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  1. Vader_Sama

    Grats on best Youtube add for games WG!

    Just in case some of you didnt catch it, you can torpedo the Yamato.
  2. Vader_Sama

    Complaint about supercontainers

    So you want to give Musashi away so that you can nuke it with your Graf Zeppelin, you're sadistic.
  3. Vader_Sama

    Missouri vs Musashi credit payouts

    No worries, just needed to read better
  4. Vader_Sama

    Missouri vs Musashi credit payouts

    Right, it was easy to misinterpret that.
  5. Vader_Sama

    Missouri vs Musashi credit payouts

    It should be 1/3x that of the Musashi since Missouri earns 2x the credit of a tech tree ship with the Musashi earning 50% more than the tech tree. If a tech tree ship earned 100k base then Missouri would be 200k base with the Musashi at 150k base.
  6. Vader_Sama

    Community Contributers have higher odds of Supers.

    Alright that's a wrap, let's move on guys nothing of importance here.
  7. Vader_Sama

    Missouri vs Musashi credit payouts

    Except it is, it's 2x the credit coefficient than tech tree tier 9s, but about 1/3 more than tier 9 premiums. 1/3 more is rather significant when you start to get large base numbers.
  8. Vader_Sama

    Missouri vs Musashi credit payouts

    And basic math already tells us Missouri has a 2x built in multiplier on its credit earnings. If you have mediocre games, the gap seems small, but on greater games the gap widens more and more.
  9. Vader_Sama

    Missouri vs Musashi credit payouts

    You had more high tier targets in the Musashi than what you did in the Missouri. Also you did 5k on a Gearing which is roughly 25% of its total hit points while being a tier 10 plus you got a kill on it. Your damage on the BBs in the Missouri isn't worth a lot compared to a DD and a cruiser. Now let's say that Musashi game was for the Missouri, then the credit earned on it would be about 470k credits base on that defeat compared to Musashi's 352k if my math and assumption is right.
  10. Vader_Sama

    Missouri vs Musashi credit payouts

    Let's see, you did 97k in Missouri across 4 BBs, and 2 cruisers with only 2 being equal tiers and you got one tier 7. The 58k in Musashi across 3 bbs (well two really since you did squat on the GK) 2 cruisers and one DD. Two are equal tier and one being tier 10 and a DD at that too. Your quality of damage was more valuable in the Musashi game than the Missouri. Nothing strange or surprising there.
  11. Vader_Sama


    Just gonna leave this here.
  12. Vader_Sama

    PSA: You don’t need a Missouri.

    Getting a Roma or a Kii with the Kobayashi camo is the next best thing you could possibly get to make bank on credits.
  13. Vader_Sama

    Do you do better on some maps than others?

    Ocean No islands for the enemy to hide from my 460mm death cannons
  14. Vader_Sama

    Kron and BB cits!

    Got a cit on a Grosser Kurfurst at 12km