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  1. lukie116

    Tankiest cruiser tree?

    Ye I think maybe once you get to teh cleveland and higher their tnakier. I have the Omaha rn and it blows up so fast lol it's still kinda entertaining to zip around and harrass people like I can't do it my battleships.
  2. lukie116

    Arizona or West Virginia?

    I like teh west virginia.
  3. Ive pretty much only played battleships for my entire time playing this game and would like to try out some cruisers. Which cruisers can take a beating? I'm thinking probably teh German ones or Russian ones? Because I love shooting at british french and amurican cruisers they get demolished by just about anything.
  4. This is good for a laugh if you love rugby.

  5. gimme neg rep pls or i repot you.