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  1. Vader_Sama

    What happened here?

    You have your own teammate (a division mate at that) that was 3km in front of you and you still launched torps? Geez wouldn't even surprise me that the div mate would either leave the div or kick you right after that battle.
  2. And so far everything I've heard of A-150 notes that it would have 18 in. of armor.
  3. Well I'm curious about its belt armor thickness which would be more than a Yamato if it was an actual A-150 design.
  4. Vader_Sama

    Thanks for the free Port Slot WG

    If you have the option of freeing a port slot from a tier 5 in order to fit in a tier 8-10 sometime later in the future especially anticipating future events like snowflakes or anniversary, then the tier 5 becomes expendable and forgettable.
  5. This thread is, but the argument is not about ARP ships and I did say "as of now" Recent coal ships and free xp ships were available to be purchased directly from the premium shops so they would fall under purchased premium ships under your logic. Older ones like Nelson and previously Missouri, Musashi and Kronshtatd weren't ever sold directly in the premium stores upon their release, but back then there weren't "special" ships available until the Salem and Stalingrad came later in that year, ARP ships were the exception as well back then. Since then every tier 9 premium ships released were made available for direct purchase from the shops and the tier 10s were not put into the shops, but were obtainable with resources that were available from playing the game and WG insisted on them being obtainable by playing the game while having the doubloons or any other monetary method being secondary/optional.
  6. Vader_Sama

    Thanks for the free Port Slot WG

    It's a tier 5, hardly something to miss or care about even for snowflakes.
  7. Can Puerto Rico be obtained by playing the game? Yes. That's all you need to know Whether the players buy Puerto Rico with doubloons or not is irrelevant as WG was adamant that Puerto Rico can be obtained for free with doubloons being a secondary method of obtaining her. Early access tech tree ships can also be bought with doubloons so your logic of using real money to obtain ships being considered as premiums falls apart here. The distinction is what WG considers the ships to be upon release, as of now all the ships classified as reward/special ships are tier 10s and so far it seems that's the tier WG has decided to make the distinction of reward/special ships apart from premiums.
  8. As of now all the ships classified as special/reward are the tier 10s which so happens to have economic gains being in line with tier 10 tech tree ships other than the reduced service cost.
  9. What part of reward ships being obtainable for playing the game do you not understand? The fact that doubloons is an optional method does not give the reward ships the same treatment as premiums no matter how much money was spent. Just from your logic alone, tech tree early access ships should be exempt from nerfs because real money changed hands. Except that's not how it works for WG.
  10. Except Puerto Rico was obtainable by playing the game and not strictly obtainable by doubloons. Whether someone got Puerto Rico with doubloons doesn't make it be classified as a premium ship. Though the feasibility of getting Puerto Rico from purely playing the game is a different topic. Also the general consensus is that the Puerto Rico is average with some calling for some buffs. Hell you have players that spent as much if not more on tech tree ships just to get it early access. Should tech tree ships be considered as premiums cause people bought them with doubloons?
  11. Simple, the other reward ships can be obtained by playing the game, doubloons typically are obtainable with money.
  12. So after going through the hellish grind of the directives and finishing it in record time, the top leader still has it in him to play the game even more to get nearly 30k points just cause he felt like it.
  13. Vader_Sama


    Friesland is among some of my most played DDs outside of grinding out the tier 9 tech tree DDs Been performing for me rather well in comparison to some of my other favorite DD
  14. Vader_Sama

    New Premium Account rules?

    I really don't see how they can justify allowing the free xp that we get in WoWs to be available for use in other titles due to the disparity of how much free xp is earned between WoWs and the other titles.
  15. Vader_Sama

    People intentionally losing 1v1 ranked sprint

    Or farming secondary hits within a couple games