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  1. Next Free Experience Ship

    Considering that Jean Bart was revealed earlier and tested earlier, she will be the next free xp/coal ship. Alaska still has not hit the testing and therefore nowhere near release (most likely around the end of Oct to Nov).
  2. Which Go Navy Camouflage?

    Salem would be the least desirable out of all the choices because it is only a cosmetic difference.
  3. Any ship xp bonuses are directly added to commander xp
  4. This part is actually the most crucial one in completing this ops along with a 5 stars. Assuming everyone is alive after the repair circle, every single cruiser in the team plus one battleship are expendable and must go out of their way to push towards the exit and/or carrier to confront the enemy ships and planes. Staying alive is a hindrance and pointless when it's the last stretch make the most out of your death and ensure Ruan makes it out unscathed or at the least barely alive. There is no room to be conservative or cautious cause Ruan don't give a dam about you and will rush towards the exit.
  5. Rewards for PT 0.7.8

    If it was not active or visible in the mission screen in game, then it's most likely was not intended to be repeated twice and that someone copy and pasted the mission info twice due to laziness which I am not surprised about at all.
  6. Legendary Upgrades Progress

    I would hope not and just in case I would screenshot my progress just before the end of this year if for whatever reason some bug occurs.
  7. up coming Dasha captains

    When you have multiple Dasha captains
  8. Rewards for PT 0.7.8

    Now did you remember if that particular mission was active during the 2nd round of PTS in the mission screen in game? It's not rare for WG to put a copy and paste info of the missions in the web page and not have it be actually included in game. Other than that, there really is nothing else to do, but to submit a ticket since that's what will end up happening anyways if you get a response in this thread from a WG staff.
  9. Well Normandie goes 8.5 knots faster than the Bretange there's your trade off
  10. It's already decided to place her at tier 9. Her secondary range has been buffed from a base 5km range to a 7km range. So you can get the 10km range secondaries just as the Richelieu Her gimmick is the reload booster that lasts 30 sec and cuts her main battery reload in half.
  11. Rewards for PT 0.7.8

    well then I guess this is something that needs a support ticket.
  12. Rewards for PT 0.7.8

    Did part 1 and 2 of the rewards came at the same time or do you only see part 1 rewarded currently?
  13. It's purely cosmetic to get the Salem's Go Navy camo, it offers exactly the same bonuses as the premium camo that the Salem will already have.