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  1. SergeantHop

    Update - Bugs Report

    Battleship Vladivostok shows the incorrect armor pen on its 152mm secondaries. It reads 24mm when it should be 25mm.
  2. SergeantHop

    More premium CVs??

    We also need our Tone.
  3. SergeantHop

    Dreadnaught pricing wrong?

    I...don't have it. That's why I'm looking at its price, lol.
  4. SergeantHop

    Dreadnaught pricing wrong?

    Yeah, I get that. But still. Also, I know BBs are priced higher, but that's the only one where it's priced higher than cruisers two tiers above it. I'm definitely not buying for the price it's at now. I will when it drops for sure, but not for nearly $20, lol.
  5. I noticed she's in the shop again, and the price seems a little...high. At $18.41 (y tho), it's higher than the tier 4 Ishizuchi, which is $13.99, and even higher than tier 5 cruisers, which come in at less than $17. What's the deal with that?
  6. SergeantHop

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    Since the hotfix, my framerate has been abysmal. Dropping below 20fps regularly, with torpedoes lagging entire ship lengths at a time. I've never had an issue like this in the past, and my computer is more than powerful enough to run the game. I've updated my drivers and verified my game files, both have had no effect.
  7. SergeantHop

    Need help finding this wallpaper

    Second. I need a new background.
  8. This is more a feedback thing about 0.8.0, but it's still something I feel needs to be addressed. You can only change the CV's AA focus sector when you're not in aircraft, which is incredibly frustrating, as you should be in aircraft pretty much all the time, and makes it more difficult to counter an aerial attack. Also, can fighters not automatically launch when the ship is spotted by a surface ship? That would be great.
  9. SergeantHop

    Invisi-fire with Cleveland

    That's the real olden times, lol. Unless you were rocking the fail div. Akizukis were the worst opponent with stealth fire. Could just spam you to death from what was it...8km? Something ridiculously close.
  10. Apologies all on my lack of contact and content regarding this thread. I've been otherwise occupied and away from the game for some time. I do appreciate those keeping the content flowing though. As discussed some time ago, technical limitations have prevented me from adding new posts to the thread for new ship lines where they should go, so there will be a new thread made soon with provisions for more ship lines. Unfortunately, I do not own the Midway, so it'll have to wait until the next PT before I can get a look myself. Someone else who owns the ship and watches this thread might be able to help, however. For me, it'll be a couple weeks.
  11. Not a problem! Unrelated, thread updated with the new Commander camo, as well as a listing of all the bonuses for the non-permanent camos. Future adjustments will be made to list the bonuses on the permanent camos.
  12. Any bonus that is applied will have an effect on how much captain XP you receive. Captain XP is awarded by base XP times any captain XP modifiers, plus the total of the modifiers to the base XP on the ship. So, say you get 1000 base XP in a game, with Zulu hotel and the premium Cleveland camo applied, no first win bouns. Your ship would get 1500xp. Your captain would get 2000xp.
  13. Apologies for the delay on this, I'm still not properly getting notifications. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how long the Rasputin camo will be available. That information is not privy to me, as I don't hold any special standing in the WoWS community. I would assume it will leave with the halloween event. With regards to tier 10 camos and commander XP, it doesn't contribute directly to it. That said, the line "ships bonuses" is all the modifiers to the ship's XP that is earned. So, you'd get your base XP, plus any modifiers to commander XP via flags and the like, plus all the modifiers to the ship's XP, to include those from camo. These are additive, not multiplicative, of course. That said, using tier 10s as captain trainers isn't really the best, as you cannot move captains into and out of them without penalty. The camo is primarily for credit earnings, as it provides a boost to credit income similar to what you would find on a premium ship, plus a discount on service costs, which are quite substantial at tier 10. I'm glad you like it! I need to do some work to it still that I keep saying I'm going to do, but somehow never get around to it. It's fun though! As far as the dis-symmetry goes, I'm not entirely sure. I don't own the ship either, unfortunately. I was able to grab that screenshot while I was on the public test server. I haven't put a lot of time into the German destroyer line, so it'll be a while before I get to see it again, until the next PT.
  14. Correct. It's a special deal to benefit the Battleship Texas Museum. Probably only going to be in the store.