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  1. That's because the clan bonus for -15% list out the tiers 1-10 and since super ships are not among those tiers, they are not included
  2. Vader_Sama

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    PTS Co op Arms Race
  3. Just have these spawn points get triggered early if someone goes too close to it like in Aegis if someone goes up the mid northern area too fast and have the extra battleships spawn in
  4. Vader_Sama

    Grand's Camo List: How to Maximize Your Earnings

    Ship bonuses always equal to the xp modifiers you have and all of it is added to cxp Thus it's important to weigh in xp modifiers when calculating which camos are the best for commander xp farming. In other words, you can treat "+100% xp" the same way as +100% cxp" when looking at the camos.
  5. Vader_Sama

    Super Ships

    As I've seen, those numbers can be relatively easy to achieve due to the MM at late night and Super ships getting games where you can be the only human on the team more often than tier 10s by a mile. Thus getting ships like Satsuma and/or Hannovers can really allow you to farm those damage numbers up dramatically when you got like 4 Super BBs in the line up on both sides each having more than 100k HP each
  6. Superships tends to net you more 1k base xp in co op because of a few things MM can give you more games where it's you and maybe one other player on one team with the rest being bots. This is due to the population of superships being in queue for co op vs say tier 10 ships that may pull tier 8 ships more often than tier 9s being pulled into T11 MM. The superships can perform extremely well in carrying these sorts of games.
  7. Vader_Sama

    PEF, Ise or Béarn for operations?

    Ise have a higher impact in ops than what the other two ships can do. The ability to use torp planes and forcing AI to maneuver in vulnerable positions far outweighs the lack of gun angles and barrels for Ise
  8. 1) If/when more ops are returning as well as new ones being made, then the weekly rotation of ops for each one would take too long to shuffle through, thus it would probably make more sense to have more ops available in the given week such as tier 6 ops in their own rotation whereas the tier 7s and 8s would be their own rotation for the weekly change. 2) For random queue, I would probably suggest having it where each day has a random set of operations in a certain size pool of say 3 different ops that cycles after every hour or so throughout the day and the players would be able to see what op they would be queuing up for. So not really random per say, but it could have additional bonuses such as fxp rewards, more xp, commander xp, etc for choosing that queue.
  9. I used the OP skill called "money"
  10. Vader_Sama

    Tier 10 tech tree vs. premium ship cost

    So I guess for the super ships you can expect around these sorts of earnings when they come to the tech tree This is from the United States with about 185k worth of damage
  11. Vader_Sama

    Fun coal ship for Co-op?

  12. Vader_Sama

    Purchasing ships for friend?

    Make sure for recipient's name you put down "Vader_Sama". For some reason it's the only thing that works for other people when gifting others
  13. Vader_Sama

    San Diego's Initial Stats are a Flaming Turd

    I petition that we rename this ship to Detroit in order to accurately reflect the ship's characteristics.
  14. Vader_Sama

    San Diego's Initial Stats are a Flaming Turd

    Rename this Atlanta to something else other than San Diego Problem solved
  15. Vader_Sama

    Tier 10 tech tree vs. premium ship cost

    This image highlights how much does having the modifiers do in keeping co op sustainable, if not profitable For this battle I got disconnected in my tech tree Yamato and was only able to contribute 2k spotting damage for 69 base xp earned yet I barely lost credits. What I have is premium time, perma camo, clan bonus,, and the econ flags (none of the special flags). so it actually takes effort to lose credits with this setup