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  1. kerg

    Ashitaka Appreciation Post.

    Yup i enjoy her
  2. kerg

    Reminder For Those Not Paying Attention

    I find the Hood still a great ship, perhaps you using her wrong?
  3. Yah I play mine alot, never have trouble doing tons of damage. I like them a lot.
  4. I still enjoy the game. I also like the heavy cruiser line. I like hunting subs with my BB lol. Its different since it started, but I still find enjoyment.
  5. kerg

    2022 Results in World of Warships

    I dont mind subs. I would not play them b/c they are just too boring for me, but i do enjoy killing them lol. I am afraid though they have turned into the old CVs. If your highly skilled with them then people think they are OP, but most people cant handle the high skill level, and are real stinkers in them. I like to hunt them every chance I get, and you can tell the sub captains with the high skill level, hard to kill.
  6. SO i'll get about half way thru battle pass give or take. I am just not sure if I should pull the trigger and get the premium upgrade having only done half? Are the upgrade rewards for 1/2 a battle pas worth it? thanks
  7. kerg

    Gambled and won

    Always willing to gamble some silver, got lucky and pulled it with the silver.
  8. kerg

    Ship's Log: Economic Bonuses

    Its a shame they giving out camos, other than the collector, all mine are instantly turned into cash if they can, if they cant be sold? sit around for eternity. They really need to provide a reason for the average player to want camos? Some benefit. I think WG dropped the ball a bit on this one.
  9. thanks, I think its a poor decision, why bother with any paint now? I fear they may end up using the "non functional" camo for prizes and rewards. If they do I would be really disappointing.
  10. So if I understand (and it seems pretty confusing to me), actual camos, no matter which I chose, do nothing but make a pretty picture on the ship? Any bonus they may have had has been moved to the economic screen and is independent of the actual camo? When i tried putting and and taking off various camos it seem to do nothing for the economic screen?
  11. i still just spin and spin on sign in screen
  12. kerg

    Sign-in issues

    my sign in just spins and spins
  13. kerg

    Loading forever?

    I run vanilla and have the loading issue.