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  1. i still just spin and spin on sign in screen
  2. kerg

    Sign-in issues

    my sign in just spins and spins
  3. kerg

    Loading forever?

    I run vanilla and have the loading issue.
  4. kerg

    Birthday Gifts

    And for forum balance I received no steel, no ships, bit of coal. I am not complaining but i dont want novice forum readers to get mislead by what you can get in a SC, mostly its flags and camos.
  5. kerg

    Update 0.9.3 - Bug Reports

    same for me as well in naval battles.
  6. Unless you have so many you couldn't burn them away lol.
  7. kerg

    No Amore Italino

    I am open on these SAP usage. I only played the tier V premium. Just bounces off BBs.