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  1. Vader_Sama

    Musashi turret rotation

    I'd reckon you also got the slot 6 upgrade Main battery mod 3 equipped which does make it 57.6 seconds as listed
  2. Vader_Sama


  3. Vader_Sama

    PVE Clans

    Try contacting @Kizarvexis if there are any open spots available
  4. Vader_Sama

    Narai, Shark among......

    I'll tell you a little trade secret, transports are no longer the best way to get xp in Narai. Anyone doing the CV route and rushes into the harbor reaps the vast majority of the xp pool available leaving the one doing the transport in the dust.
  5. AFAIK, Belfast isn't even in the premium tier 7 container drop list.
  6. Vader_Sama

    Please enable chat if you play Ops

    Chats often times in Narai from my perspective, is just people bickering over the transports and get salty over someone "kill stealing" a transport and then the whole drama just gets worse. With that said, it's amusing to read it all
  7. Vader_Sama

    WG: Please fix Immelman Stealth Plane Bug

    apparently it's due to some mods
  8. Vader_Sama

    Please enable chat if you play Ops

    ignore the secondary objectives like going for CV and transport and just focus on killing everything in the harbor 9/10 times you will end up outstripping everyone else in the xp whether it's a 5 star or not and the xp differences of not getting those stars are not a huge issue in your own overall performance.
  9. Vader_Sama

    CVs in Killer Whale

    He meant that what could've been a guaranteed 5 star win became a loss due to negligence on entering the green escape circle
  10. Vader_Sama

    WG, What the hell

    UK and German BBs
  11. Vader_Sama

    CVs in Killer Whale

    Umm yea ignore what WhiteCoatClubber said, going to that corner is unproductive and meaningless. The AI would generally ignore targeting CVs unless they are the only target in range, if you keep moving the CV around to key positions, you would almost never see yourself come under fire by enemy ships and you would constantly be cycling planes quickly after using up your squad.
  12. Vader_Sama


  13. Vader_Sama

    Premium - Auto-Renewal

    Be like this guy and never renew again in your life
  14. Vader_Sama

    CVs in Killer Whale

    Well if I'm playing CV and stacking up my good camos and flags, you bet that I will go for easy xp whenever convenient.
  15. Vader_Sama

    CVs in Killer Whale

    which is why I always snipe the transports early because the team may exit very early before the other waves spawns in.