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  1. Vader_Sama


    Narai is one of the ops where doing the secondary tasks can cause a catastrophic failure on the whole op if not done properly and the room for error on these are really small. The primary cause of failure on doing these secondary tasks is lack of communication between players. Once you queue up for Narai and loaded in, if no one says one word for the first few minutes or responds to a plan, then it's practically a guaranteed loss or at best a mediocre game of a few stars.
  2. Vader_Sama

    Yup. "Super" Containers suck

    Recently got another batch of Anti-det flags for a whopping 600 total flags
  3. Suddenly Minotaurs became a whole lot more scarier.
  4. Vader_Sama

    Black ships... No thanks!

    Hmm interesting that they have the Musashi in there as well in the image.
  5. I'm an IJN BB fanatic with some specific love for Republique, and Nikolai
  6. Funny how it says it's doable in co op
  7. Vader_Sama

    stuck at 3 stars on Narai

    You can't really improve with random teams as it's a luck of a draw. Working with a group greatly improves your gameplay as you then see all the strats being played out and know what to do in the ops in all ship types.
  8. Vader_Sama

    how much xpee to research teh lightning?

    Then you have nothing to worry about, I'd be derping around in co op
  9. Vader_Sama

    Narai...it shouldn't be this hard

    On the contrary, by having Narai be made harder for randoms, it led me to join an operations group with Discord and suddenly it made playing the game fun again as there are interactions with other people in voice comms and it became a chill session of gaming while horsing around in ops.
  10. Vader_Sama

    Narai...it shouldn't be this hard

    Sometimes sending that one person to get the CV gets really screwed because they could run into a DD, a cruiser and the planes from the CV round that corner of the island. It requires two ships to go there in case of that scenario and that may cause a strain for the rest of the ships sticking with the transports even more so if there is one dead ally or more. The best way is to spot the CV early when it's still in the harbor and have the BBs on the team focus fire on it as it starts to leave. It would either kill the CV before it leaves the harbor or have it at very low health where one cruiser and send a few salvos to it around the corner of the island. Also if the team are close to the entrance of the harbor, that one DD would instead go there while in the harbor as opposed to being with the CV leaving only the cruiser with the CV as escort. However all this really only reliably works with a division that are on the same page. Explaining this strat to a random team tends to be a waste of time where they may acknowledge it, but are unable to execute it well which leads to utter chaos.
  11. Vader_Sama

    Best use of Sovereigns?

    More crates for moar sovereigns Well more oil for clan is always nice.
  12. Vader_Sama

    WoWs you have Some explaining to do!

    Would you look at that, another op that loves to post a topic about weird problems and then immediately sign off with no patience. Might even forget this thread later on.