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  1. Vader_Sama

    Curious about Tier X Service Cost

    Doesn't help that CVs get higher service cost than any other ship in their tiers for some unknown reason why. What is the justification of giving the reworked CVs higher base service cost compared to other ships when their contribution in damage/spotting is gimped in earning credits.
  2. Vader_Sama

    Killer Whale

    Killer Whale is my go to ops to carry around random peeps in a 5 star win when using my CVs
  3. Vader_Sama

    Salt in Co-op

    I had one gallant blame me for his death cause he failed to torp a Leander and then moved out of his own smoke and managed to get torped by the Leander too. Then said how hard is it to shoot at a cruiser in a Nelson (Me), well I'd imagine it would be quite hard if the Leander was behind a mountain. Then I got notified of being reported after the battle. He is from the SALTY clan btw.
  4. Vader_Sama

    Alaska in Co-op

    Ship type don't matter unless it's a CV, all ships share the same service cost in their respective tiers. The only thing would be ammunition cost as BB shells cost more per shot, but even then it's not that much more overall.
  5. Vader_Sama

    Alaska in Co-op

    Alaska is a premium tier 9 ship where it already has a built in modifier of having half the service cost of a tier 9 tech tree ship. So Alaska gets a 45k base service cost in co op and with the -20% reduction from its camo it goes down to 36k credits which is just about the same as a tier 8 premium ship in service cost.
  6. Vader_Sama

    Which steel ship to get

    With radar you can rush the cap boundary and smoke up the moment you see the DD and then use radar to start your rain of fire and by the time the radar expires the bot DD would start firing someone else.
  7. Vader_Sama

    CVs in Co-op

    It's not the class of ships, it's the player base that are garbage in using them. This applies to every ship type where they all become garbage in the hands of an inept player in operations.
  8. Vader_Sama

    Which steel ship to get

    Black can smoke up and use radar to get early shots off of the confronting DD or whatever ship comes closest without having to wait for your team to keep it spotted.
  9. Vader_Sama

    Alaska in Co-op

    Actually Alaska and other tier 9 premiums will most likely make more than the Salem because so far tier 10 "premiums" does not get bonus credit earning modifiers that other premium ships get. The Salem and other 10 "premiums" does get a premium treatment in its base service cost of being half that of a tech tree ship on top of getting a tier 10 perma camo with another -50% service cost applied to the base cost. It's just that they earn just about as much base credits as a normal tier 10 ship would earn. If you want to build up your credit bank, tier 9 premiums will be the go to ships for that, Salem and other tier 10 "premiums" are rather more economical to run with their low service cost.
  10. Vader_Sama

    CVs in Co-op

    I disagree If one already knows how the ops works and what the objectives are then CVs becomes very valuable in ops.
  11. Vader_Sama

    Fix Defense of Newport Scenario

    Kinda wished they changed Izumo into a stock configuration instead of an upgraded hull with all those AA mounts. It practically makes Izumo a no fly zone for tier 6 CVs not to mention a number of DFAA cruisers that spawns in the ops.
  12. Vader_Sama


    Ryojo's AP bombs are an exception with its 12k cit damage potential, but I find it rather inconsistent in getting cits so I don't use it much unless I need to or have no choice but to use it.
  13. Vader_Sama


    Common mistake I see in other CV drivers is that they immediately send out a squad to the 1st wave the moment the game begins. This causes the Mahan (Smith) to smoke up really early and makes the smoke in an off position thus not providing good smoke cover for the team. Also the CV drivers may end up losing most of their planes early on due to the dfaa cruisers and won't have enough to contribute in killing the BBs or killing off the reinforcements threatening the transports. Lastly torpedo bombers are the go to squadrons to use for 99% of the game in any ops unless if you're in the Ranger maybe due to the HE bombs. Only torpedo bombers have the necessary alpha to contribute well in the team other squadron just lack the alpha to make a difference.