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  1. Oh no I agree, just pointing out that the sub diving duration wouldn't necessarily be exactly the same as real life for the purposes of the game that is if they're added.
  2. The great submarine debate

    That's implying he looked good before
  3. Well setting up a smoke isn't really an instant method either in stealthing up a ship just saying.
  4. Well in the case for submarines, their torpedoes offers a different kind of mechanic where they can physically curve their torpedoes in a predicted path. Rather amusing to see something like a torpedo curving around an island lol.
  5. Whenever a submarine thread pops up, it excites me because of the content of the thread, quite a fun read here on the forums
  6. There was one thread where I didn't see OP in a negative way, it's most likely his best thread he has made. Unfortunately it was all a lie.
  7. This can be done with any tier 8 ship and above, it just has to be from certain tasks that can be repeated several times to acquire the required number of stars
  8. The ships I tend to retire are the tech tree ships where I grinded past them, but have not sold For the premiums the ships I retired are Atago Murmansk Indianapolis Ishizuchi There are many more premium ships I have that I haven't really played, but those don't really count since they were acquired either by completing certain missions or from crates.
  9. I would say tier 8, as there are many missions out that at least requires a tier 6 ship or above while some may come by where it requires at least a tier 8 ship or above. As for ship type, it's kinda hard to say as there are rarely missions that restricts what ship type to use. For nations, well it may depend on the season or historical event, however considering this is NA, it would be safe to assume that US gets more attention (July 4th for example)
  10. Considering that the Jean Bart just completely shattered the AA balance in tier 8, doesn't seem to stop WG from putting her in.
  11. Not as a cruiser in tier 7, but designated as a battleship
  12. Or as a tier 7 premium which would sell very well much like the Scharnhorst and more accessible to the player base.