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  1. remington79

    Cruisers - Heavy AP Skill?

    The Graf Spee has really come to life with Grease the Gears and Super Heavy AP. I don’t remember what else I have off hand but it’s taken the ship to a new level.
  2. remington79

    Cruisers - Heavy AP Skill?

    Don’t forget that’s 5% per shell and this perk is always on. No conditions like other skills or the need to be damaged like adrenaline rush.
  3. remington79

    Cruisers - Heavy AP Skill?

    I’ve been using it on my cruisers and I like it. I’ve really noticed it on my Graff Spee and Alaska.
  4. remington79

    Reduce number of possible fires to two

    Fires take as much fun out of the game as CVS.
  5. remington79

    Reduce number of possible fires to two

    I’ve had games where I’ve been on fire the entire time. This is in both BBs and CAs. FP doesn’t seem to reduce the chances at all and I ended up respecing for a better use of points. Fire needs to go more than CVs. Let HE and IFHE deal damage but when you spend all game on fire it sucks. Then you have to sit in the back so you don’t get set on fire which is boring. Then I can move those captain skills to things to improve the performance of the ship and not to keep it from burning down.
  6. remington79

    Captain rework balanced the game...

    The rework that needs to be done is remove fire. That’s what keeps BBs from pushing is CAs and DDs lighting them up the whole time.
  7. I really like how my Graff Spee has benefited from Grease the Gears, Super Heavy AP, and Top Grade Gunner.
  8. remington79

    Where do you assign Halsey?

    With the rework you can use him on a couple of ships now with class specific skills that don’t reset when moved. That’s the only good thing about it so far. I’ll probably put him in my Georgia and Alaska.
  9. remington79

    Georgia Help?

    I tried using Georgia a couple of times with deadeye and like with any other battleship I didn’t do as well. I get distracted and spend too much time worrying about getting detected and the skill not working anymore. Now it did wonders for Georgia’s dispersion. I went back to a secondary build but without the manual secondary whatever it’s been renamed. I just push up slower than I used to but looking at my reports my secondarys still do damage and start fires. I went back to this and my damage went up and I had more fun. My ships are still good enough to snipe but I’m more versatile.
  10. I miss Jack of All Trades in my DDs. The new skill might reduce the reload time on hydro or speed but it doesn’t reduce the reload time for smoke.
  11. remington79

    Which mid-tier coal ship to buy first (2021)?

    I got Marblehead as a free rental one time and I hated it. The guns are worse than the Omaha. Rainbow arcs and slow shells don’t usually bother me but this was bad. Okt. Rev. whenever I see these I seem to be able to put a hurt on them. Whenever I need to get citadels for a mission they’re one of the ships I’ll target because getting them is so reliable for me.
  12. remington79

    Killing the Cruiser Game

    Most of my cruiser time has been in my Alaska, Graff Spee, and Pensacola. I’ve played a few others like the Cleveland but I keep gravitating back to those. Grease the gears and heavy ap has really done something to the Graff Spee. Dead eye sucks so I’ve had to play a more cautious playstyle.
  13. remington79

    Which mid-tier coal ship to buy first (2021)?

    I took a year off and logged on and found the Kirov in my port. I may be wrong but wasn’t it originally in the regular tech tree until a Soviet line rework? I m pretty sure I had a regular Kirov in my port at one point. Anyway I logged in and got a free Kirov. Yes it’s a T5 but it can be fun and will land some citadels. However it’s fragile. My first coal ship was the Bly and then the Aigle. I had and still do have fun in the Bly but it seems to be either really good or really bad games with a little in between. Because the Aigle is T6 it’s more relaxed to play. I find T7 to be weird and when low tier it’s hard to hang. For some reason I don’t have that reason when T8s are bottom tier. While the concealment range isn’t the greatest I find the Aigle fun. It has good speed and smoke and decent guns. I bought the Anshan to but I play the Aigle the most alone with the T61 though that’s not coal.
  14. remington79

    Graf Spee The Pocket Battleship guide

    And with grease the gears and heavy so shells shes really come alive. I got a Kraken in her the other night.
  15. I’m not talking IFHE I’m talking fire. I don’t care about HE damage. At this point I don’t even care about CVs. Even with a survival build which takes away from making something fun and performance enhancing there’s still too much fire. The problem ships constantly being on fire seems to be getting worse.