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  1. In which case you only need to reset 4 times to get either Colbert or wait for Ohio to come later.
  2. They will go into the inventory
  3. You get a 2x bonus points at the start of the 3 month season for the 1st reset in which case you end up needing to do 5 resets (either 5 non-CV line reset or 4 non-CV line with one CV line reset which would be the one that uses the least amount of free xp and credits)
  4. Vader_Sama

    Project Habakkuk

    Probably would have something like 99.99% torpedo protection
  5. Vader_Sama

    4th Directive 10k base xp for CV

    If people are being deplaned in Killer Whale then it's either A: They are flying too close to forts with AA (4km-4.5km is the AA range from those forts) or B: They are simply staying way way too long in the AA bubble of multiple ships in which case even if their planes didn't get shot down, they would be wasting time and not contributing much.
  6. Vader_Sama

    4th Directive 10k base xp for CV

    Unless some requests tier 6 ops, we usually stick for Narai
  7. Vader_Sama

    4th Directive 10k base xp for CV

    I should clarify that Killer Whale is the one and only op that I will load up my best modifiers in a solo queue. In fact I won't load up my best stuff in a hoperation division because everyone there will take all the damage that I would've been able to get in a random team.
  8. Vader_Sama

    Bot CV's in 8.6

    Ez plane kills
  9. Vader_Sama

    Stage 4 Progress

    You would need to play AA DDs to ensure the highest chance of getting the bot CVs to send planes and get a lot of plane kills. If your DD can use DFAA then use that DD and just queue up the co op games until you get CVs and hope you are the priority target f ok r the bot CV which should be rather high in a DD.
  10. Vader_Sama

    4th Directive 10k base xp for CV

    Well the easiest way to get decent xp is to hit the fleeing transports with torpedo bombers. Just one pass on each transports will give you a lot of xp, don't need to kill them just at least have 2 torps hit on each of them. However don't just ignore the other ships in the harbor entirely, plan a strafing run where you drop one on the BBs and then immediately drop another on the transports.
  11. Vader_Sama

    4th Directive 10k base xp for CV

    One big tip I will say on getting decent xp in Killer Whale is to hit those fleeing transports as soon as you can, but don't just totally ignore the BBs in the harbor. Use torpedoes on those transports and hit at least two of them then move on to the next healthiest transports. Don't bother making another pass on a transport you already got two torp hits on just for the sake of a kill, just hit the next one and maximize the damage you do. This may seem selfish, but honestly when you queue up solo for an op, everyone is gonna try to get the most out of it, so might as well take advantage of it.
  12. Vader_Sama

    4th Directive 10k base xp for CV

    Killer whale is pretty much a perfect op to practice in, the AA are virtually nonexistent except for those forts.
  13. Vader_Sama

    4th Directive 10k base xp for CV

    If you haven't already realized, Killer Whale is the op of the week which means you can now queue up the tier 6 CVs and farm that op to finish up the 4th directive for the CV base xp requirement. It took me just 5 games to do so all the while getting great payouts in credits and free xp I can say that Killer Whale is the one and only op where I can confidently load up my best camos and flags without worry of losing the op. Use this week to your advantage if you have CVs and want to finish up the 4th directive or just obtain another french container.
  14. Vader_Sama

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    *sees dev blog for submarines *Looking around to see what Paradat has to say