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  1. Spammers make me angry!!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. boomer3000
    3. F50ACE


      Join the CLUB!

    4. waffles1945


      I don't mind em really. Unless they are spamming on some impressive topic

  2. You did us proud Team New Zealand!! Lean with Dean!!!

    1. stealth250


      What is this, football?

    2. NathanFlightLeader


      Nah, Americas Cup. Team USA won the final against us this morning.

  3. Can't wait for WoT 8.8 tomorrow! Too bad I'll be at a funereal.

    1. stealth250


      I started WoT again too

  4. Creating the layout for the armed Seawise Giant!!!

  5. There was a 6.6 Earthquake yesterday and it still feels like the ground is shaking!!

  6. i will stay back and send planes to bomb you

  7. First ship I'm going to play as will be a Destroyer.

    1. stealth250


      aircraft carriers here

    2. NathanFlightLeader


      I just want to rush at the enemy and launch some torpedos. I will try all the others but I think I will like destroyers.

  8. I hate everyone!

    1. NathanFlightLeader


      I don't hate you, your awesome!!!

  9. Just chilling till Alpha comes out!! :)

  10. Since when was there a Quota for how many neg reps you can give per day!!! Damn you Wake_Island, I will have my revenge!

    1. admarillstonewall
    2. Flakstorm_


      hahahaha. i remember that. i gave you one though. because i like wake.