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  1. remington79

    Des Moines or Salem with William Halsey?

    I trained my Halsey for my DM and he regularly makes the rounds to Salem, Alaska, Georgia, Massachusetts and sometimes Anchorage. I also have Steven Segal aka now renamed John Doe and he goes around from being trained for the Buffalo and goes to Alaska, Massachusetts, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Arkansas Beta. All of the benefits without having to retrain. I also have various German premiums and regular high point German captains that I swap around to them. And a couple of the lower tier French and British premium commanders that you can do the same with. (Jack Dunkirk in Cossack B, Nelson,DoY). Now that you know that I hope you really start taking advantage of this. Especially on the commanders that have special skills.
  2. Like someone else said Randoms is the place to go for this. The next step is the right ship. I can easily get 80 to 100k of spotting damage a game with the Cossack B.
  3. remington79

    Q: Coupons to buy ships. Free commanders.

    I used to keep commanders and sell the ships. Now that I’ve accumulated port slots over the years and the fact that they regularly have missions for free slots I now keep ships. Because of that I now have close to 150-170 ships in port. Whenever I buy a new ship I just buy a 6 point commander with it. Depending I’ll use the XP and bump him up some to start with. If it’s a ship I know I’m going to be playing a lot and is going to be a favorite I’ll swap the lower skill captain with a higher and retrain. Is this perfect, I don’t know but it works for me. Each ship has a captain with multiple skills so I can use it whenever I need to if I get bored or for missions.
  4. remington79

    New Year Certificate

    I just reset a line and confirm this. I was curious too and didn’t see anything posted about it. I made sure to get all the flakes off before I reset.
  5. remington79

    Napoli seems very good in ranked.

    I haven’t had a chance to really brawl with mine in ransoms but when secs start hitting I’ve seen the damage start to add up. The results screen after a match has surprised me at times.
  6. remington79

    Finally got OHIO

    Is it worth getting Ohio if you already have Mass and Georgia?
  7. remington79

    Cossack Drop from container.

    I bought the Cossack B last month instead of chancing containers. I’m glad I did it’s become one of my most played ships. If you need to get spotting damage missions completed this is the ship. It’s no problem to get 80k-100k a match. There’s only 4 torps but they reload quick and are single fire. Just a shame about the AA.
  8. I got Carnot in September when it was released and I just got Napoli when the coupon reset. For me Carnot is the easier ship to play. It might have a longer reload but you don’t really notice it. I’ve even gotten a few Dreadnoughts with before so it’s tougher than people realize. I found Carnot seems to hit harder than Napoli and seems to set more fires than Napoli. Both ships are fun but I’m still figuring out Napoli, still waiting for it to click.
  9. remington79

    PSA: Opt In Christmas Event

    I don’t even have a tree showing up even though I opted in
  10. remington79

    Quick Update on 0.10.11 Bugs

    How the bug where it now says web server not available when you try to enter the dockyard or the armory. With the dockyard it’s locked it up so back I’ve had to open up task manager and force the game closed. I’ve seen a couple of other posts about this too.
  11. remington79

    Coal tier X ships

    I bought Salem after I unlocked DM because I liked it so much. With the reduced repair costs of Salem you can use her in Coop to knock out quick missions while you’d lose silver if you did that with DM. I find I play Salem more than DM more. Since I enjoyed the US CA line I’m probably going to reset it for Research Bureau. That way I still have a T10 US CA. Plus I have Halsey. If you have DM and Salem you can set them up differently. I got Carnot when it was released and almost got Napoli. No regrets it’s a great ship but now with the coupon coming up I’m getting Napoli b
  12. remington79

    Malborough Dockyard Grind is crazy

    I tried hitting escape but it doesn’t work. I have to go to the good old CNTRL-ALT-DELETE to bring up the task manager. Like you I’m also having problems bringing up the Armory and just about all of the other tabs. Ever since the new update.
  13. remington79

    Malborough Dockyard Grind is crazy

    I can’t even open the dockyard to redeem the free rewards. For the last two days it says Web server unavailable and won’t let me go back to port. I end up having to go to task manager and force closing the game.
  14. remington79

    The best value Santa crates

    Are you able to get certain from other sources? I only have 6 T10 and will pick up 1 more when the new coupon drops.
  15. remington79

    Low tiers should not be ignored and should be made fun again

    They’ve given out T2, 3, and 4 premiums for various reasons but we have no use for them. I know a lot of times I’m too busy grinding out missions for various dockyards or other giveaways that require a minimum of T5 that I don’t have time for anything lower. I have some fun ships at Tier 4 I’d like to play.