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  1. MM doesn't match skill, start there it matches ship types and lvl nothing more. Now what you need to do is learn to play the game. I am a old school thought that it takes around 100 games in any boat to to be mastered in it, ok not mastered but proficient at least in it. COOP is easy mode there isn't any reason that it should offer more than it does. Better your play, earn better rewards playing. That you want to be rewarded more for playing easy mode shows what kind of person you are in the world.
  2. KidSlotter

    BB's need support in a coop????

    I think this explains what I see as how coop player play the game. I have taken to do the missions in coop, mainly my Biz, just because it is easy as hell to do so. I am dumbfounded by how the coop players fair in their mode. To me bots are cake to take down. I sail through guns blazing and I look to the mini and I see the team huddled around rocks playing passive and seemingly ready to lose if it wasn't for someone like me doing the work for them.
  3. In WoWP they added an assist kill ribbon for doing above a certain % amount of damage to the enemy, never have understood why it hasn't been added here as it is one of the things that has been asked for for several years.
  4. KidSlotter

    Why did Arms Race Fail?

    If it failed and I personally don't think it did was because it took the camping meta of high tier and made them actually have to play. Sitting behind rocks didn't get you any bonuses and the majority of those players have no want to actually have to play the game. I enjoyed the few I played because it DID force those players to play.