level of fear there. It’s not a Federal system.
  2. Nationalism knows no bounds... communism, fascism, capitalism, whatever the threat du jure of the day may. MAD works. There are only nine nuclear powers. Relax and bask in the 70+ years of peace and prosperity that MAD has allowed us to enjoy. Be thankful that MAD brought an end to industrialized total war. Thank god for the bomb—all of our lives are better for it.
  3. Fraudulent Steam Charges

    Or it’s not what we’d normally think of as credit card fraud. I can’t think of another reason why a CC company would try to put it on the consumer to handle it. That’s simply not how it works.
  4. Fraudulent Steam Charges

    Why are you contacting Steam? You need to work through your CC company.
  5. And yet WG doesn’t say that on their DL page, and the average consumer would never know it. For most people, it’s simply something that WG promotes and provides. What does it matter if WG contracts with a third party to provide the client? Particularly given that WG contracts with a third party (Lesta) to provide them with the Windows client...
  6. That's silly. They provide a client and promote it.
  7. The problem is the incongruity between WG and their customers. A behavior doesn’t need to be against a published set of rules for it to be wrong. WG should have the confidence to end the behavior, but they don’t. As with most of life, doing the right thing is actually really easy. No decent person becomes truly upset when the right thing is done. By not doing the simple, right thing, WG has exasperated the situation and created a player base that is engaging in abusive self-help. It’s an unfortunate and unnecessary situation.
  8. I stopped playing on my Mac. I imagine that’s been the case for a lot of people. WG is hurting themselves by providing a buggy product.
  9. Let me channel my inner Seagal... s a r c a s...zzzz
  10. His voice has always been broken.
  11. 5 of the big boxes. Gallant, Okhotnik, 30 flags, 15 camos.
  12. I too got fed up with the Mac wrapper. Ordered an i7-8700 with a GTX 1080 for $1,077. So far, it’s a great game machine. My Mac still gets used for everything else.
  13. Weekend teams just play differently. The strategies are different, the skill level is different, and the outcomes are unpredictable. It can be very frustrating for someone who plays more often during the week.

    Some of you guys are a little touchy about someone not liking your game. It’s really ok,