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  1. SergeantHop

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Is there any way that the German 105mm secondaries could be given the 1/4 pen that all the other guns have? Considering it's basically a German trait now, it would make sense to give them that.
  2. SergeantHop

    More premium CVs??

    We also need our Tone.
  3. SergeantHop

    Dreadnaught pricing wrong?

    I...don't have it. That's why I'm looking at its price, lol.
  4. SergeantHop

    Dreadnaught pricing wrong?

    Yeah, I get that. But still. Also, I know BBs are priced higher, but that's the only one where it's priced higher than cruisers two tiers above it. I'm definitely not buying for the price it's at now. I will when it drops for sure, but not for nearly $20, lol.
  5. I noticed she's in the shop again, and the price seems a little...high. At $18.41 (y tho), it's higher than the tier 4 Ishizuchi, which is $13.99, and even higher than tier 5 cruisers, which come in at less than $17. What's the deal with that?
  6. SergeantHop

    Need help finding this wallpaper

    Second. I need a new background.
  7. SergeantHop


    Yeah, that's my point. My computer should not be having any issues with playing the game in 1080p. Honestly, I should have no issue playing the game at 4k. My ping has also been all over the place since the patch. I don't know if one is caused by the other, but in gameplay I was watching torpedoes jump forward entire shiplengths at a time.
  8. SergeantHop


    Whatever this hot"fix" did, it's made my game completely unplayable. Running on a 1070 with an i7 7700k and I'm getting 20fps at 1080p. u w0t. Please undo whatever "improvements" were made.
  9. SergeantHop

    Update 0.8.1 - Feedback and Performance

    This is more a feedback thing about 0.8.0, but it's still something I feel needs to be addressed. You can only change the CV's AA focus sector when you're not in aircraft, which is incredibly frustrating, as you should be in aircraft pretty much all the time, and makes it more difficult to counter an aerial attack. Also, can fighters not automatically launch when the ship is spotted by a surface ship? That would be great.
  10. I know this ship is still a work in progress, however it's still getting pretty close to her release (assuming that she'll drop with the rest of the Brit CV line). I was looking through the tech tree un-hider and saw that Indomitable's secondary battery is not listed as an AA mount as part of her AA defense. These are the same mounts that the Queen Elizabeth has, as well as the Audacious and Implacable, which are marked appropriately. If this is known, then sweet. If not, now I'm making note of it.
  11. SergeantHop

    Alaska takes a Citadel hit from Harugumo...?

    There is no space on the Alaska where the Citadel is even exposed, and even if it were, it's not an outward-facing citadel. It would have to be a bug of some sort.
  12. SergeantHop

    Invisi-fire with Cleveland

    That's the real olden times, lol. Unless you were rocking the fail div. Akizukis were the worst opponent with stealth fire. Could just spam you to death from what was it...8km? Something ridiculously close.
  13. Thankfully I'm pretty close to the Bart in coal, otherwise I'd never get her, but I agree. I've always thought things to be a bit overpriced in the store, and it's getting worse. Listen to your players, WG. Price goes up, purchases go down.
  14. SergeantHop

    Update 0.7.0 - Bug Reporting

    I can no longer hide the UI with right click when looking at a camo I do not own. This is of great inconvenience to me.